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  1. lemoncustard

    We're Done!

    Where is the user's guide?
  2. lemoncustard

    About the ICE Rotations

    I have the DVD's and cannot find the users guide on the site. Somebody please help.
  3. lemoncustard

    Anyone on Hormone Replacement Therapy?

    I am 63. Never have been on hormone replacement and feel great! My bones are good, probably influenced by a healthy life style, lifting weights, and doing weight bearing activities. My skin is good. My joints are good. I can still complete a Cathe workout. Hot flashes still happen...
  4. lemoncustard

    Horizontal Conditioning?

    Has anybody tried the Horizontal Conditoning workouts? If so, what do you think? Thanks, Rhonda
  5. lemoncustard

    P90X results stories please

    I am finishing a rotation of P90X2. I love Cathe but needed a change. I have had excellent results. The workhouts are very different and very functional. They have modifiers. I have seen siginificant improvements in flexibilty and mobility. I am probably going to do a few Cathe...
  6. lemoncustard

    Alternate Pose For Downward Facing Dog

    I would try a forward bend, focusing on "aiming" you butt to the ceiling. That would stretch the back of your legs and back. Make sure you cold in your core while bendingover. You could then experiment with stetching your arms and shoulders without weight and pressure.
  7. lemoncustard

    Weight Wachers

    Dear Weight Watchers Members: On the WW Website, I began a "Cathe" group. The only response I got was: "Ohhhhhhhhhh. Workout guru. Looks like a lot of work to me! :-)" Please help spread the word. Also, has anybody figured out WW activity points for Cather workouts? Thanks...
  8. lemoncustard


    Has anybody ever tried hooping...weighted or unweighted? It looks like fun and is supposed to be an excellent ab and body workout. Any recommendations? Thanks, Rhonda
  9. lemoncustard

    December 2010 rotation Check in

    I just looked at my post and realized that this month is my 11th anniversary with Cathe. How awesome!
  10. lemoncustard

    December 2010 rotation Check in

    I'm in too There are days that I cannot do the entire workout but I know I can commit to do something everyday with all the pre-mix options. I am beginning my New Years life style clean up early. My husband and I are going try to migrate toward eating more of a Mediteranean Diet. I...
  11. lemoncustard

    January Rotation - Shaking it up

    I am committed to get through Cathe's STS/Cardio January Rotation. This week I had a lot of obligations that potentially could interfere with my workouts. I decided to double my workouts, doing STS followed by cardio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, off on Tuesday and Thursday. Much to...
  12. lemoncustard

    Complexity of choreography

    I am not a dancey person. My feet get easily confused, especially with higher impact is involved. Cathe...please, please, please consider including a "modifier" who does high intensity, low impact, less dancy moves. This would be helpful not only for those fans who are choreographically...
  13. lemoncustard

    Planks and the Bosu

    Because I have wrist issues, I am only able to do planks on my elbows. Today I did the Abs without Equipment Workout while on my elbows while balancing on the Bosu. Normally when using my elbows, I am unable to do leg movements. However the Bosu worked great and offered a wonderful balance...
  14. lemoncustard

    Cathe, STS Shock Cardio Request

    I also totally agree. I have requested this in the past. However, the feedback I have gotten is that because Cathe gears her workouts toward an "educated" crowd, it is up to us to figure out how to modify. That being said, I found the four day split she did prior to STS to dancey for...
  15. lemoncustard

    Gaining Weight with STS

    I am glad that I am not alone I also gained a few pounds since starting STS. I am now more carefully monitoring my week on a weekly basis and doing food logs more religiously. I also have been very hungry, but have gained weight while still eating the same. Hopefully this is only temporary...
  16. lemoncustard


    I'm going downstairs now..... I have come home from work...had a healthy clean snack....taking a deep breath...and going downstairs to do the disc...... Rhonda
  17. lemoncustard

    What type of barbell do you use with your squat rack?

    I just got a squat rack. I did not realize that it would not work with my 5 foot barbell with the smaller hole openings. I am trying to figure out what to do now. Will a six foot barbell work or do I need to get a...
  18. lemoncustard

    I just accepted your "friendship" I also don't spend much of the time on the forums during the...

    I just accepted your "friendship" I also don't spend much of the time on the forums during the school year because I am a Special Education Teacher. My daughters are grown, so now I get to "play" with people's children. I feel like I am starting again and working hard to get off the Holiday...
  19. lemoncustard

    Is anybody else sore finding their 1RM's?

    I cannot believe how sore I am. I have been working on the 1RM test, that is so easy even a caveman could do it, for four days. My back hurts. My pecs hurt. My triceps hurt. My biceps are feeling it. Not to mention my shoulders. I never realized that getting ready for STS also...
  20. lemoncustard

    What's your order number????

    Found it...only 244 ahead of me. I am order number 17962. Placed on January 12, 2008. Rhonda