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  1. BeethovenRocks

    Happy Birthday, Cathe!

    Just realized it's my 10-year anniversary of being on these forums!! A decade with Cathe is a decade well spent, hey? Time sure flies when you're doing tuck jumps, jack-knives and levitation holds. Another cool reason to celebrate...
  2. BeethovenRocks

    Happy Birthday, Cathe!

    Enjoy your day, Cathe! Wishing you fine health and energy to last the whole year through. Thank you for always sharing with us :o) Best, Shelby
  3. BeethovenRocks

    Happy Birthday, Cathe!

    Wishing you a fine day, and a healthy, productive year ahead, Cathe! Haven't been on forums for quite a while...glad for the chance to contribute to your thread, Belinda. Shelby
  4. BeethovenRocks

    Oscar Round-up

    Anyone game? Best Speeches: Cate B., Lupita N., Matthew M., Steve McQ Best Musical performances: P!nk, Bette, Pharrell Best dressed: can't settle on one!! Penelope Cruz, Amy Adams, Lupita Nyong'o, Cate Blanchett, Kate Hudson... Would love to hear your thoughts :) Happy Monday...
  5. BeethovenRocks

    Severe Weather

    Sorry to hear of recent treacherous conditions. Fascinating photos though! US polar vortex: the best pictures | World news |
  6. BeethovenRocks

    If a Walrus can work out, then so can we.

    Unreal! The best were the sit ups! Where do you find these gems??
  7. BeethovenRocks

    Two cats talking together, so cute.

    Adorable! Yes, there really should be some text along bottom screen with "suggested topics" they might be discussing... Wouldn't it be a hoot if they were trying to decide which Cathe DVD they'd like their owner to put on? :)
  8. BeethovenRocks

    I'm back to work/thank you/new DVD's

    Happy to hear from you, Cathe! Your words are so touching and attest to your strength in all circumstances. ((Warm Hugs)) to you and your family!
  9. BeethovenRocks

    Cathe: suggestion for the forums?

    Hi Maddie, Agreed! that would be a useful way to reference Cathe's many perfect responses to a range of topics. There's an FAQ link right at the top of this page we're on now, below the photo banner, between Blogs and Members List: The Cathe Nation - FAQ Strange though, just now I've tried...
  10. BeethovenRocks

    Cathe's Make-Up

    Ha...bless those 'passionate' cosmetic counter CSR's ;) Yep, BB's got quite an impressive line and such an inspiring story behind it all too Bobbi's Story — Bobbi Brown Official Site My credit card seems to whisper to me, "Take me out, it's all worth it!" Cosmetics |
  11. BeethovenRocks

    Cathe's Make-Up

    Bobbi Brown Are you still a fan of Bobbi Brown make-up/cosmetics, Cathe?
  12. BeethovenRocks

    Happy 4th

    Happy 4th to you and your family, Cathe. Wishing you good times this summer!
  13. BeethovenRocks

    Too hot to workout

    Oh, this is exactly my reason for not heading out to the gym today! It's been so warm around lower mainland I just wanted to lie still and be cool (sigh) P.S. Your signature quote is hilarious :)
  14. BeethovenRocks

    Cathe 2013 Calendar is now Shipping

    For a split second I also wondered whether SNM had been waiting to see whether the Mayans were right before shipping 'em out...ha!
  15. BeethovenRocks

    Happy Weekend...what are you doing?

    Hi there, Cathe, Happy belated Thanksgiving. I'm sure you had a grand time at your reunion. So did you encounter anyone you actually hadn't seen since high school days? That would have been quite something, hey? I've been laid low with a cough, hoarse throat and sniffles these past few...
  16. BeethovenRocks

    Cathe HiiT on CBS news!

    Ace! Fun clip to watch - the crew all looked so sleek and fit. Perfect that Cathe's ranked right up there with the best of 'em :)
  17. BeethovenRocks

    A big thank you to all of our 2012 Glassboro Road Trippers!!!

    Hi Cathe! It's been well exciting as a fly on the wall viewing the live stream of last week's RT meet and greet. Thank you for allowing those who could not make it the opportunity to be part of the events. Wicked track selection for the party music too! The physiques of you + crew remain so...
  18. BeethovenRocks

    Canada Roadtrip?

    Indeed, would be great if Cathe made it out to Vancouver one year, or even Seattle. Pity about your little situation though. Of course, we'll most def keep her clear of the grow ops ;)
  19. BeethovenRocks

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CATHE!!! (on the 20th)

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Cathe! As always, thank you for all your tireless hard work and inspiration this past year (((raised glass))) :)
  20. BeethovenRocks

    Hot pants

    Same here! Although they are not at all a thing of the past. I still often see the youths out and about showcasing them as soon as we have a warm-ish day. I suppose the manufacturer of the fitness wear liked the play on words, as it's preferable to terms like 'warming/thermal/heated pants'...