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  1. paulababy

    Cathe Live Suggestions

    30 minute workouts! About 3 days every week, I only have about 30-40 minutes to workout. I would love to see some shorter workouts included in Cathe Live. Thanks, Paula
  2. paulababy

    Guests at Dinner

  3. paulababy

    Heavy Bag

    Elsie wrote exactly what I was going to say! Check craigslist. That's where I found mine for $50 (along with my step, spin bike, etc.). I also use mine alot more now that Cathe has 3 heavy bag routines and I also have an Amy Bento dvd that has a heavy bag bonus. Punching that bag really...
  4. paulababy is having a sale

    Of course! And I just bought my Ryka influence from about 2 weeks ago! Oh well, I did get 10% off from there. BTW I LOVE my new shoes (I bought the blue/hot pink ones)! :) Paula
  5. paulababy

    Hard Strikes = foot pain?

    I am having this EXACT issue as well. Tingly middle toes - very weird... Paula
  6. paulababy

    One year ago today...

    DH and I were attending the Cathe RT in Chicago/Wisconsin. What a fun fun fun weekend! Thank you Cathe and fellow Cathletes for some great memories :D Paula
  7. paulababy

    Ride vs CycleMax

    Toni, I just got my bike last Saturday. I purchased both Cycle Max and Ride prior. I started out with Ride because of the shorter premixes. I did use the instruction in Cycle Max to set up my bike beforehand. I enjoyed Ride but it absolutely killed me! I definitely could not keep up with...
  8. paulababy

    Exercise Program for Elderly Parent

    My parents' medicare insurance plan included something called Silver Sneakers at a local gym. Some people did the exercises standing and some sitting. They went a few times but it was never at a "convenient" time for them. Then my mom fell a month ago and broke her hip. She's doing her leg...
  9. paulababy

    Bent Over Rear Delts vs. Back Flyes??

    Bumping this. I'm guessing that this exercise works both the back of the shoulder and the back but would like to see an answer from someone else. TIA! Paula
  10. paulababy

    ADHD med question

    Sorry no help here, Pam, but just wanted to let you know I'm saying a prayer for you and your dear son. My son struggles with ADD and we had lots of issues with meds. Right now he's off all meds and holding his own (he's almost 14 now). Good luck and (((hugs))) to you... Paula
  11. paulababy

    DH is smitten!

    My hubby did STS with me the first time around and uses some of the LIS series workouts like AfterBurn. I talked him into going to her Chicago RT with me this past April and actually join in the workouts. We both had a great time :) We don't really work out together though because my room is...
  12. paulababy

    Rotation using all of cathe's workouts

    I was actually just thinking about doing that! I was considering starting with the oldest and moving my way through my collection. There are some that I just don't seem to do too often. btw, your name cracks me up - I should change mine to "hatetocamp":) My son loves it though - go figure! Paula
  13. paulababy

    I do not understand....MEN

    Hang in there! I always believe that everything happens for a reason, and what's meant to be will be. I know they're cliches, but my life has usually worked out that way. Sending ((((((hugs)))))) your way.... Paula
  14. paulababy

    Go Tigers!

    Since my Cardinals are out of it, I'm officially rooting for the Tigers to beat the pants off the Giants (sorry SF fans)! It's only fair that Detroit wins this time since the Cards beat them last time around :D! Paula
  15. paulababy

    Go Tigers!

    Congrats to the Tigers! I'm a Cardinals fan (I live in the burbs), so I'm hoping the Cards will finish off the Giants tomorrow night and make it to the World Series! Maybe we can have a friendly bet going on - like winner has loser do 100 pushups :) Paula
  16. paulababy

    Girl Scouts ?

    As one of the other replies said, it all depends on the troop leader(s). My daughter's troop stayed together through 8th grade (which is VERY rare) because her leaders planned such fun activities for them. They only did something once a month, and it was always an outing, so there wasn't much...
  17. paulababy

    Feedback on Ryka Transition

    I think the thread that Jann directed you to is talking about the transpires, not the transitions. I have both and really like the transpires way better than the transitions. Not sure exactly why, but they seem to have more support. Paula
  18. paulababy

    Exercising with Cathe prevents Alzheimers ;)

    Thanks for teaching me a new word today (proprioception)! (I had to look it up ;)) Paula
  19. paulababy

    Exercising with Cathe prevents Alzheimers ;)

    I've actually thought of that too :cool:! My parents stay sharp playing cards, games, etc. and my mom used to play the organ before she became sick. I do think that combining brain work with physical work keeps our minds sharp. At least I hope so ;). Paula
  20. paulababy

    Shoes in The new videos??

    Not Cathe here, of course, but I THINK they are wearing Ryka Transpires in blue (at least in one photo I saw). I just bought a pair about 3 weeks ago and love these shoes! Besides being comfortable for working out, they are cute cute (always counts :cool:)!! Paula