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    Other workouts like Flex Train?

    I absolutely love Flex Train! Total body routine and the combination of compound and isolation exercises... keeps the heart rate up with the weight training and feels fantastic. I'm looking for recommendations for more that are like Flex Train! Cathe or not. Thx Wendy
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    Substitute Exercise For Lunges?

    We do "hover" lunges using a TRX that you could certainly try using a sturdy piece of furniture or ballet bar or something else at home. holding the TRX handles we lunge back and down, just like a normal lunge except the back foot never touches the floor, the shin is parallel to the floor...
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    Wheat pizza dough?

    I have used the recipe from Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day (by Francois and Hertzberg). Tried to find the recipe online to link but I didn't see it with a quick search. This is a fantastic book and totally worth borrowing from a library at the very least.
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    iPod & iTunes question for those in-the-know

    Hoping for some advice! Resurrecting this because I have tried to follow the instructions and am having trouble. Vee, please help! Trying to move music from my ipod classic onto a new computer. I set up itunes on the new computer but of course only about 1/3 of my music went over =(...
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    Turbo Fire has been redeemed

    I just purchased the same sneaks (nike free trainer) and love love love them! they are fabulously comfy for all my favorite fitness activities - kickboxing, dance, weight training, step. they are also super cute which is not always the case with crosstrainers.
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    Body Bugg

    I rented one from the gym and for me that was enough. I could see myself getting super obsessive about the calories and didn't want to head down that road. I used it for 5 weeks and learned a lot of valuable information about my calorie burn for different activities and how to match my calorie...
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    @@@ C & T Wonderful Weekend @@@

    just 2 seconds for me...found a temple out here and we're headed to a kids torah program this AM. my lower back is still hurting (day 3), hopefully it will pass soon. apparently I have been kneading that area so hard i gave myself bruises....DH noticed them. this is going to be my rest day...
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    ----- c&t homegirls - friday -----

    kate, LOL @ no nosy in-laws on our FB group =) anne, you asked about mango salsa, no recipe. just mixed up some mango, poblano, red onion and cilantro. this time i did the mango in big chunks with the pepper and onion minced. if not for the baby i would def use a hotter chile than poblano. at...
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    ----- c&t homegirls - friday -----

    kl, ok, we're about matched on the pizza intake =) love KCM 30MTF too! i have bootcamp, KB, and cardio blast, even brought them with me to CA (and i didnt bring many) but found i cant do cardio in this apt...there's crazy thick shag on the floors... kate, thanks for setting up a FB group...
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    #### c&t lovelies - thursday ####

    you guys were so chatty today! super busy day for me and then it hit me that Im headed home on the 20th for a week, with my music fest in the middle and my ODS returning from camp. YIKES. all of a sudden im freaking about travel plans, packing, how the house will look, how JJ will react, etc...
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    robin, my ods also thinks we should give him a car... yikes. did you already start your new job? you must be so excited. ok, gotta head to the gym. later, chicas!
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    julie, seriously dont worry about personals, we all have times when it gets hard. colleen, that is quite a WO!!! nina, is your DH interviewing for a civilian job? i think i missed the initial conversation about it. civ or mil, either way good luck to him! klaudia, had a little "treat"...
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    yes indeed, that KB WO done kicked my big booty!!!!!! im headed to the gym to get on the arc trainer for a while because at least that won't hurt, lol. if im up for it later then i'll go back for combat. made a delish dinner last night, i was getting bored with salads, chili, quinoa salad...
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    nina, I am always jealous of new mommies and their amazing little creatures but the idea of being pg right now freaks me out. 10 miles in the humidity... YOWZA!!!! angie, sorry, i missed the results from your mamo first time round. SO SO glad they found nothing serious but you are right, a...
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    robin, i bet you wont be calling penneys for extra hours anytime soon =) angie, when do you get results? hope you are doing some more traveling, that should keep your mind off of it anyway. anne, ikwym about all the beaurocracy... its a bunch of bs and im sorry you have to deal with it...
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    hi becky! long time, no see, lol =) julie, so sorry to hear of your bad news, i hope you are able to be with your friend some for support. my eating since TTOM has been meh and my belly is telling me all about it! so back on track. b - choc banana prot shake l - chili yday WO was...
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    c&t girls eat clean even on holiday weekends!

    happy 4th everyone! gym is closed so it is "officially" my rest day =) so far eats have been clean. we are headed to the local fireworks tonight. i know DH is gonna have his heart broken tho, i dont think anyplace but boston and NYC does fireworks as long and amazing... hopefully he doesn't cry...
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    c&t girls eat clean even on holiday weekends!

    Anne, i forgot ya!! good to hear your dad is able to avoid the open heart surgery and I hope it works out with the in-home care person. nice that you got to visit KL again!!
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    c&t girls eat clean even on holiday weekends!

    so... do we really eat clean even on holiday weekends, cuz I've been a BAD girl =( at least i have a good explanation now... TTOM has appeared. i swear my cycles are getting shorter =( kate, waterslide sounds amazing! and so glad youre getting out with DH, you deserve it and i know you dont...
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    ---- C&T girls - Friday ----

    morning y'all... yday was not so great on the eating front. I also made strawberry IC at DHs request and cookies (for DH and also an instructors bday at the gym) and cannot WAIT to get both OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!! but I did make a big pot of chili that will carry me through a bunch of clean meals...