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  1. *~Jessica~*

    Yoga burn?

    Hi Cathe...would you consider doing a yoga burn workout? Absolutely love your Your 1st one you made and would love to see a more advanced /fat burn routine❤️
  2. *~Jessica~*

    New Series

    That was “mean spirited” and harsh. Didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings? Should have kept you thoughts to yourself love my Cathe and her crew❤️
  3. *~Jessica~*

    First Time On Forum but Long-time Cathe Fan

    Hi Vbrady!! Welcome to the forum. Enjoyed your post ;) Hope to see plenty more!!
  4. *~Jessica~*

    anymore yoga dvd's?

    Thanks Marazoe for the link! Will definitely check it out :)
  5. *~Jessica~*

    anymore yoga dvd's?

    Now THAT would be awesome Repo!! Hope it becomes a reality,lol! ( you think she might get the hint?) haha :D
  6. *~Jessica~*

    anymore yoga dvd's?

    I never really knew much about Yoga, but Im learning. I've learned there are a few different yoga exercises. Some are geared more towards breathing,relaxing and stretching, others are more for balance and weight loss which I LOVE! Balancing is my focus along with toning and flexibility. Jai...
  7. *~Jessica~*

    anymore yoga dvd's?

    I was a bit skeptical at first bc the last one I got I couldnt take it!! When I saw it was a 2 (30 )min w/o dvd ( one with hand weights) I figured why not give it a try. JMO, I thought she had tonded it down quite a bit and was actually fun to listen to and watch. Im glad I got it :)
  8. *~Jessica~*

    anymore yoga dvd's?

    Its a new addiction, thats for sure :) we were shopping at sams club and came across Jillians " Yoga inferno " and thought it to be a bit intriguing, so I bought it! I was surprised how I was able to get thru it thanks to Cathe getting us us started on this ;)
  9. *~Jessica~*

    anymore yoga dvd's?

    I finally tried Yoga max and LOVED it!! I never really tried yoga to that extreme before. Would love to see her do more:)
  10. *~Jessica~*

    Body Fusion?

    Bodyfusion I personally would say that it fits the intermidiate. I still get a heavy workout just by doing that one, but I am NOT into the cardio stuff all that much sad to say! I believe thses would DEF be too easy for you if you have all her advanced stuff. especially the total body...
  11. *~Jessica~*

    Body Fusion?

    I LOVE these!! They are my "go to" videos when I have been away from working out for longer than 3 weeks OR if I just want to do something lite! I will always use these ;) They are GREAT for beginner/intermediate! the "step" got me ready for the body fusion cause it is a big leap in the...
  12. *~Jessica~*

    Tosca Reno Bankrupt RKP

    MAYBE thats why I haven't received my mags :( I truly HOPE this is not true!! What a disappointment that would be to so MANY
  13. *~Jessica~*

    A "good" blow dryer?

    Ive been a HUGE fan of Babyliss Pro dryers! I still have the one I purchased 5 yrs ago, but is now my daughters! I went out on a larger limb and bought the Babyliss Pro V2 Volare and love it:) A bit on the pricey side, but ... its nice:)
  14. *~Jessica~*

    contact us NOT working

    got it........
  15. *~Jessica~*

    Thumbs-up/down reviews for...

    That sounds like one I may want to try Mini!! I LOVE Band/toning work and have been wanting to try something different just to change things up a bit:)
  16. *~Jessica~*

    anyone try the "personal microderm"device?

    I was browsing thru the new Beauty magazine and came across a new (or SEMI new) device called the personal microderm. It was seen on Dr oz as well. Anyway, was wondering if anyone has tried it? here is the link Personal Microderm Skin Care Reviews any thoughts?
  17. *~Jessica~*

    Colored jeans

    I LOVE the coral! Almost got those at Gliks,but bought the miss me jeans instead! Next time though:)
  18. *~Jessica~*

    Colored jeans

    if they look good, buy them!! and enjoy being able to wear deserve it :) :)
  19. *~Jessica~*

    not able to open workout manager

    anyone else getting this when trying to log on to w/o manager Fatal error: Call to a member function RecordCount() on a non-object in /home/chrstp1/public_html/workout/classes/user/workoutmanager.class.php on line 2060 Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown...
  20. *~Jessica~*

    LOVIN Pinterest & Polyvore!!

    I agree! I LOVE pinterest! I have a whole new set of recipes I started trying! (and enjoying)! Not to mention fitness stuff....;)