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  1. Clarissa

    Workout Schedule

    Was the final schedule ever updated or are we still using last year's?
  2. Clarissa

    Question for all you runners

    Hey there! I didn't get a chance to read others' responses so this might be a repeat BUT...I am a fairly novice runner myself, and am training for a half marathon, next week actually. I started running 6-7 mos ago for only 2-3 miles at a time for 10 min miles at best. I am up to 10 mile runs...
  3. Clarissa

    What about N.O. Xplode?

    Hi there. Please don't buy it. It is nitric oxide and my DH takes it all the time, pre-workout. It makes him very sick - esp during cardio and in the warm weather - and it also makes him very angry and sometimes aggressive (maybe b/c his stomach hurts though??). I don't know much, if anything...
  4. Clarissa

    A thread a couple of days ago got me thinking....

    This is meeeee! I am so sorry you have to live like this too! You are special! Let's start telling ourselves this everyday, ok?? Clarissa
  5. Clarissa

    SNM: When Will Cathe Come Back to the Forums?

    Woo hoo, Cathe! I can't wait for that one! :D
  6. Clarissa

    I'm thankful for...

    Tee hee! I was just thinking something similar as we are getting the baby a cake tonight for his birthday!!! YUM! Oh, yeah, and I am thankful for my kids too! LOL! ;)
  7. Clarissa

    SNM: When Will Cathe Come Back to the Forums?

    I was thinking that too at first but then wondered if maybe she wanted our thoughts on it so she could explain what the public likes best about it on the QVC special where she sold that nice "B&G" package with the bands, ankle weights, ball and DVD. It seemed to air about a few days to a week...
  8. Clarissa

    I'm surprised

    Thank you so much, SNM! :D
  9. Clarissa

    Been coming here for many years.....

    ITA!!!! ;)
  10. Clarissa

    Been coming here for many years.....

    Get a life! **cough cough**
  11. Clarissa

    As you get older, what surprises you about yourself?

    I think what surprises me the most is, as I get older (I will be 31 this month), I am willing to stand up for myself more often. Having been a true pushover for the first 30 years of my life, I am not willing to let it happen as often! My mother always told me that as I age, I will learn to take...
  12. Clarissa

    I'm surprised

    Thank you! :D I didn't want to re-comment on it! :D Clarissa
  13. Clarissa

    I'm surprised

    It's 'affect'...LOL!! Anyway, I agree with all of you. That was all I was saying the other day...that there was nothing funny about what was said by Jerry about Cathe being a fruitcake. I also didn't like that thread recently about Cathe's "new" appearance. She is lovely. She is wonderful...
  14. Clarissa

    Since there is so much controversy right now.....

    This post cheered me up! Thanks! ;) LOL!
  15. Clarissa

    George Clooney at the Academy Awards

    He was a huge baby. My husband said that GC is known for not liking being picked on during awards shows and has mentioned it in interviews before (or something like that). Hence the deliberate pointing him out like "Oh look, it's George Clooney"...they were just messing with him. Notice they...
  16. Clarissa

    Define Cyberstalking

    Thank you, Jonezie. Please don't be hard on yourself. You didn't have bad intentions when starting that thread IMO. You just don't like to see people get picked on...I can understand that. That is how I feel also. Take care and post again soon. :) Clarissa
  17. Clarissa

    So I started STS today. LAWD!!

    Please keep with it. You will LOVE the results! I did the 3 month rotation, then took a 2-3 month break, now am currently more than halfway through the 6.5 month rotation! LOVE IT! Have seen excellent results! Good luck! Clarissa :D
  18. Clarissa

    Define Cyberstalking

    Well, it sort of does. I know that I have been instantly rated as a "1" the past two or so times I posted a thread. And honestly, what I wrote had no reason to be rated as low as they were comments to Cathe or something. However, it was hurtful because you start to realize that it is directed...
  19. Clarissa

    Who One Star Rates a Friggin' Birthday Thread?!?

    It's okay Liann. You know me. You know how it is hard for me to say things like this in any situation. I just felt compelled to stand up for Cathe and Jonezie. I never stand up for myself so I thought I would give it a try. I just believe what Jerry wrote was wrong in many ways. I hope you are...