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    Havent' heard from Stacey D/SirenSongWoman lately either.
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    Who to BLAME for obesity?

    I think anyone who has a signature line has one automatically put in separating your post from your signature line. Just a guess. You have one too.
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    Who to BLAME for obesity?

    It's my own fault that I'm overweight, period. I have the power to say no to myself, I just haven't been exercising much self control lately. But that is all going to change starting tomarrow. But tonight I'm going to enjoy my birthday dinner that my mom invited me to, I just didn't have the...
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    Happy Birthday Tamrahan!

    Last night I enjoyed my free birthday hamburger at Red Robin and then DH and I went to best buy where he bought me the Classic Ipod and he is taking over my nano. Tonight my mom is taking me out to Biaggi's Italian Restaurant. Tomarrow got to get back on my diet. I also got some new ache's...
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    Windex for your monitor

    That is soooo adorable. :)
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    Happy Birthday Tamrahan!

    Thanks, you made my day. A happy birthday shout out from Catheland was totally unexpected. Thank-you. :) I'm seeing my shadow here in Des Moines so 6 more weeks of winter. :(:eek:
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    Interesting moves (step aerobics)

    Sorry if this has been posted before.
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    cindy crawford skincare line

    I'm also intrigued by Cindy's line but I've been using Victoria Principals 'Principal Secret Skincare' for about 15 years now, before that Mary Kay. I switched from MK because my skin just got to the point where it felt so uncomfortabley dry and itchy so I switched to Clinique and then tried a...
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    Talking to Husband about getting a Dog!?

    I agree with the don't ask permission approach. I have never in my life asked permission for a dog. I just always brought them home and it's always worked out. As a kid living at home with my mom I brought home at least 6 that I can think of right off the top of my head. At one time we had 4...
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    Do you ever just want to throw everything out and start over?

    I hear ya. Sometimes I wish for a tornado to come through and take everything away (except for my dogs, fish, accordion, piano, DH and myself.) I worry about when my mom passes someday (hopefully many many years from now). Her house is 4 floors crammed full of junk (to me) plus an oversized...
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    anyone noticed...

    Jump out of this thread and scroll all the way to the bottom, you should be able select your display options in an arrow down box. for example choose go back 2 days or 2 weeks or like me back to the beginning.
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    anyone noticed...

    Computer glitch. I think the first legitimate date was 1997.
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    anyone noticed...

    I have my display options set to the "beginning".
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    anyone noticed...

    I just went back to the very first post on page 2584 (i think it was) dated 12-31-1969 and I accessed it just fine. I found one dated 12-31-1997 and got into that one too. Maybe I'm misunderstanding?
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    Anyone follow Weight Watchers and do Cathe?

    I've been on WW a couple of times. (repeat offender) The 1st time I started about 10 years ago I lost about 30+ lbs. The plan was 'different' then. There was no core plan, momentum, flex points for example. (BTW the plan has evolved a lot over the years. Some members in our group would...
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    Cute pic of the day

    That is the CUTEST little red X ever!!!;) (I gave it a 5 star rating.)
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    I sent you a PM.
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    Or walking out of the 8th grade girls bathroom only to have a group of the "in" girls lauph out loud at you and you wonder what's that about :confused:, then looking down and realizing you only did the top button of your pants but forgot to zip so you're bright red shirt is sticking out for all...
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    I was just over on Jari Loves forum and in the DVD questions and comments category I saw a post titled 'I got banned". I believe this is Snitker but she's going by Loretta over there. Her posts explains her POV. I've seen at least one member (one thread in particular comes to mind) write a lot...
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    barefoot cardio - ellen barrett - loving it!

    She has a workout on fit tv that I worked out to one day. It didn't *look* like much of a workout but its deceptive so I ended up buying a couple of her workouts from Collage and I really like them. I'll have to check out BFC.