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    Wondering About Cast Member Cede?

    Cedie looks great in that clip: her form is excellent. She's been keeping her hand in! Clare
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    list of all Cathe's DVDs please - including the name of the series.

    Here on the forums under SHOP you will find all the series for sale and you can start your own lists. Clare
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    Question: Can you lift as much as Cathe?

    Yes for lower body and I often exceed Cathe's weights. Yes for upper except for chest and tricep extensions! And as others have said, I will never natch Cathe for push up speed and number of reps as I have only been able to master the military style push up over the last 2 years and it is the...
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    Plantar Fasciitis and Cute Shoes- Is it possible?

    PLEASE: stop wearing flip flops. They are perfectly dreadful for feet: no support whatsoever and since you have PF --a condition that can flare up again in the future-- and you want to look after your feet to ensure they will work for you on your desired athletic endeavours for the forseeable...
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    Strong by Zumba

    A couple of the amazon reviewers mentioned that part of the DVD is exactly the same as the youtube demo. That's weird. I'm not seeing any reviews yet on amazon at all .... Clare
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    I live to enable! Clare
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    Breast biopsy - scared

    Anne, Jen, Lily: Thinking of all of you three strong, fighting women. Wishing you returns to full health in the fullness of time. Clare
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    Strong by Zumba

    Deb: has it arrived? Have you tried it? What do you think? Clare
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    Take a look at Mindy Mylrea's Fluid Strength. There's a ton of body weight moves, they flow into each other seamlessly, involving upper, lower, and core through it all. I find this quite challenging. It looks deadly simple but it is slow, controlled movement. First you do the move, then you...
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    A Feel the Burn Series??

    Linda Wooldridge also has many, many workouts like this. It is, essentially, Barre. Take a look at her stuff on youtube and also through Clare
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    Strong by Zumba

    Found this demo on youtube. Looks phenomenal! Clare
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    Metabolic Workouts DVD List

    RWH Circuit Upper. Clare
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    Breast biopsy - scared

    Anne: how did the tests go? I am wishing you all the best. I hope you are well and fighting fit. Clare
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    All Step-CTX

    THis has always been my all time favourite workout from the entire CTX series. Gold. Clare
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    Breast biopsy - scared

    I think, generally speaking with these kinds of things, it is the millions of people who have the procedure and for whom it goes smoothly and with minimal discomfort, if some anxiety, of course, that we never hear from since when things go well and as planned, we don't tend to post about it...
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    And others might ask for less chest work and push ups, so how about we agree on a well-rounded routine with a balanced approach to each upper body muscle group and everyone just do as much as they want and then stop, or do a section twice because they want more? Shoulders, along with hips...
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    I vote FOR compound moves and metabolic moves as these are key to keeping the metabolism healthy as we age, for getting more muscle groups worked per workout, for keeping the heart rate up, for getting a higher volume of work done per workout: isolated bicep curls and the like cannot achieve...
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Like the idea here of the "longer blizzard blasts" and the possibility of combining those segments together in one premix for a real cardio mash up session. Clare
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    PHA Training 2?

    The format of PHA --alternating lower body with upper body weighted moves-- would seem to lend itself to a multitude of variations for future filming. I sincerely hope this will be a format used again on ICE 2, with one major difference: less repetition, more variety of moves. So, ideal format...
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    Low Impact Hiit

    Hi Louise: this is not a stupid question at all! Low impact exercise will still introduce the afterburn effect, for sure. In case you didn't know: Cathe introduced this concept to us all in the Low Impact Series through her DVD named 'Afterburn' which alternates low impact cardio moves with...