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  1. nkhansen1

    Saline Infusion Sonohysterography

    I've had this procedure a couple of times, and it was not anything to be frightened of. One occasion they gave me a mild sedative, and the other time they didn't. I went right back to work the next day. I did have a bit of cramping, but it wasn't bad. Mostly from the distention from the saline...
  2. nkhansen1

    Compression running socks

    Another vote for Zensah sleeves! I LOVE mine! I wouldn't run without them!
  3. nkhansen1

    Barre workouts

    I do not have the beginner or prenatal DVDs (so I guess I really don't have *all* of them like I said!). I absolutely love the two super sculpting workouts. They are different enough to be very beneficial to have both. The arm workouts are only slightly different, but the leg workouts are...
  4. nkhansen1

    Barre workouts

    I have all The Bar Method DVDs, and I am addicted to them! I also have the Core Fusion DVDs, but I don't find them at all challenging or even very fun. I highly recommend TBM! You won't break a dripping sweat, but you will burn like FIYAH!
  5. nkhansen1

    Who's watching Breaking Bad S5?

    Vince Gilligan said it was to give them time to create and shoot the story the way it needs to be done rather than having to hurry through. It is killing me that I have to wait until next summer for the end! But, I'd rather it be done right than have it be a huge disappointment because of a...
  6. nkhansen1

    Who's watching Breaking Bad S5?

    Say my name. :eek:
  7. nkhansen1

    Who's watching Breaking Bad S5?

    How much do I love this show?! The characters aren't supposed to be likable. I saw an interview with Vince Gilligan, and he said he was very upset that there were still some people who "liked" Walt and Jesse. He said before this season aired that they were going to make sure nobody could...
  8. nkhansen1

    HCG Ultra

    Run away! Run far, far away! I know two ladies doing that "diet" right now, and their nutrition consists of injections and iceberg lettuce. No exercise, no balanced diet. Not only are they miserable, fatigued, dehydrated, glassy-eyed, and frustrated, they are still overweight as their body...
  9. nkhansen1

    Has anyone seen this step bench?

    Cool! It looks similar to the Spri Step 360. I would love to know more about it.
  10. nkhansen1

    Broke my Toe!:-( Help!

    About two or three weeks before I could do a fairly normal routine. I just waited for the swelling to do down and until it didn't hurt too badly to gently start back. I did a lot of weights and yoga and elliptical in the meantime. There really is a lot you can still do while the piggies heal...
  11. nkhansen1

    Broke my Toe!:-( Help!

    Ugh, I have broken my little toes too many times to count. They are weirdly situated on my feet. Buddy tape to the next toe, ice, ibuprofen and rest until it feels better. I wish there was a quicker solution!
  12. nkhansen1

    How fit should a group fit instructor be?

    Oh, I know! I really do! My comment was about the two women I mentioned. I KNOW they don't practice what they preach, hence my use of "hypocritical." I work extremely hard, and I eat extremely clean, and I still look mostly like crap. I get it. I would love to be a fitness instructor...
  13. nkhansen1

    You GOTTA see this snake

    Holy crap! I am not afraid of snakes, but that is weird, and I could have no part in it! YIKES!!
  14. nkhansen1

    How fit should a group fit instructor be?

    As much as I hate to say it, I think how you look as a fitness instructor is as important as keeping up with the class. Not that you have to be a super model or 10% body fat, but you should look the part. From my personal experience, I go to church with a couple ladies who teach fitness classes...
  15. nkhansen1

    Loving Obagi!

    I love Obagi! I use the Nu Derm with hydroquinone for my melasma. That stuff is the best. I have never tried any of the other Obagi products, but the reviews on Skin Care Rx and Dermstore are always very complimentary.
  16. nkhansen1

    How long should muscle pain last?! Help!

    Gym Style Legs causes extended DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) in the most seasoned of us Cathletes! A week out and you're still sore as a beginner? Not surprising at all! That one gives me a week of DOMS easy! You can still work through the soreness, and that will help it feel better...
  17. nkhansen1

    Can you recommend a Yoga dvd?

    His voice is one of the best parts!
  18. nkhansen1

    Can you recommend a Yoga dvd?

    Hubba, hubba! You should see how he guides some of his students through their poses...WOW. Soft and nurturing and, well, just incredibly hot stuff. Sigh...
  19. nkhansen1

    To give a gift or not...Need advice

    Regardless of whom the announcement is from, sending a gift is the appropriate thing to do. First see if they have a registry, and purchase from their selection. If they didn't register, consider something thoughtful like a cookbook and some nice utensils or a tasteful picture frame. Consider...
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    Lifting heavy

    It's true, you do not need to get a barbell or a bench. There are plenty of ways to modify it with the equipment you have. And YES, YES, YES to 4 Day Split! I totally forgot to include that one! It's one of the best heavy workouts Cathe does, in my opinion. And the premixes are fabulous on...