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  1. horseshowmom

    Loving Obagi!

    I started Obagi in March and LOVE it! It is changing my skin in amazing ways! :) I also started with the Travel Kit and used all 6 steps with Tazorac as my RetinA product. I have tough skin so I've switched back to SkinCeuticals LHA Cleanser and Toner (more aggressive then the Obagi) as well as...
  2. horseshowmom

    Any Cathletes in SC?

    I'm in York...just down the road from Fort Mill :) My oldest daughter is in the MAC program at USC. She goes down to the river with her dog to run a few days a week. Also runs on campus sometimes. I don't know about hiking spots in Columbia but there are lots up here in York County
  3. horseshowmom


    My kids bought me one for Mother's Day. I LOVE it! :D It was $164 on sale, no shipping or tax with a 6 month subscription. I had an issue with my strap but it was replaced within 3 days and I was given an additional 2 free months subscription. It is soooo much more accurate than a HRM. HRM are...
  4. horseshowmom

    Jillian M. said "it's mostly clean diet" not workout length!

    I must say I am really enjoying this conversation and the points being made on all sides. Just as the original post began a discussion about what works best for each of us....extra focus on diet or nutrition vs. exercise and vice versa...I think the supplements vs. food promotion is also a very...
  5. horseshowmom

    OMG! Shooting at DH office in ST Louis

    Tracy, glad your DH is okay!
  6. horseshowmom

    Jillian M. said "it's mostly clean diet" not workout length!

    Thank you for the flame free response! :D I agree I was surprised to see Jillian market supplements, but reading her reasons for doing so made sense to me.
  7. horseshowmom

    New Biggest Loser Tonight!!

    I caved in and watched....I was pleasantly surprised at Erik's attitude. He didn't come across as bitter to me. I guess the promo was some creative editing. I was a little confused about his claims to have no nutritional knowledge.:confused: 4 months of hands on nutrition and then home support...
  8. horseshowmom

    Biggest Loser ????????????

    Jillian was talking about we don't see the hours of training...just a few minutes here and there....and we definitely aren't shown the recovery, stretching, icing, post workout support. Bob mentioned that the medical testing these contestants go thru is world class and covers every...
  9. horseshowmom

    Jillian M. said "it's mostly clean diet" not workout length!

    I'm anticipating never being able to post again if this question is taken the wrong way. :confused: But it is just an honest question, not a criticism because personally I don't have a problem with people marketing their name/self/etc. If they can find a way to make money, more power to them! SO...
  10. horseshowmom

    New Biggest Loser Tonight!!

    I saw a plug for that and am not sure I'm going to watch it. Both he and his wife were blaming the show for not continuing to offer him support after he won...claiming he was *used* and thrown out with the trash... Obviously he is still not willing to take personal responsibility for his choices...
  11. horseshowmom

    Who else does a Super Duper workout on New Years Day?

    I've been planning a 10k resolution run, but I'm sick...soo...not sure I'll get it done! :(
  12. horseshowmom

    Heel Pain?

    My running partner just went to the doctor for her heel pain. She has both PF and heel spurs. She has been put on non-impact exercise and anti-inflammatories for 2 weeks. On the other hand, I had a flare of PF this fall and was VERY lucky that a shoe change helped relieve much of the pain. I was...
  13. horseshowmom

    Migraine headaches

    I had episodes of severe vertigo for years before it occurred to me to mention it to my doctor. There is a form of migraine called *vertigous migraine*. The headache portion of the migraine is often very mild but the vertigo is debilitating. I was given a prescription version of the stuff you...
  14. horseshowmom

    Well Wishes For A-Jock

    So sorry for your prayers are with you
  15. horseshowmom

    Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers

    I agree! Your doctor ahould be able to tell you! :) And putting away the flip flops, slippers,etc has also made a huge difference in my PF...yeah! I wear tennis shoes all the time when I;m on my feet. I'm so relieved that a simple change made the difference for me because I know there are those...
  16. horseshowmom

    Any impact LOVERS out there?

    I don't *LIKE* high impact...but that is for one very simple is much harder! :p Not from a joint or injury issue for me....but the effort it takes continuosly shows me that there is always room for improvement in my strength and cardio endurance. Soooo, that said, I also feel that I...
  17. horseshowmom

    Dr. Oz Shows this week - a couple of questions

    I am pretty sure both those shows were repeats. I have my DVR set to record new episodes only and it did not record Th or F. I would check his website for episodes or CBS as well. I hope you find what you wanted to see! btw~ i'm actually watching last Friday's episode on UTI's right now! :)
  18. horseshowmom

    yahoooooo it just came

    just got my MMA as well! can't wait to start!!!
  19. horseshowmom

    MMA kickbox

    I want my MMA!!!! :( Hoping it will arrive today!
  20. horseshowmom

    do you do one on xmas eve?

    We do gifts under the tree on Christmas Eve but save stockings for Christmas morning.