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    Big problem!!

    Hi my name is erin and I have a cathe live addiction lol=}}}}} I LOVE IT No real problem except I can never choose a workout... Because there is so much to choose from ahhhhhh . Love ya Cathe thank you for the amazing workouts in my basement!!
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    RWH am I in over my head?

    I just started this roation but After this leg workout am wonder maybe I should do another rotation? any one start and feel just not ready for how intense this is? thanks
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    just started ripped with hiit.. dont think i can hang

    I love how intense these workouts are but feeling a little in over my head. Do you think I would be better off starting with xtrain or something and working my way up to this?
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    omg just previewed rwh leg

    No way I could go as heavy as cathe!!! WOW This should be an interesting workout lol
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    is there a mistake in ice roation

    not sure why it did this but in my workout manger its a screwy.=(
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    what stretch band and fire loops to buy?

    Anyone have any suggestions my old cathe ones have broke and need new ones.
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    is there a mistake in ice roation

    Hi i am doing ice rotation and one of the workouts is just back its 20 mins am I missing something?
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    I need to buy bands for to the mat need suggestions?

    So all my old cathe firewalkers and bands have broke. What are you guys using and where did u get it from? Thanks=)
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    ICe leg and glute with out ball? suggestion

    I don't have stability ball yet what could I use instead for the first part of leg and glutes?
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    STS Body Rockers - Week of July 8th

    Bridget- sprints are the best....however I know there is a few more this summer but feel a bit burnt! So now I am looking into swim for life in September! It's 1-3 mile option in the Hudson river=} When is ur big day?? Try to get a swim lesson in if u can=} GL SO I am meeting up with the team...
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    Hey ladies!!!! So tri is done and I was toying with the idea of doing more this summer! However it's so hard to do with the little ones to commit to that kind of training,., hope that's not a cop out.. Lol I did cross fire Monday had a blast then pub yesterday was some laps in pool trying to...
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    My DH said, "Cyclists are nice like Cathletes except...

    I am training for a tri and i have Fallen in love with riding! I bought a beautiful road bike and even named her lol! Actually today I am going to get clips! I have been putting it off but I hear it's much better=}
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    STS Body Rockers week of 4/15

    Hi girls! Just stopping by to stay hi:cool: I am really not doing a lot of strength training these days. Once in awhile I will throw a Cathe cd in just for a change. I bought my first bike and I love her, she treats me well. I am just focusing on run,bike and swim all week. I keep saying I am...
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    STS Bodyrockers Week of 3/4! :)

    PS here is my fundraising page link with pics with me at swim practice and my team mates hard at work=) My Fundraising Page
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    STS Bodyrockers Week of 3/4! :)

    Katie- glad ur ok but i heard all about that weather! Wendy- I think everyone is over at food journal lol I usually check in there but I sometimes get turned off because some people really over obsess about there food and it shows! I think that is unhealthy and it just makes...
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    HI ALL:D sorry I have been MIA. But between kids school work and now triathlon its hard to have time. I just met all the coaches yesterday for our first run as a team. We have our training schedule as a team Tuesday nights spin, sat are for runs, sunday night swim meet=) Its hard to try to make...
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    I'll be here to answer your questions...

    Hi Cathe=) So excited and unexpected to see new videos! What inspired these? When can we see some previews, so my heart rate can jump up=)
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    STS Body Rockers week of February 5th

    Hi Bridget! Hi girls I am on lunch at work and have a few mins=} did a BR wo yesterday .. Was a good 12 mins! Then jumped in pool and did some laps. Swimming is not my strong suit. It is soo hard when I try to do the right swim techniques. We have our kick off meeting on 2/16 for my triathlon...
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    Ideas for gear storage?

    not sure i am much help. But i live in a small two bedroom apt and use my sons room to workout. I bought a trunk that can be used as a place to sit on and store things. IT has all my weights and barbell and step is in a closet. gl
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    Need help with deciding about nj

    I so want to try to attend the no rt. I live about 2hrs away so hotel is a must. My hubby said he would come with the kids. But then I realized I would be gone all day! My kids are 4 n 2 .. Is it doable ? Will I be gone for long periods??? Or will there be good breaks?? Thoughts??? Suggestions?