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  1. pascal

    Intensity Series 2

    Imax 4 Cardio & Weights 2 Bootcamp 2 Muscle Endurance 2 Pyramid Upper Body 2 Pyramid Lower Body 2
  2. pascal

    Let's chat about the new workouts

    Hi, Cathe!!! Just wondering if you have a favorite in this series? (Sorry if this was already asked and answered!) Also, I love Circuit Blast. It is one of my all time favorite workouts. Are there any workouts in the Low Impact Series that have a similar 'feel' to this one?? I CANNOT...
  3. pascal

    Amy Bento

    Funny you should start this thread because I am actually doing an all Amy rotation right now. First time I’ve ever done that. I got her latest workouts (Kettlebell Power and KB2 last week). My all time favorite Amy workout is ASC2. I know most people prefer ASC3 but there is just something...
  4. pascal

    AMC's The Killing

    Got it! Thanks so much for the clarification! I still have all the episodes in my DVR so I think I will go back and watch them.
  5. pascal

    AMC's The Killing

    I’m not saying it’s not annoying, but the character of Sarah recently gave up smoking, which is why she’s always chewing gum. There’s something going on there…not sure what. Is she in recovery too? Her partner asked her if her fiancé ‘made’ her quit smoking. And last night – did they say...
  6. pascal

    Imax 4, Heavy Bag Workout, Total Body Weight Work

    I'd buy ALL of those! I'd also really like a Low Max 2.
  7. pascal

    Sequel to Travel Fit

    This would be awesome. I'd love to see a Travel Fit that mixed band work, cardio drills, and body weight exercises (like push ups and pull ups). I'd preorder this in a second!
  8. pascal

    A complete Low Impact series please please please

    I would order ALL of these!!!!!
  9. pascal

    2010 Suggestions

    I really like your ideas, Monse and Jillybean. Here are some ideas I posted over at VF. Imax 4 (similar in format to the other Imax workouts) Athletic Step 2 (a bit longer than the shock cardio version and with blasts at the end, like in Step Blast) Core Cardio Circuit 2 (longer than the...
  10. pascal

    Kettlebelling on Inauguration day!

    Round 8 of Newport consists of pushups keeping one hand on the kettlebell and one hand on the ground, then you travel over the kettlebell and repeat on the other side. In between pushups you do dive bombers (or is it bomb divers - I know Anthony calls them one way and Cathe calls them the...
  11. pascal

    Kettlebelling on Inauguration day!

    Hi, all! I'e got some backtracking to do. On Sunday I did Providence instead of Newport as I wanted more of a 'strength' based workout than a 'cardio' based workout (for me Newport is almost like a cardio workout). Any suggestions for kettlebell workouts that are primarily strength...
  12. pascal

    Kettlebell checkin---->weekend report

    Deanie - wow, great job on Newport! I had to stop during the pushups - you must be one strong lady! And I had to stop during the 3rd round of planks too - my core gets major DOMS from this workout! This morning I did Cathe's 4-Day Split LIS/HIS cardio premix and Core Max workout #1 (my...
  13. pascal

    TGI Kettlebells!i!i! Friday 1.16

    Morning, Kettlebellers!! Deanie - I am very interested in Enter the Kettlebell. Please let us know what you think! As soon as STS ships, I will start that. I hope I can still get in some kettlebell training while doing STS!! I love Providence! And congrats on moving up from your 20# to...
  14. pascal

    kettlebell checkin....thursday

    Last night I did all of Amy's Advanced Step Challenge II (minus the power-ups) and finished with 100 swings and then the pushups from Amy's Slo Mo Challenge. I preorderd Amy's kettlebell and kickboxing workouts last night. I am supposed to be on a fitness spending freeze, but they were on sale...
  15. pascal

    Kettlebell check in.....Wednesday 1.14

    Marcy - ITA with you re Newport - rounds 5 and 7 are the easiest for me. Round 8 is by far the hardest. Oh, those traveling pushups!! And round 4 is in a close 2nd for toughest. It is my goal to make it through both rounds without stopping or modifying. Round 1 is challenging, too, as...
  16. pascal

    Kettlebell check in ----> Tuesday

    Hi, kettlebellers!! I just realized that I totally forgot to post my workout from yesterday. Duh! Yesterday I did Amy's Advanced Step Challenge 3, only combos 1-3, then I added the power-ups section and finished that off with 100 swings and the pushups section from Cathe's Timesaver DVD...
  17. pascal

    Kettlebell check in.....Monday 1.12

    Deanie - have fun doing Empire State. I don't have that one, but I like the idea of doing lower/upper/abs in each round. I know I will purchase that one at some point! And you'll do just fine with Newport. Just reading some of the workouts you do, I'm pretty certain you're fit enough for...
  18. pascal

    Kettlebells Weekend Report

    Hi, all! Yesterday I did Imax 3, the abs from KP&C, 100 swings, 36 pushups, and that was it! Imax 3 really wore me out, more so than usual - I think I need to start doing more Cathe cardio. I took a break from her, as I was getting a bit burned out because I did the same DVDs over and over...
  19. pascal

    Cardiobells/ Kettlebells

    I have the 15#, 20#, and 25# cardiobells. I love them!! They're the only kettlebells I've ever used, so I have nothing to compare them to, but I do Lauren Brooks' DVD and a couple AOS DVDs with the cardiobells and I just love them! I also use the 15# for the ab segment at the end of Amy's...
  20. pascal

    Kettlebell check in....TGIF

    Today is my rest day but I may do Lauren Brooks' 12 min. workout just 'cause. Marcy - if I do end up doing Lauren's 12 min. workout, I'll let you know if I think it's easy. I've done it once before but it was after doing a Michael Olajide workout so my arms and lats were fried. Deanie -...