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    Did I miss it??
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    Perfect 30 + corona

    Hi Cathe, Just wondering how/if the corona virus is affecting the plan for this series?
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    Help me find a new Book Series for my mom!

    Louise Penney
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    Recommended men's night time running cold weather apparel for men

    Brooks, Underarmour, Pearl Izumi are brands I use. Also just a reflective road worker vest. I also use knuckle lights...
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    Suggestions for excellent sports bras?

    I know you said you don´t like moving comfort since Brooks, but the Juno is the best out there for favorite to run in. I am a 32D. A close second: CWX extra support running bra
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    Fit Tower

    Did you use the DVDs without the tower? Is that doable? I´ve looked at that series but just don´t have the room nor the need for more equipment
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    Cycle Sweat

    OMG this is the hardest of all Cathe's cycle vids...It is Great :)
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    Advice on taking a break

    Joy, In addition to what others have said: I have had to take a HUGE break (3 mos) from hard exercise. I expressed concerns about weight gain, muscle, aerobic loss, to my PT and he assured me that there is little muscle or aerobic capacity loss. I am almost at my 3 mos, and he was right.
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    Body parts 2X/week

    Cathe, in your recent blog post, you quoted some studies that show that it is more advantageous working each body part 2-3x/week. However, your most recent workouts (and some older ones) have us working each body part once a week. I do 3x cardio, 3x strength (2 day different UP, and one...
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    Heaviest weight for home gyms?

    I use pace weights for micro loading and haven´t had any problems with the magnets on them. I have had them for 5 years (I got them for STS) and after about 3 years, some of the magnets are splitting, but they still stay put. I would get them again.
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    Two vs. Three sets

    Thanks so much for your advice!
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    Two vs. Three sets

    Thanks Clare. That's a great idea!
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    Two vs. Three sets

    Hi Cathe or anyone else who can help. I am back to lifting after a back injury and am using the RWH series. I can´t lift as heavy as before just yet, and am wondering is it better to lift heavier for two sets of the same muscle group or go for the three set with lighter weights?
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    Xtrain / LIS 90 day rotation...

    You can also find it in the workout manager > rotations
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    Anyone Felt Like This?

    Workout, You have mentioned the very essence of human existence! We work hard to maintain our physical health and we tend to ignore our spiritual health. I am in my late 50´s and also know that the next 20 years will fly by and as you say, we never know what the future may hold. My 2 cents...
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    Back At It

    I know everyone is different, but with my 3 kids, it took longer with each one to lose the weight. With the third, it was a year til I got to my pre-preg weight. Be patient with yourself.
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    Rest between Metabolic Weight Training

    Am I right in thinking that High Step Challenge and High step training would be MWT?
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    Need wide toe box shoe with Lateral support

    Do you want a tennis shoe per se? Or a training shoe? I have the Ryka Transpire and they do the trick. They have good lateral as well as vertical support. I use different shoes for running than I do for other cardio workouts and have found that the Transpire gives me the support I need for all...
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    STS total body

    I´m doing the June rotation and am revisiting STS total body. It seems that there are not many exercises focusing on bis and tris. Tris: some pushups and dips; bis: DB curls. Is that enough for my tris and bis or should I add more? And then there a whole triset devoted to shoulders: do they...
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    Adidas Energy boost

    I am intrigued by these running shoes and they have good reviews, but I need a stability shoe. Any comments, especially for those who are not neutral runners?