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    Workout Rant: I Hate Drills!

    I like drills For one, they are easy to do, hardly any learning curve. I teach classes, so it's easy to "borrow" drills from several DVD & put them together. It's the wave of exercise right now, just like Zumba is a current rage. I have such a low boredom threshold that the drills are fine...
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    How fit should a group fit instructor be?

    "Like you walk your talk" That's how I think a PT/Group Fitness Instructor should look. I think it gives more credibility to what you say to your clients. To me it's sort of like going to an overweight doctor who tells you to lose weight.
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    AT&T Uverse fitness channels?

    Do any of you Catheletes know if AT&T Uverse has any exercise channels? Am I right that Fittv is no more & has become Discovery Fitness & Health?
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    6 hours and 40 minutes to.....

    Quoting Billy Crystal.... "You look MAH-vel-ous!!!!" Have a great b-day, and DO have some cake! You earned a nice splurge.
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    Our To The Max Clip awaits you!

    Looks good! Love the simplicity of the moves - not dancy-dancy but intense! Easy to follow. Looking forward to it & Crossfire!
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    Favorite sneakers

    I second Asics My latest aerobic shoes are Asics which I got for $42.00 at DSW (had one of their coupons).
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    The Best Diet of All

    This is from Bottom Line Secrets Daily Health News - one of the best, most concise articles of diet I've ever seen: Many diets tell you to restrict certain nutrients or foods—or they tell you to load up on just one or a few. For instance, the Atkins Diet advises you to avoid food high in...
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    Hello, I've missed you all!

    Me, too, with Cardio & Weights Pulled this one out after YEARS of not doing it (did newer stuff) and did the Timesaver step premix - was able to do it with very little difficulty! Testament to Cathe's cueing, I think. Always did like that premix.
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    Can you MATCH Cathe?

    My Cathe goal I would love to be able to match Cathe on chin-ups ala STS - she does 12, so that's my target number. To me chin-ups/pull-ups are THE hardest exercise ever.
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    RIP Dick Clark

    I remember Dick Clark I remember the Bandstand days back when it was on during the week & originated in Philadelphia! He was not much older than a teenager then! What a business genius he was! He had a memoir that I read some years back called, I think, "Rock, Roll & Remember." I think it...
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    Super Easy DVDs

    Leslie Sanzone I agree with those who suggested Leslie Sansone.
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    If you have trouble learning Cathe's complex step routines...

    Good tip I play my dvd's at home on a laptop, and it has a slo-mo feature. This is a good way to learn the more complex moves, since I long ago learned that the best way to do a Cathe dvd that is new to you is to view them first at least once before you attempt to do them.
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    4 Day Split

    Thanks for reminding me about this one! Haven't done it in a long time - I have to drag it out & preview it to do again!!
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    JM Body Revolution review

    Loved the preview on her page I may just have to get this one!
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    What are workout distractions you simply cannot endure?

    One biggie..... I hate interuptions!!!! Don't talk to me & don't call me 'cause I won't answer the phone when I'm working out! Other than that, I try to be very prepared with the water & the room temperature, equipmen set-up, etc., so there are no delays that way.
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    bbx hardcore system

    Oh, boy! I think I have to try these! On it got great reviews, so I think I'm going to try them in my next credit card cycle! ;-)
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    Pre-order 30% off bonus purchas

    I pre-ordered the new workouts & took advantage of getting another DVD at 30% off - got Cardio Hits because I'd gotten rid of all my VHS workouts. I LOVE those old Cathe step workouts (Step Fit, Power Max & Step Works)! I played snippets of them to see if I remembered them & I did! Can't wait...
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    Frustration with weight gain

    My two cents My take on your situation coming from my YEARS of trying everything to get my weight under control: 1) I think you're exercising too much. You may be setting yourself up for burn-out. Maybe consider exercising once a day, six days a week. 2) Most often it's more about eating...
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    Easy apple cobber

    Serveral store carry the SF cake mix Walmart - the cheapest I've seen it; and several other local stores carry it - it's not hard to find. I sure would never know it was a sugar free dessert if no one told me!
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    Easy apple cobber

    sprite It's liquid - you don't bake the cake according to the instructions on the box - don't add water, eggs, etc. It's just cake mix, apples, sprite & walnuts.