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    Cathe's Booty Burn Live Workout

    WOW! I LOVED this workout. What a great burn using only body weight and bands. This is going to be a favorite. Great length, flew by, was fun, and felt super effective. Awesome workout, Cathe. Thank you!!!!! I'm going to be feeling this the best way. :)
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    To taller Cathletes!

    I can relate! I feel like I have longer arms too, so sometimes that comes into play as well. Definitely adds to the challenge.
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    Cathe STS 2.0 Muscle & Recovery Update

    Love the sounds of that Giant Set approach. Can't wait!!
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    STS 2.0 Fierce Faces

    Haha! This is great! That's some true STS grit on display. Love it!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's PHA Strength - Heavy Weight Express Live Workout

    This was great!! LOVED having an express AND heavy weight together. Really enjoyed this. So appreciate that you filmed these for us, Cathe! Thank you so much. Hope recovery is going well!!
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    News Flash are so sweet to pre-film for us!!!! What dedication!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for that. I'm sorry you're having to deal with injury and tough recovery. I am glad your repair surgery went well. Thanks for sharing with us. I'll be praying for a full and speedy recovery. I'm sure...
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    Cathe's Sore to the Core Live Workout

    Oh no! If Cathe was sore....just call the stretcher now for me. ;) I'll need psych myself up for this one!! Thanks, Cathe for so many great workout choices!
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Lift It, Split It-Legs and Shoulders Live Workout

    This was an AWESOME workout. Loved it. Thank you so much for adding in some heavy weight options. Can't wait to do the other parts of this "series." Loved hearing you will continue to sprinkle these options in the mix in the future as well. Enjoyed workout out with you and Kristen and Jenn...
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    Cathe, Al, and Kristin doing a plié squat in STS 2.0 All Lower Body #2

    That form! Perfection! Thanks for always being the best example for us, Cathe (and crew!!!)
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    Half Kneeling Windmill in the STS Mobility 2 Workout

    Wow! Yep, Debinmi, i think that sums it up!
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    That picture is fierce!! That might be one of my favorites, but then again, they are all favorites! Your hard work shows. You are an inspiration!! Congrats on being done with filming. I know there's still a lot of work ahead. I'm curious...what is the most challenging part for you, Cathe...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Stacked Sets Upper Body Live Workout

    What a great workout!!! My upper body is fried! Cathe, you sequenced this one perfectly!!! I agree with the others, this is a keeper! Thank you!!!
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    Video Clip Of Cathe's Fast and Fierce Lower Body

    This was deceptively tough! Loved it!! And love feeling it talking to me today. Thanks, Cathe!!
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    Cathe's Fast and Fierce Upper Body Live Workout

    This was excellent!!! Loving these express workouts and this one was efficient and effective! Thank you!!! And thanks for still doing the live classes during filming. I can't imagine how challenging that must be, but it is appreciated! (You always look so cute too, Cathe!)
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    Introducing the cast from STS 2.0 series!

    Love it!!!!! How awesome to have Kristin in the mix. She has impeccable form in the live classes. I think she was in one or two of the spin DVDs though, right? LOVE having Al back!!! Yea!! And of course, so thankful for Brenda. She is incredible and has been in SO many series that she...
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    May 7, 2020

    Wow! I don't know how I missed this workout from 2020 but it was great!! Loved it. Can't wait to try the other "Touch Up Training" lives you did. What a great trio idea. Thank you, Cathe!
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    Not a Question, Just Thanks

    Yes!! Perfectly stated! Thank you for taking the time to express this - these are feelings shared by many!!! (But put into words so well!) Before I tried any of Cathe's DVDs, I will always remember everything in the CollageVideo reviews being compared to this "Cathe" instructor. Her...
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    Anyone else envious of Cathe's workout wear collection LOL

    Cathe does have great taste! I enjoy seeing her outfits. :) Sometimes I wish I could ask people in the Live class what they are wearing too. There are some cute leggings people find. (Probably better for my wallet that I don't know!!)
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Standing Legs Live Workout

    OOOooo...this was tough, but in a GREAT way! Love the format - the predicable reps makes it easier to know if you'll be able to go heavier or not (although there were still a few bonuses here and there to keep things spicy!) Thanks for a great workout, Cathe!!!