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    Afterburn: Two Thumbs Up!

    I can really tell I am going to love this new series. I tried Afterburn today, it took everything I had. I love how Cathe incorporates different styles of training and keeps me interested and motivated. She is great!:eek:
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    Post-Cancer Surgery Eating Help

    Lynda, I hope you're recovery is going well. Angie, thank you. I really feel blessed that I caught it before it got worse. Julie, I will check out this book. Thank you. I really hope everything is going better for you now. Johanna thanks for the suggestions. I feel really lucky (I guess this...
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    Post-Cancer Surgery Eating Help

    It is really scary and was an eye opener for me. Every year I have gone in for health and wellness checks and I was more relieved I did when they found it in my arm but thank goodness I went in. I'm so glad you are getting through this, the main thing is to have support. I put in a friend's...
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    Post-Cancer Surgery Eating Help

    Wow you are an inspiration. I thought this wasn't my year. I had a squamous cell cancer cut out of my arm-the Doctor did a test and said he got it all after the surgery. Then I had another surgery-a urethrocele-which the Doctor said was benign after it was all said and done. I couldn't even...
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    Moving to NY (from Athens, Greece... yes, a big step I know!!!)

    I don't live in New York but have moved around. You'll probably want to get online if you haven't already and check out the living area around where you want to go to school so you don't have a huge commute. I'm sure they have a good transportation system if you need it. It sounds like there is...
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    Someone please tell me......

    I got up about 3:05 a.m. 1 day this week. I work 12 hour shifts so I try to save the longer workouts for my days off. Depending on how I feel I make a rest day on my day off and switch back and forth. I made my rest day yesterday (while I was working) and I slept til 4 am. I try to give myself a...
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    Flat screen TV dead

    My husband bought a 65 inch mitsubishi projection lcd hi def tv. Within 9 months the first halogen lamp went out. Maybe it could be your lamp needs replaced? Our light was flashing yellow on the tv but we couldn't get it to do anything until we replaced the lamp. I hope this helps.
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    Night Shift workers -- need advice!

    I am not on a night shift but I do work 12 hour days with 4 days off one week then 3 off the next. I was getting frustrated with trying to fit everything in on my days off then I decided I was going to do 30 minutes of cardio (getting up about 40 minutes early) I invested in a treadmill a few...
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    How do you deal with cancer death?

    Hi Wendy I am so sorry about your Dad. With cancer it is a painful emotional roller coaster. I was like you (1993-my Mom was diagnosed after surgery in 92 with pancreatic cancer) I became pregnant and my son was born March 26, 2003, my aunts came through and took pictures of my boy, taking them...
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    computer help please

    Did you ever make any back up disks? Or maybe have an external drive you might have backed your old information up to?
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    Need advice about a crazy neighbor! (kinda long)

    I have one for you I'm very fortunate. I live in a small town and in a quiet neighborhood. I do feel for you and anyone that has to deal with anyone like that. (I live next to an alley) and just next to that is a small church. A couple of years ago they decided to do construction on the church...
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    Vee (Vrinda)....need your advice

    You are my hero Not trying to intercede the thread but Vee everytime I see a post from you, you are so helpful and inspirational. Thanks for all you do.
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    iFIT for the treadmill?

    Hi, I bought a nordic track treadmill in January of last year. It also has the I fit so I went to Sears and bought cards that you can use. They had a few varieties but are expensive. Also the Nordic Track website has a link to buy these. At Sears it cost 30.00 for a card. They had a walking...
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    bags under the eyes

    Hi, I am certainly not an expert but I can tell you from what I read that having extra sodium can create fluid retention in your body as well as how much water you are drinking and how much sleep you are getting. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin so you have to be careful on how much you take...
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    The Turkey-Blaster Mish-Mosh

    Hi, I did your C&W Bootcamp drills,kickmax bootcamp challenge, (bootcamp cardio only premix)+Biceps & Triceps from C&W Bootcamp and my heartrate was just like I was running on a treadmill. I love your original mish mosh idea and just like Allison I am beat!!! Thank you Aquajock for your great...
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    Levitation holds in Core Max

    Hi, I noticed that this move was on some yoga dvd's that I tried and I was having trouble with them too. I noticed that they used two blocks (like they use as props in yoga.) The first move was to put the blocks sideways so you could push yourself up. The next move was to place the blocks flat...
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    Feeling Fat and Friendless :(

    Hi, number one I think you need to treat yourself to something nice. Family members can sometimes say things without intending them to come out that way. Sometimes they can see their views only and try to project them on us. You can't knock yourself because you feel that you were wrong to...
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    What do you collect?

    I love to collect old antique things like I have a 1848 paperpack play called "Naval Engagement, a farce" By Charles Dance. C.R. Thorne's signature (an actor in San Francisco prior to the 1906 earthquake)with a metropolitan theatre stamp as well as his old agent's stamp.(The whole street with...
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    Running rotation suggestions

    Hi, I saw some interesting information on They had some rotations and it looked like a lot of information that could help you incorporate cathe workouts with your runs.;-)
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    Soothe your eyes?

    I have hayfever and a couple of years ago I started making blueberry smoothies from frozen unsweetened blueberries in a blender. This is going to sound weird but I was carrying eye drops around with me before and always had itchy red eyes. Now I don't have to put anything in. I don't even...