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    Deecember 10th! :eek:
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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Renee, I'm so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
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    not good again

    Please consider than you may have depression and maybe talk to someone about medication or alternative therapies. Depression is not the blues, not feeling sad, not feeling down in the dumps. It's a serious mental illness due to brain chemical imbalances and it's not something you should...
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    Anyone out there ever experienced the Epley Maneuver?

    Do you want to try some kind of allergy/cold medicine (OTC type) to help w/ that?? I use some generic 24 hour allergy stuff for a couple of days & then I can't feel the liquid sloshing around anymore. The fluid thing can definitely affect your balance! I get dizzy/wobbly just doing jumping...
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    Anyone out there ever experienced the Epley Maneuver?

    I had vertigo once about 5 years ago & it was awful! My husband googled what to do, read about the Epley maneuver, did it on me & my vertigo was instantly gone. For me, it was magic! I keep the instructions for it bookmarked on my computer in case I ever need it again. I'm sorry to...
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    Cathe's Make-Up

    I think filming in Hi Def like Cathe does makes it difficult to "go natural" when filming as any imperfections get magnified. I don't find her make up distracting when I'm doing the workouts as I'm too busy trying to keep up.:eek:
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    Where to find Golashes

    Go to Zappos & search for Galoshes. Zappos is incredible! Free shipping & free returns. If I'm not sure what size I take in something, I order 2 diff sizes of the same thing & return the pair that doesn't fit. Joan
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    Rockout Knockout

    Hi Bonnie, Like you, I omit the 180s but the turn factor still slows the pace of the combo. I prefer the faster pace. Call me a maniac....:o
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    Rockout Knockout

    Not a heavy bag fan here BUT I'm so excited for an updated KPC!! Bring on the kicking combos! :eek: A favor Cathe? Please omit the 180 degree turns while kicking. Those are knee killers on carpet and they really slow down the pace. I just wanna kick! :D Joan
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    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    Got another idea! GS Legs Warm Up - it's short & sweet (3 min) STS Meso 1 Legs - the 4 add-on weekly bonus workouts (each one is 10 min so 40 min for all 4) Kickmax Conditioning drills - (18 min of evilness) Lower Body Blast - floorwork only (10 min) Total Body Trisets Lower Body...
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    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    Bootcamp Blast: Original Bootcamp - Warm up, cardio & kickbox (apprx. 15 min.) 4 Day Split Bootcamp Cardio (no warm up/cooldown) (apprx 25 min) Bootcamp from Intensity (apprx 10 min) Crossfire Fitness Blast & Firewalker Tabata (apprx 14 min) STS Stretch (10 min) Bonus: 4 Day Split - 1...
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    Cathe TV is back..what would u like to see?

    Ooooh, let's see: -How to create our own Cathe rotations depending on our goals. --Goal setting for fitness. What are reasonable/appropriate expectations? -Take us inside your brain w/ how you create your choreography & how you fine tune it for teaching or filming -Clips of YOU...
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    Sad day but nice to see XTrain in my mailbox

    Hi Sharon, I'm so sorry about your mom. :( Hang in there. Exercise definitely helped me when my mom passed away in 2009. (((((((hugs))))))) Joan
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    IT CAME IT CAME IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mine arrived in southwestern CT today! :eek:
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    feel fit wear distracting

    OMG! She is the queen of over the top outfits--especially on the workouts that she produces. Even the videos she puts out promoting her self help stuff...Can't she afford a better stylist than the salesperson at the Justice preteen store?? :p
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    feel fit wear distracting

    I LOVE the FeelFitWear outfits! I think they look great on Cathe & everyone else in the workouts. I also think the capris are flattering. I liked the sash outfits too from DM & LIC. If you want to see really distracting, unflattering outfits, check out Kelly Coffey Meyer in her LIFT...
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    CrossFire - WOW!

    You should have gotten a pink, a green & a blue one in the 3 pack. That's what I received. The blue one has the heaviest resistance.
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    Heels that don't slip

    I have the same problem! I've resorted to shoes w/ ankle straps because I'm so sick of my feet slipping out. I've tried a dozen different brands w/ no success. Hoping some shoe maven out there has a solution! Joan
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    Plantar Fascitis

    I developed PF for the first time EVER after switching to the Nike barefoot type shoes. After months of no relief, I switched to wearing Dansko professional clogs or Chaco flip flops most of the time & went from constant pain to zero in a week. Both shoe types have a VERY high firm inside...
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    Suthunuhs! Sho Nuff!

    LOL! We've been to Kiawah Island (near Charleston) almost a dozen times & I get a heavy dose of "Southernisms" every time. I have to ask: Do all Southern Ladies dress for church on Sunday or only some religions? I see women wearing elegant dresses, hats, gloves, pantyhose & heels on...