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    Indoor bike recommendation

    Thank you so much! That was exactly what I needed! :D
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    Indoor bike recommendation

    I apologize if this has been answered before but I missed it. Does anyone know if Cathe has said what kind of indoor bike is best to use in Cycle Max? Since I don't owe one, I would very much like to get one and would rely on Cathe's recommendation, of course! Thanks in advance!
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    Starting over again.

    Its from this site! Its a free step with any order over $399. Coupon code FREESTEP at checkout. Krasy
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    Starting over again.

    Hey, I just got a coupon in the snail mail that if you purchase things for so and so they give you a free step. Ask about it! Krasy
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    Squat Rack or Plyo Legs for Meso 3?

    I did both as well. I used plyo legs on a different day instead of cardio, even though I did it the way it was, with weights. It was hard.. The squat rack was something I've never done before. I loved it. And an added bonus was that I also saw my abs strengthening with it, not just the legs. I...
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    Cathe, question about push ups

    Lea, this is a great advise and it makes a lot of sense! Thank you! I had the same feeling, that doing regular push ups over and over will not yield much results and progres only comes from stepping out of your comfort zone, hence I should try the more advanced variety until one day I am able to...
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    Step moves - ;)

    Today I did Step Moves for n-th time and I loved it as usual! It just makes me feel so good! I think Cathe should rename this workout to Rrra-ta-ta! It always cracks me up when she says it :) Krasy
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    Cathe, question about push ups

    Measuredoak, that is great! :) I hope to achieve the same result!
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    Cathe, question about push ups

    Hi ShadowPup, Thanks for your reply! I tried doing them on the stairs - that was the sad result I described above :). I guess I will suck it up and try and keep trying until I get it... Krasy
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    Cathe, question about push ups

    Bumping for an answer!
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    Cathe, question about push ups

    Hi Cathe, Today I started your official 3 months STS rotation with STS cardio. I have completed STS once last year and this would be my second time. As you well know the program opens up with a great number of push ups. My level is not as advanced so that I can do them on my toes. I can...
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    MMA Fusion :D

    MMA Fusion is one awesome workout! I love the new combos, had to preview it once first though. I think they werent too hard to remember and so much fun to do! I had trouble with the roll back into a push up thing-y but found out its easier to do on carpet rather than on a mat. The sumo move also...
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    Surprised by Hiit Pyramid

    I did the Pyramid today and I likd it so much more than 30/30 for some reason... I havent done 40/20 yet, I'll leave it for last. Somehow the pyramid felt a little easier - but that could be because already 30/30, kickbox, circuit blast, step moves and MMA Fusion are under my belt! I have 4...
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    STS/Shock Cardio Ticker

    Yes, a combined ticker, please!!!
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    30/30 = Dirty 30

    Cathe, you were right - it DOES get easier! I tried it again today and I only paused ONCE midway! Woo-hoo! I'll take the plunge next week an try the pyramid. :) Krasy
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    Loved it! Not too intense, not too complicated. Very doable and enjoyable from beginning to end. Overall, very friendly to a person who hasn't worked out for 2 months. Didn't have to pause. Did the core secton as well, very nice. Got a little ego boost after the 30/30 :) Thanks, Cathe! Krasy
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    30/30 = Dirty 30

    Ahhh, 30/30 is one hell of a workout! I cant believe how out of sape I've become for 2 months without exercising ... gggrrr :mad: I had to pause THREE times - after every 4 cycles. In the end I had such a profound feeling of CHEATING but I couldnt do anything about it - my heart was going to...
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    Step Moves

    Dear Cathe, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for this great step workout! I did it today for the first time, in fact this was the first one I've tried from all your new workous, and I loved it. I actually did it twice, one after another - thats how much I liked it! :) I loved the...
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    Hey Amy, did you check out the clips? They have fast feet again :( - on TWO raisers!
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    What workout are you going to do first?

    Me too! I know it will be pretty intricate - but that' the way a-ha-a-ha I like it! :)