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    Trigger Finger

    Thanks everyone for your replies. My finger got stuck in the middle of the night. Sometimes I wake up with my hands in fists while sleeping. Maybe I am dreaming of Kick, Punching and Crunching in my sleep. lol I will ask the doctor about PT when I go again. I really don't want to have...
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    Trigger Finger

    When I was telling someone about my finger they told me I had trigger finger. I thought it was a joke cause I never heard of it. So I looked it up on the internet and no it wasn't a joke. When I am sleeping my middle finger gets stuck in a bent position and I have to use the other hand to get...
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    Tendonitis, anyone?

    I have tendonitis but I have it in my both of my knees. It is a thorn in my side. I used to be able to do so much and enjoyed working out but now I don't. My knees always hurt. I still do what I can but the whole time I am thinking about my knees. :(
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    A complete Low Impact series please please please

    I agree as well. My knees just can't take it anymore.I am 42 and just wonder what my knees will be like when I am 60. I would like another step workout without all the high impact. Actually any workout without high impact. I also liked the idea of a low impact high intensity med ball...
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    Any new DVDs/Series in the Making for 2010-2011?

    I would too. My knees are getting worse the older I get. They actually hurt right now after working out. I hope Cathe does put out some new low impact workout. My knees would thank her.
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    The Serial Bully

    They got the bully mentality at work and I am at the end of my rope.
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    Kimbery Spreen & Rob Glick.......

    I got them at
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    Kimbery Spreen & Rob Glick.......

    I have Absolute Kickbox and Cardio Combat Surge and love them both.
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    What's your stage name?

    Candy Joan.
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    How did I miss this?

    I have been reading that they are filming the movie "Remember Me" with Robert Pattinson in NYC. I hear that it's crazy with all his fans hanging around(drooling). I was just wondering if that was maybe the movie you are referring to.
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    is coffee bad for you?

    I have never even tasted coffee. I just don't like hot drinks. I do know someone who drinks coffee all day and doesn't eat. Does coffee make you not hungry?
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    mindy mylrea?

    I just got All Systems Go and I am afraid to try it. I previewed it and it looks tough.
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    MJ's memorial

    Anyway getting back to the question asked. I thought it was well done. I thought it was so sad when his daughter spoke and also Brooke Shields. By the way MJ gave to a lot of charities to help people so that's what he's done aside from his music and dancing.
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    It doesn't matter to me as long as Cathe is up front and center. I usually just watch her anyways.
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    Which Cathe dvd has the Michael Jackson song

    Low Impact Circuit.
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    This Q is open to anyone, but really want to hear from fellow males on the forum..

    I'll have to remember that next time I do her strength workouts. This way I can lift lighter weights.;)
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    Is your dog a killer, too?

    This thread is very disturbing to say the least. Dogs killing other animals and that picture just put me over the edge. I know it was posted for a reason but I don't like seeing animals suffer. So I won't be looking at this thread anymore.
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    Michael Jackson -- Cardiac Arrest

    Maybe Katherine Jackson just wanted to get away from it all. Who knows. I do think that was rather odd Joe Jackson plugging his new record label at this time.