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    Loop bands

    Now that I can't get Cathe's fire walker bands anymore (sob) what do you recommend instead? I need some new ones.
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    Body Rock?

    Does anyone use BodyRock? Some are promoted as 12 minute workouts. Their equipment looks interesting too.
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    Yoga recommendations

    How about Yoga Burn?
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    Yoga recommendations

    I'm looking for a "fun" yoga series. I have Travis Eliot's but I want something more "exciting". Is there such a thing?
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    How do I get that chiseled look????

    Thank you, Jamie. So leave my workouts as is - alternating between weight days and spin/cardio days and work on my diet? Great. I've been eating clean - sugars are not really a problem for me. I'll up the veggies. I don't drink alcohol so no issues there. Really appreciate the response!
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    How do I get that chiseled look????

    Hi Everyone, I've been trying to tone more and lose some "bulk" I seem to have developed without looking "skinny". How do people achieve that thin but "cut" look? I do not want to track macros. I workout 6 days a week, alternating spin and weights. Totally in the dark if I should lift heavier on...
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    Buti Yoga

    Has anyone tried this? I read the recent post on Yoga and do like the idea of working it into my weekly routines. This one looks pretty interesting.
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    Hello Everyone, I've gotten some great DOMS after a few of Sandra's workouts. Any recommendations for something similar to her series? Best,Liz
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    80 Day Obsession?

    Is anyone doing this? Recommended?
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    Peloton vs NordicTrack

    Tried this with my iPad and current bike and LOVED the class! I'm in the free trial but will definitely be signing up. The bike might be in the near future :)
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    Weight gain

    Hi Everyone, A few months ago I gained about 8 pounds. My clothes still fit and aren't extra tight anywhere so it was a bit odd. I changed my birth control (doctor's recommendation) and have gone down about two pounds. I eat pretty clean but haven't changed my eating habits where I could justify...
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    Peloton vs NordicTrack

    Thank you so much for all the responses. I'll try the app with my current bike for starters but definitely am thinking of a new bike!
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    Peloton vs NordicTrack

    Hi Carol This was so helpful! Thank you so much! Liz
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    Peloton vs NordicTrack

    Hello Everyone, So I love spin as my cardio of choice (outside of Cathe's cardio options). I'm thinking of Peloton or NordicTrack. I like the class options that both have. Does anyone have one? Any preference? Thanks!
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    Favorite Protein Powder and BCAA's

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for recommendations for a protein powder and BCAA option. Thank you!
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    Home Gym Organization

    Love this!!!
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    Home Gym Organization

    How do you all organize your home gyms? I have all my bands and multiple pairs of gloves, medicine balls, etc. I have a weight rack but beyond that - a bit chaotic. Thanks for the tips!
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    Rotation suggestion

    Hi Everyone, I just finished a STS with cardio rotation. Awesome! I'd love to keep the intensity and mix of weights and cardio. Does anyone have a RWH and possibly Strong and Sweaty rotation suggestion? Thank you!
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    Krinkles in Knees

    This sounds terrific! Which Suzanne Bowen do you recommend?
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