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    Yoga Max Not Fully Loaded

    Only the first 40 minutes of Yoga Max is loaded for play through the OnDemand video feature. I noticed this after the website upgrade last year. Please let me know if you need any additional information, and thank you for your assistance!
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    Happy Birthday, Cathe!

    Happy birthday, Cathe! Thank you for sharing another year with us, and may there be many, many more!
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    Cathe Live Request

    Hi, Cathe! I would love for you to offer a hardcore contrast leg training class--I owe these lean and cut gams to you!!! I will proudly display them in a short dress tomorrow night :)
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    Workout Blender Crashes Frequently

    Hi, I'm hoping you can help me do some troubleshooting. I've been using Workout Blender in Chrome on Windows 8 and just recently, the videos will stall and Chrome becomes unresponsive. Sometimes it only takes a moment to resolve, and other times I have to close out the browser and restart. This...
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    Spin Workouts

    I'm so excited now, I first tried spinning several months ago and have been hooked ever since! My future plan is to replace my modified (read, "rigged") cheapy stationary bike with a true spin bike, since my resources were limited at the time of purchase and the fly wheel does not have enough...
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    Spin Workouts

    Excellent suggestions from all, thank you so much! My Amazon wish list is about to explode :D
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    Spin Workouts

    Can anyone recommend some intense spin workout videos? Cathe's are the only ones I've ever done and I love them, but I'm looking to add a few to the rotation. I appreciate your suggestions!!!
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    Any Cathletes in the Columbia, SC area?

    Hey, I hope all is well with you! My brother-in-law is from Elgin, that's a really nice area. I live not too far from downtown. What do you like to do in your spare time around here? Besides the obvious Cathe fix ;)
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    Live Workouts are AWESOME!

    I am loving them too, I must have done the step Hiit three times already!!! I would love some more spin, it is a recently-acquired enjoyment :D
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    Dog Food

    Eukanuba Lamb & Rice makes gorgeous dogs, glossy coats and great muscle definition! And small poops :p
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    Any Cathletes in the Columbia, SC area?

    If you're nearby, please give a heads up! :D
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    Please share your LIVE Cathe TV ideas

    Thank you again so very much for providing us with the wide variety of workouts, options for viewing them, and the ability to scramble them together! I would really love to see more contrast training, KICKBOXING!, MWT/HiiT circuits, spinning, and Tabatas. Your add-on barre segments are also...
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    Request for Kindle tech support

    Thank you both so much for your help!!! I finally found the video under the Personal Videos app at your suggestion--and I wish Amazon's tech support had directed me there last night. I appreciate your contribution to the leg DOMS I'm going to have this weekend :D
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    Request for Kindle tech support

    I transferred a downloaded workout from my computer to my Kindle, and although it appears in the computer's Kindle file, I am unable to access my video from the Kindle itself. I would greatly appreciate some tech support and I thank you for your help!
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    Daily Burn--Intense enough for Cathletes?

    Has anyone tried the Daily Burn workouts? My main question is whether the intensity is comparable to Cathe--because I need that intensity!!! :D
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    Knee bruises from carpet?

    Thanks for the responses! I got a pair of minimalist Rykas and can already tell a difference, less friction, more comfortable turns, and no more bruises. Now my biggest concern is limiting the noise I make so my new downstairs neighbors don't hate me :)
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    Knee bruises from carpet?

    I've very recently changed from working out on hardwood flooring to carpeting and am experiencing some bruising around my knees along with intermittent discomfort post-workout. I'm concerned that my knee stability will be compromised because the carpet abruptly stops my movement, whereas on the...
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    Avoiding Muscle breakdown/Catabolism - What are your thoughts?

    How do you know whether you're in a catabolic state? What are the signs/symptoms?
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    I've had terrible eczema since infancy, it's hereditary, and although it has improved over the years, I am constantly mindful of it...and should own stock in hydrocortisone cream! Several years ago, I stopped eating dairy and meat (except for fish) and stopped using soap--yep, I stopped using...
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    I thought you should know....

    Cathe, my sincerest condolences and sympathies to you and your family during this difficult time. May you find comfort in each other's company and shared memories. Gretta