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    Found condonms in my 17 year old sons backpack (advise)

    I never searched my kids personal belongings when they were teenagers. I remember my mother doing that.....reading my diary, freaking out and getting everything wrong. I also remember my Dad defending me. I have 2 adult sons. When they were teenagers and I suspected they were sexually active...
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    I too have been a member of VF for many years and it is one of my favorite forums. No trouble at all joining. There have been some controversies over the years but that is true everywhere. I have found members to be helpful and generous. There are lots of Cathe supporters there. I have...
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    Learning to drive

    I learned to drive at 41 also. Same thing......always lived in urban areas so no need or place for a car. Then I moved to a small town and had to drive to go grocery shopping, kids sports and play dates etc. My DH taught me. I got my license and bought a car immediately. I found I liked...
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    Seasun Zieger has passed away

    Seasons obituary is posted on videofitness.
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    Seasun Zieger has passed away

    There is a thread over at videofitness discussing this. She had lots of fans.
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    Osteoarthritis --- Lifting can Help! ;-)

    Years ago when the Firm first came out and I was much younger, I had creaky knees and was worried about doing step,ups especially with weights. Those step ups really helped. My knees were no longer creaky. My house has three floors and many people ask how I can do,it especially as I age...
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    Cardio decline

    I can no longer do intense cardio and that includes my long time favorite step. Now it is mainly walking outside. Weights and AWT are fine but not sustained cardio. I just flake out.
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    Protein shakes. Meal replacement

    Thank you for your replies. I will check my local health food store for small packets of Nutiva. I know they don't sell Isagenix. Is that only available online? I am not a big protein powder user but recently tried a friends whey powder and liked it. Usually I would buy small packets of...
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    Protein shakes. Meal replacement

    I usually don't use protein powder but make smoothies or a green drink. When I bought 21 Day Fix they sent me a regular size bag of Shakeology. I liked it and used it as my lunch. Thought about doing it again as it so hot and a cold shake would be great. I have tried various powders and...
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    Protein shakes. Meal replacement

    I am looking to replace lunch with a shake. Which one? I know Isogenix has been talked about here. I used Shakeology a few years back but it is very expensive. Any ideas or suggestions? I thought Cathe might have talked about Isogenix but am not sure I remembered that or just made it up...
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    Books, books and more books

    The Lilac Girls....forget the authors name. Based on a true story but fictionalized about Polish women in Ravensbruck concentration camp during WWII they got there and what happened to them afterwards...and socialite Caroline Ferriday...a real person...who came to their aid after the...
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    Cathe Announcement

    I have stopped looking.
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    TIU Bikini Challenge

    I think someone on is doing it.
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    Books, books and more books

    Read Wolf Hall and loved it. Didn't enjoy the TV series because I couldn't understand a word they were saying. But I plan on watching it again. Love Dickens, War and Peace. And really all the classics. You can just disappear into these books. Love a good English/Irish mystery too.
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    Over 40 trying to get the muscle back

    A few years back Cathe had posted this as to her own program. I found it to be a good guideline. 3 weeks heavy 1 week random 3 weeks light 1 week random
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    Over 40 trying to get the muscle back

    I would say STS. I gained the most muscle and strength doing this program. I found I was stronger and could lift heavier than I believed. I like having a structured program to stick with. It kept me on track. I did do the 1rm and I think that helped a lot with choosing the weight I could...
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    Favorite salve for sore muscles and/or pulls

    I recently tried Aspercreme with Lidocaine and found it really helped. Plus no odor. You can find it at your drugstore over the counter. I agree about Arnica. I have not found it to help with pain but good for a bruise.
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    Leg thinning rotation

    I felt like that after STS followed by CLX. Barre. It really worked. Plus I learned to love it and have incorporated it into my rotations. Physique57, BarreAmped with SuzAnne Bowen, Barre3 with Sadie Lncoln, Barlates with Linda Wooldridge. Linda has lots of free stuff on youtube. Of course...
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    Resistance Loops

    I have never had a resistance loop that I liked. I just tie a band and use it. I find the loops always sort of twist and narrow. Anyone have one they like? I looked at TheraBand but they have their critics too...tears. Any suggestions? Any loops you like better than others? Thanks.
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    Glad VF helped.