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    One Rep Max for next round of STS

    i did the tests again. i am glad i did because every single one was higher than my previous 1RM. just proof that it works, i guess! it was kind of a pain to do them again, but also fun to see the results. what i did was use my old 1RM as a guide for how much to start the new tests with and...
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    4DS After STS

    i'm glad you guys are saying that (about not totally following the dvds). once i got to meso 3 (a little on meso 2 as well) there were things i HAD TO go to the gym for because i just didn't have heavy enough weights (and buying all i needed would have been way too expensive). so, i printed...
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    Tell us about your STS results!

    i took my week off weights this past week after finishing meso 3. i had my body fat tested at the gym and it decreased by 2.5% (i had it tested after meso 1 and again after meso 3). the thing i liked the best is yesterday when i went and redid all my 1RMs. they were a good 7-10% HIGHER than the...
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    About STS Shock Cardio

    i so ordered ti before i could even finish reading about it. i'm so psyched! thanks, cathe!!!
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    STS Fit Chicks! - Mon, 2/2

    hi all! liann, thanks for starting this check-in ! i know i will have many sts-related questions. i tried to get on the forums yesterday from my phone at work, but it wouldn't let me reply. so, i am a day late and a dollar short. ;) i have an early meeting today followed by a four hour...
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    The ripple effect on my life

    t, you KNOW i am never on the forums anymore, except for something important, and you are important. so, here i am! i know, big tada! anyway, you know i am here for you (luckily, i get to be here for you in person) and sending lots of hugs. {{{{{TERESA}}}}}
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    Shout out for my peeps

    robinellers is one of the ONLY people i'd do this for... MWAH!!!
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    <--i can't be still, i can't be tied...

    <--says hello <--has been having some crazy days at work where it takes effort to make time to go to the bathroom <--likes being busy because th4e days go by quickly but DOES NOT like doing other people' work! :mad: <--will not go into that or will get ANGRY :mad: <--did manage to do MM...
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    ~***CHEETAH'S Tuesday Talk***~

    yay for the gators! we won our game 56-10. ot was cool because we got to put in our third stringers and they got some play action. tebow was lookin' hot! wt-i think tebow rivals some of our european football players!!! take a look! the guy has abs in his arms!!! so, i'm already running...
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    Cardio Coach Press Play Saturday Aug 30

    i only saw the thread title and didn't read that we were going to add on a challenge, so i just did plain ole' ccpp. i decided NOT to run it (for once) and really concentrate on the hills. i did jog the sprints on a lesser incline but kept the hills between 6.5-7.5 (that's a lot for this...
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    <--we'll all stick together for F...L...O...R...I...D...A...

    <--could not help shameless plug for the gators <--is veeery excited about the first game today <--will be watching at the gator club <--will be doing ccpp on the tm before <--hasn't done that one in a long time <--did cc8 this week and had a good ole' sweat! <--feels outta da loop as <--has not...
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    ///saturday in CHEETAHVILLE\\\!!!

    so, this forum blocking thing at work has really cut into my cheetah time! i feel so completely lost as to what's going on with you all. i am going to have to figure something out. maybe i'll just have to use my treo, but i can't imagine typing personals on my treo! ouch! i will do the best...
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    ///saturday in CHEETAHVILLE\\\!!!

    getting us started. be back for personals!
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    how about a pool??? anyone want to pick the NC game? who will play and what the score will be? a pool like this should really be picked BEFORE the first game of the season, but any pick before saturday morning is fine. my pick: GATORS over ohio state in the nc game; final score 38-17.
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    <--mangos and marley you know, fit me like a glove...

    <--is so happy it's fried-day!!! :D <--has had a tiring week <--can.not.wait. for gator football tomorrow!!! <--'s parents are coming into town on saturday <--will be taking them to the sanctuary to see all<--'s babies <--wishes everyone HAPPY FRIED-DAY!!!
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    <--he's an island boy, a stone's throw from st. croix...

    <--thanks ame profusely for her support and tells her to look at the obnoxiousness <--has posted on the college thread <--hopes all know it's just in fun <--loves to be a GATOR!!!
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    couldn't resist...
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    proof that cathe supports the gators...
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    <--he's an island boy, a stone's throw from st. croix...

    <--wonders is any of youse have picked up on where <--would rather be by <--'s lyrics this week:cool: <--THE ISLANDS!!!:p <--wants to go live on an island in the caribbean (wouldn't mind sharing kenny chesney's island *insert devil smiley here*) <--just spent 45 minutes putting puzzle flooring...
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    GO GATORS! yay for ame!!!