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  1. TarHeelMom

    ICE music question for Jesse! :-)

    Hey Jesse, do you happen to have a song list for ICE Rock'm Sock'm Kickbox? Thanks so much, and hoping you're staying safe, snug and well!
  2. TarHeelMom

    Loving the solo Lives!

    Thank you Cathe, these Thursday workouts one-on-one with you are a wonderful treat during a stressful time!
  3. TarHeelMom

    Feb 2015 Rotation

    This will be great fun, Cathe. I haven't done a couple of these -- like MIC -- in a looooong time! :-)
  4. TarHeelMom

    Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

    Just booked it and can't wait for the fun again, Cathe! ((((HUGS!!!))))
  5. TarHeelMom

    Announcing Cathe's Next DVD Series - Ripped with HiiT™

    Yay! This is fantastic news and it sounds like an amazing series! Got my calendar marked and can't wait to place my pre-order, Cathe! :D
  6. TarHeelMom

    Help! WB won't recognize recovered video files

    Info you asked for (with thanks!) Hi Curt! Thanks for trying to help! When I first installed the WB I left the files in the default folder. Until this recent problem I'd had no trouble using them in the Blender. Apple did assign a new user name for me when they recovered my files and...
  7. TarHeelMom

    Help! WB won't recognize recovered video files

    Hi Curt! Can you help with a problem? My iMac's operating system went berserk last week and, long story short, Apple ended up having to reformat the hard drive in order to fix the problem. I had all of my data backed up and was able to recover everything including my library of 20-ish Cathe...
  8. TarHeelMom

    Help! WB won't recognize recovered video files

    Hi SNM! Last week the operating system on my iMac failed, and the Apple techs had to wipe and reformat the hard drive as part of the repair process. Fortunately all of my data was backed up onto an external hard drive, so I was able to recover everything including my library of about 20 Cathe...
  9. TarHeelMom

    Thank You Glassboro Road Trip Cathletes!

    Cathe, what eloquent words coming, so obviously, from such a passionate and caring heart! Many ((((HUGS)))) and sincere thanks back to you for giving me all of the amazing Road Trip experiences and opportunities I've had!!!! You inspire me each day to strive for my best in everything I do!!!
  10. TarHeelMom

    PreOrder Done!

    Yippee! Preorder for the whole set done!! :D Order # 62755, wherever that may put me in line!!!!
  11. TarHeelMom

    Thank you Cathe, Deb, Cyn, FSHS staff & Road Trippers!!

    Hi everybody! It's Monday morning in New Jersey and boy oh boy, have those Monday-morning-after-the-wedding blues hit hard! :( I can hardly believe that once again our annual Glassboro lovefest ;) has come and gone in a blur of hugs, mambo-cha-chas, jab-cross-hook-uppers and big smiles. I'm...
  12. TarHeelMom

    Rapid Rover

    Bethany, here's a link to the thread with downloadable Rapid Rover info: Jenn, we'll make an announcement on Friday evening about y'all convening a little gathering of people wanting to coordinate Rapid Rover for Sunday -- if you see Deb or...
  13. TarHeelMom

    By popular demand, detailed Packing List again!

    Hey Jodi! Yes, we recommend it. Not sure where/if Cathe's going to be plugging it in, but it's good to have it available and it doesn't take much room. No need to pack your stability ball or med ball, by the way. ;)
  14. TarHeelMom

    Zumba party

    :p:p:p But you're giving yourself away, honey. Now we're gonna be looking for the hot chick in the mask..............
  15. TarHeelMom

    4 More Days!!!!

    Melissa, you said it! Melissa, isn't that the truth??? :) I just love me some Cathe time. So glad she's my pal!!!!! :D
  16. TarHeelMom

    Wearing workout outfit #1 to Meet and Greet?

    Fab-a-lus idea, Allison! :D Lorrayne's cracking the whip on me and encouraging me to TRY to pack just a carry-on. I'm thinking that's about as likely as me winning the NY Marathon, but I'm going to give it a good solid attempt. And your idea will most definitely help!!! MWAH!
  17. TarHeelMom

    Is it just me or is there A LOT to pack?!?!

    Great ideas, Lorrayne!! AWESOME suggestions, my pal!!! :D:D Most people on prior Road Trips have worn PJ's for the stretch class (Cathe included -- such a cute lii' thing in her jammeroos). I'm definitely bringing PJ's for that class. Now, just a carry-on?? Not me, not possible, and...
  18. TarHeelMom

    By popular demand, detailed Packing List again!

    Oh yeah! Hmmmm, Lorrayne, I must agree with you. Wonder who the very pretty, very tiny, very awesome California Girl author of it is?????? :D
  19. TarHeelMom

    You'll need 8 workout outfits

    Eight?? As in, seven plus one? Now how'd we mis-count so badly?? Lemme go correct our detailed packing list................. :p
  20. TarHeelMom

    Rapid Rover airport/Amtrak shuttle information

    Hi everybody! Also by request, here is some information for you about the airport or Amtrak station shuttle service (Rapid Rover) that we've always recommended to our Road Trippers. As always, let us know if you have any questions! See you soon!!! Like, REALLY soon!!! :D