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  1. mrsyancy

    Coming Soon – NEW Fit Tower™ Home Workout System.

    Just wondering if this can be used with a barbell like the previous one?
  2. mrsyancy

    How long have you been a Cathlete?

    I believe it was 2005/2006 or so for me[emoji41]
  3. mrsyancy

    Patrick Goudeau's NEW TurnUp and SlimDown

    Great review. I've done this workout twice now and I just love it. The cardio sections are high impact but I love that he starts you out with a low impact move that you can stick with if you want. I also love the fact that it is hi/lo and body weight only:). 2 thumbs up for me:)
  4. mrsyancy

    Leaner Legs Substitute

    I actually believe that leaner legs is from the cross train xpress series and not from her last series which that leg workout is lean legs and abs. But I actually think you could sub in just about any of her leg workouts....HTH:)
  5. mrsyancy

    XTrain packaging

    Nope not just you....same here....I have pieces that have broken off and now the pieces won't stick in properly, so it's kind of annoying trying to close it sometimes:(
  6. mrsyancy

    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    There are no words for a time like heart truly breaks for u right now.....I'm praying for you and your very sorry for your loss;(....
  7. mrsyancy

    Remember Whooping?

    I don't mind whooping as long as it's not excessive(like Rebecca in firm express and some of her other DVDs), especially when it seems to come at the perfect time. Sometimes I whoop right along with them. But if its excessive or seems fake it can get really annoying. It seems like when I do...
  8. mrsyancy

    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    Oooooh....I like this one....sounds brutally beautiful:)
  9. mrsyancy

    Cathe's Greatest Hits?

    I love the hi/lo section from step, jump and's so fun So maybe a hi/lo section from SJP followed by an Intensity step section followed by an IMAX 2 or 3 this for the allotted time.....this would be sooooo fun bc I love the music in these workouts:) Eta: would also...
  10. mrsyancy

    How fit should a group fit instructor be?

    very interesting thread..... i myself would possibly lean toward someone who "looked" the part....but at the same time i am also open-minded.....b/c i am quite a bit overweight but i can keep up with cathe and other tough instructors on their dvds, but i wouldn't dare teach a class being this...
  11. mrsyancy

    Psst - Can we talk...panties?

    I wish I could help.....but I can't b/c I am so a commando type of girl when I work out.....but those hanky panky thongs sound cool....where can one get those from.... Lol......this thread is awesome....hahahahaha
  12. mrsyancy

    It's buckeyes baby!

    you too georjann:(....i had a four hour delay in chicago with my connect was so frustrating, b/c i was so ready to get home but 4 delays really sound super frustrating, but glad u got home safely:)
  13. mrsyancy


    HI, My name is mrsyancy, and i Have an obsession Believe me, u are in good company.....Welcome!!!!!:)
  14. mrsyancy

    Hello i am new here

    WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):)
  15. mrsyancy

    It's buckeyes baby!

    didn't know she was the one that made those..... but yep they were yummo...wish i had more.....thx for those lorrie:)
  16. mrsyancy

    9 Most Embarrassing Exercises do u even do a commercial/infomercial like this while keeping a straight face.....hahahahahah....i would be dying laughing....especially for those like a "in the privacy of ur bedroom"
  17. mrsyancy

    If you could have anyone as your personal trainer...

    ok, i don't if we were supposed to pick just one...but here goes....cathe of course....but i'm not sure why but i wouldn't mind training with jessica smith....she has one of those calm and silent but deadly bob harper, shaun t, and michelle dozois.....ok i think i'm...
  18. mrsyancy

    This is Danny Scott New Member of this Forum

    Welcome Danny.... U have chosen a great place to join:)
  19. mrsyancy

    What state already received their DVD's

    hmmmm....not sure intensitylisa...but i was one of the first ones that ordered....i'm pretty sure of that....i ordered the day it was i'm not sure....but i'm patiently waiting...i'll check again tomorrow:)
  20. mrsyancy

    What state already received their DVD's

    still waiting for mine here in houston, tx.....anyone else in tx or houston received theirs yet?