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  1. Brazenhead

    The guy who doesn't call??

    Go to your spin class. Don't plan your schedule around "what if". Let him know that it bothers you that he didn't call when he said he would. I dated a guy a couple of months ago who never called when he said he would. I let him know it bothered me he apologized but continued to do it...
  2. Brazenhead

    Power Tower/Squat Rack combo

    From the pic, it looks like there are adjustable hooks on the side that you can rest a barbell on. The slots look like they go all the way up. If the power tower can hold the weight of a person, then I'm sure it could handle a barbell, assuming you're not squatting over 200 lbs.
  3. Brazenhead

    Outdoor Winter Runners! you need to...

    What do you wear to keep warm? I have Under Armor Cold Gear, but I need something to keep my face warm that won't a)make me look like I'm about to rob a bank and b) fog up my glasses.
  4. Brazenhead

    skin problems It's a great resource for learning more about acne. They sell their own products and also review other acne treatments.
  5. Brazenhead

    41 DVD Storage Question

    SWEET! Thanks!
  6. Brazenhead

    41 DVD Storage Question

    I was wondering if these DVDs were going to come in a storage binder or some kind of space saving box rather than individual DVD cases?
  7. Brazenhead

    Have you seen Condoleezza Rice in Fitness Mag??

    And when they do speak about her, they refer to her as Condi, not Miss Rice, or merely Rice. This is a pet peeve of mine. I think it's a bit demeaning. They refer to men of power only by their sir names. No one refers to the Vice President as Dick (Imagine the headlines: 'Dick Shot His Friend in...
  8. Brazenhead

    running and!

    How many days a week do you run? Maybe you can skip the mascara on those days.
  9. Brazenhead

    Learning how to run

    I just started running. I've tried in the past but could never get into it. I hated it. I think the only reason I'm getting into it now is because I have to do it (career change, long story). Now I run almost every morning. I usually only run 2-3 miles. I'm slow (which sucks because I need to...
  10. Brazenhead

    Cannotlog into Workout Manager

    I also can't log on to the workout manager.
  11. Brazenhead

    Has anyone tried these? You can download MP3 workouts by IFBB pros. Some of them require equipment that I don't have at home and I don't belong to a gym so I'm reluctant to try them. However, some of them are doable. I was hoping to get a review before I buy them.