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  1. dorothyrd

    LITE series another winner

    57 here and two hip replacements. Lite is slightly too easy(except the abs, but that is because I have been a slacker), but upped the weights on some(only some) of the exercises on Metabolic body this morning and I feel very nicely worked out. I have all the harder work-outs and I need things...
  2. dorothyrd

    Low Carb-High Fat

    A diet that has 100-150 grams of carbs will allow things like bananas and steel cut oats and whole grains, so is a well rounded diet. It is very true that a good portion of our food is not as good as it used to be. Even veggies and fruit are lower in nutrition due to the soil they are grown...
  3. dorothyrd

    Low Carb-High Fat

    So based on two people you totally debunk low carb? We are starting to see a lot of studies come out about how incredibly toxic sugar is to the human body. People who are conscious of their carb intake tend to avoid the highly processed foods that are loaded with carbs. They tend to shop the...
  4. dorothyrd

    Low Carb-High Fat

    Candice, you mentioned everything but protein. What is your protein intake? Most of us tend to not eat enough and if you are lifting weights it is really important. You should have as a minimum half your body weight in grams of protein.
  5. dorothyrd

    Low Carb-High Fat

    I also disagree. I am an avid exerciser, but until I started limiting my carbs I did not lose weight. I have lost 50 pounds and by eating the amount of protein my body needs I have succeeded in adding muscle mass. We as a nation have been misled about the importance of grains and other carbs...
  6. dorothyrd

    Thyroid...Aging...Weight Gain...Wah!

    They really need to treat on T4 and T3 not TSH :( I have Graves and they have driven me hypo because they have not regulated the meds enough, so they will be hearing from me next week at my appointment. Hyper is bad, but hypo is terrible, just want to be in the middle!
  7. dorothyrd

    Need help explaining family dynamics

    She also may be interested in the structure of the other children's families, not just yours. Same as Hula Girl stated, but perhaps making sure her children are exposed to the same type of structure that she is wanted. That comes off snooty, but no more snooty than why a parent would chose to...
  8. dorothyrd

    Need help explaining family dynamics

    I understand you wanted to help, but maybe it should have been privately. Unfortunately because we cannot read inflection into a forum post, things come off very wrong, both with the criticism of the OP and then the criticism of you. That said, deep breath everyone, and try to enjoy your day!
  9. dorothyrd

    Does my teen have ADHD?

    Going through the pediatrician is OK, but it is better to find someone well versed in ADHD. Just my opinion though.
  10. dorothyrd

    Does my teen have ADHD?

    I found a very good psychologist through the university here to test my daughter. She was diagnosed ADHD but the quiet dreamy form. That was in 6th grade. She did not want meds or extra help. So we did things like have the teachers seat her in the front of the class, help her with notes. She...
  11. dorothyrd

    Has anyone used Soft Paws/Claws for their cat? I'm desperate for a solution.

    I started using them on my cat when he was 6 weeks old and have very good luck with them. They stay on about 8 weeks, and then the claw is long(and quite wicked) and they fall off. I find that he complains if I put them on a freshly cut claw, so I trim them the day I find he has "popped" a...
  12. dorothyrd

    Breast augmentation

    Along with the line of questioning when you get older. What do you do about mammograms?
  13. dorothyrd

    Government Shutdown, can this be true...

    Sorry, it is true. The little people always get hurt in these type of things. I think if there were no media to make sound bites to, this would have been settled in January.
  14. dorothyrd

    30/40 minutes really enough????

    My thoughts....if that is all you have time for, then it is enough and better than skipping it because you don't have more time. Sometimes in life we have to modify to get through a stressful period.
  15. dorothyrd

    Any body not get there dvd's yet?

    don't have mine UPS sent an email saying they wll be here on the 29th. I am in Central Illinois, so I expected this, and I am sure they will come tomorrow or the next day.
  16. dorothyrd

    How young is to young to have a cell phone?

    You can communicate quietly. I think that is the charm of it. I work in a cubicle with others just a few feet away. My phone is on vibrate, and if the kids want to say something to me, they text and it is far less obtrusive then the guy whose wife calls him 10 times a day and he has to rush...
  17. dorothyrd

    How young is to young to have a cell phone?

    That would be if they sat and talked on them. Kids don't talk on cell phones much, they text.
  18. dorothyrd

    How young is to young to have a cell phone?

    my kids are 22 and 17. They got cell phones when them not having them was inconvenient to me. After sitting in the high school parking lot waiting for the sports or band bus to get back, and not knowing when it would get back, I found them having one to call me for a ride home was better than...
  19. dorothyrd

    Ideas for Swimming HIIT

    My son was on swim team, my daughter is now, and I swim laps. For ideas on work-outs you might look at There are work-outs posted on their forums, and there are good hard sprint work-outs.
  20. dorothyrd

    Swimmers/Swim Caps

    I second, just bought some more suits(when you swim a lot and two swimmers in the house, they die easily, and I don't like the fit of the polyester ones and neither does my daughter).