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    Signup Starts Now For The 2019 Cathe Chicago Road Trip

    I got a purchase confirmation from Cathenation, yes.
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    Hey there! I have been Paleo now for almost 2 years and I would say I am strictly Paleo 90% of the time allowing for cheese a couple of times a week and glass of wine maybe twice a week. As far as skin goes, I have always been oily and it continues to be oily - I have had trouble however...
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    Get Glutes Program

    jenniferlove - I totally agree about the deeper squats and thrusts making a big difference...I felt like I was kind of at a plateau with regular squats. I mean I guess I could have added more weight but I was already up to 135# and didn't feel comfortable squatting that much alone at home so...
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    Get Glutes Program

    Hello! I just wanted to make a quick comment about the Zercher squat...I'm only putting 40 lbs on my bar to start with this but I go deep on this one and it's tough. Weird too because I was used to squatting over 100 lbs the old way...going deep makes a huge difference. My arms are going to...
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    Get Glutes Program

    Hey! I'm glad to see someone else is doing this! I cannot for the life of me remember what the name of the program I am doing but it's the one that focuses on just the glutes...I started STS a little over a month ago so I don't need the upper body work right now but once I finish STS I...
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    Anyone Paleo or Primal

    Yeah I would say you just have to base it on how you feel. Everyone is different. I am going to stick with my current plan as long as I don't start dragging in my workouts or am not seeing strength gains... Natalie
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    Anyone Paleo or Primal

    Hi! I am Paleo and do Cathe workouts 6 days per week. As far as macros go I get about 130 grams protein per day, which is my approximate body weight, and around 50 grams carbs per day. I don't track my fat intake. Since the day after Christmas, I have been following the 21 day sugar detox...
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    A different way to look at holiday eating- use it to bulk up

    Love this! :D Merry Christmas!
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    Just starting to be Wheat Free-any takers?

    Janie is right prunes will help...I try to stay away from dried fruit for my own personal goals. First of all I have to say that I don't mind eating leftovers and I am divorced so it is just me and my little girl - meaning, I can fix whatever I want and eat it all week long if I want. ;) I...
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    Just starting to be Wheat Free-any takers?

    Hey there! I have been gluten free for years now and about 9 months Paleo. I just wanted to suggest a product called Natural Calm to address the constipation issue. I take 3 tsp at night mixed with a little warm water and it totally helps with that. It is magnesium and I get the raspberry...
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    Words of Advice from my 6 year old...

    Aren't some of the things they say just the greatest!! Thanks for sharing Debbie! See ya soon!! :D Natalie
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    Words of Advice from my 6 year old...

    Last night my 6 year old daughter asked me how many days it is until my "workout trip." I told her it is next weekend so just 9 days away!! Her response was, "Mommy, I think you better start exercising so you can keep up with your workout girl..." She refers to Cathe as "workout girl" and...
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    Chicago RTers!!!

    Hey Debbie!! Can't wait to meet you and all of the RTers!! :D Natalie
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    Menu for Friday/Saturday Dinner

    Thank you so much!! Sounds yummy!! :D Natalie
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    Menu for Friday/Saturday Dinner

    I'm glad you brought this up Jeanette. I also need to be gluten free. I plan to bring lots of GF snacks to have in my room so I can survive if there aren't GF options for the dinners but am interested in the answer. Thanks!! Natalie
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    Shall we start the countdown?

    That is awesome!! Can't wait!! :D Natalie
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    5 weeks away ....

    Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!! :D Natalie
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    Morning Workouts

    Hello! I get up early as well - 4 a.m. Brenda is so right in that your body kind of gets used to it and I typically wake up just before my alarm is set to go off. I also agree that it is so nice to know that it is done before the day gets started. Such a sense of accomplishment! I will...
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    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Hey Girls!! A Photo I will try to figure out how to put one on my profile... :o Name / Forum Name: Natalie/lovetostep24 Email Address / FB Address (not necessary - can pm for privacy) Can PM me if you would like. Previous Road Trips This RT will be my very first and I...