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    Cathe's STS 2.0 Body Parts Shoulders Workout

    oh.....I like the new moves and the choreography. Makes me pay attention and not let my mind wander.
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    Explain the different levels of STS 2.0 exercise variations?

    Ladies, I am with you on the interruptions! My guy suddenly wants to kiss and hug me (while doing step...I end up just mowing him down), pinch or otherwise grab at me while lifting heavy weights (risking a heavy dumbbell on his foot) or have that long conversation I had been requesting for a...
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    Explain the different levels of STS 2.0 exercise variations?

    Hi Cathe, At some point, can you please explain the different levels of exercise options given in the STS 2.0 series. I am loving the wide variety of options for each exercise, but would like to know easiest to hardest level for several of the exercises, so that I can advance accordingly. Or...
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    How To Assemble & Store Your STS Dip & Pull-Up Bars

    Thanks, Jenn. This was super helpful!
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    To taller Cathletes!

    YESSSSS!! I do what fitdeb does and usually do a rep or so less than Cathe does. I find that when I try to match the shorter Cathe's pace, I don't go as deep, don't jump as high, don't fully engage the muscle, etc. If I add the rep to the end of the set, I find I don't have enough recovery...
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    STS 2.0 Fierce Faces

    I love this, thanks for sharing! This makes me believe I would be perfect in a Cathe video.
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    Live Search question

    I go to Then click on "Our New Cathe Live Downloads!" kind of on the bottom left. Then in the search bar up in the right type in the workout #. (I just realized you are probably searching by number to actually DO the workout. What I typed out will not help you. I do not...
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    New tower/dip bar released in time for Black Friday?

    Is there any chance the new tower/ dip bar showcased in STS 2.0 will be released in time for the Black Friday deals? I don't have facebook and haven't seen a timeline update. I have 5 items to buy and want the tower to be my 6th item for the 30% off code!
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    OMG. Cathe's answers make me even more excited for this series! I hope the user guide is released a bit earlier than the workouts so I can start planning. I think I will do each phase for 4 weeks like Cathe mentioned to start. I will probably incorporate HiiT, Tabata, and Step as my cardio...
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    Is this a 3 day per week series recommendation like the original STS?
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    What cardio series do you recommend to compliment the STS 2.0 series? Is there going to be an optional heavy squat rack disc? That is my favorite disc!
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    Do you know what kind of DVD case will be used for physical copies? Please do NOT use the same as was used for Fit Split (where the discs overlap each other and you have to take one out to get to the other)!
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Features Two Foam Rolling Workouts

    Yummmmm. I do this move every night before bed for 30 minutes. I just lie there and do....nothing. I even scoot up so my head hangs a bit off of the roller so I get a backwards neck stretch. Feels great since my day consists of me looking down and reaching forward all day.
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    Eventual STS 2.0 Cardio?

    STS 1.0 was already released by the time I found Cathe. Does anyone know how long it took after STS 1.0 was released before the STS cardio set was released? I am hoping there is an eventual cardio portion to the STS 2.0 series. (Step workout, please!!) I haven't seen any mention of a cardio...
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    Cathe's STS Muscle & Recovery Body Parts Chest Workout!

    I am loving the colors of the outfits and the brightness of the new set! And all of your physiques look great! Just what I have been waiting for - a heavy body building series. I have done STS at least twice per year since I bought it.
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    Oh, I am definitely interested in these cards! However, I do not belong to Facebook.

    Oh, I am definitely interested in these cards! However, I do not belong to Facebook.
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    STS Muscle & Recovery Cathe Mini Ball Bonus Abs

    I love ab workouts that use equipment (or standing abs)! Ab Stacker was one of my favorite Cathe Ab workouts.
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    STS Muscle & Recovery Cathe Mini Ball Bonus Abs

    Sometimes I am able to use the FitTower to relieve wrist pain when WAGS and Push Up bars don't help. Just put the bar all the way down.
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    Will STS 2.0 have a 1RM?

    Will STS 2.0 have 1 Rep Max? If not, should we redo the STS 1.0 1RM in preparation?