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  1. girlyfiedgirl

    Can we talk favorite cakes?

    I mostly eat chocolate cake, the more frosting the better. Down here, Red Velvet Cake is pretty popular. You can Google a recipe. It's a red cake with some kind of white frosting. My mother loves them. Seriously, she would happily murder me, her only daughter, for just a bite of one. :D
  2. girlyfiedgirl

    I returned my calendar

    Well, I'm going to flame you. WHY DIDN'T YOU CONTACT ME?! I didn't get one this year. I totally would've bought it! Hmph. :mad: :p :D
  3. girlyfiedgirl

    I love you Cathe but I am tired of waiting.....

    Is this your first Cathe preorder?
  4. girlyfiedgirl

    Editing an Mp3 file?

    Excellent! Thank you!
  5. girlyfiedgirl

    Editing an Mp3 file?

    I just bought the Cathe collection from DJ Brian Howe. I love the music and want to use it for running and lifting, but each album comes as a single mp3. I'd like to edit the mp3's so I can mix and match songs for playlists. Any idea how I can do that? Thanks.
  6. girlyfiedgirl

    My ipod just died!

    I have owned many Mp3 players since 1999. The iPod was the worst one I owned. Constant freezing, skipping, battery dies for no reason. I don't have issues with any other players.
  7. girlyfiedgirl

    Happy Birthday, Cathe!!!!

    I use the WYSYWYG editor instead of the basic editor. I get a little menu to change the text, ad link and pictures, etc.
  8. girlyfiedgirl

    Nutrition Packages

    The nutrition manager is a premium product. I can't find the link for it, but the pricing was something like $10 per month or $30 for 3 months or $99 for a year. The yearly membership was the best plan because you also get iPod workouts and a discount on Cathe gear in addition to the nutrition...
  9. girlyfiedgirl

    Hooray, we're back!!!

    Either their email addresses aren't correct or the password request is simply not reaching them. I know MSN and Hotmail users had problems receiving mail because some domains had been blocked. Collage Video was one of them, so it's not as if they were simply keeping out spammers. For the...
  10. girlyfiedgirl

    What makes someone a "senior member?"

    It's based on your post count. Maybe we can come up with some Catheite titles and share them with Chris? Like, over a thousand post you come The Terminator?
  11. girlyfiedgirl

    Happy Birthday, Cathe!!!!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. girlyfiedgirl

    I did it!! My first *official* triathlon!

    Way to go! *applause* Your kids are adorable.
  13. girlyfiedgirl

    Hooray, we're back!!!

    This is all so cool! Can't wait until everything is up and running.
  14. girlyfiedgirl

    kgs vs lbs

    I changed mine from kgs to lbs under the user CP. Look under edit options.
  15. girlyfiedgirl

    New Website?

    Hi there! Is everything on schedule for the new website? Can we expect an outage sometime during the next couple of weeks? Thanks.
  16. girlyfiedgirl

    The FIRM Ultimate Calorie Blaster (2005) REVIEW... sort of.

    > As long as you don't RELY on The FIRM for >weight training (3 lb. dumbbells... please) I think their >cardio workouts offer a lot. They 3 lb. weights are to intensify the cardio not really for weight training. The Firm does offer some solid weight training vids. And Cathe has done...
  17. girlyfiedgirl

    STS packaging?

    Cathe please do not package STS like P90x. I know it's convenient for many, but storing DVDs like that can contribute to DVD rot. I'd rather STS last a long time rather than have trimmed down packaging. I like the idea of slimmer cases, too.
  18. girlyfiedgirl

    SNM, Weight Tower from 4 Day Split?

    Thank you! Now I just need a big Cathe sticker for it. *hint hint* :)
  19. girlyfiedgirl

    SNM, Weight Tower from 4 Day Split?

    Hello. Are there plans to sell the weight tower used in 4DS on Cathe Dot Com or elsewhere? I'd love to have one. Looks like a great space saver. Thank you.
  20. girlyfiedgirl

    Bahh Humbug

    >they may want to think of calling it something other than a >"blog" because that's not really what it is. i enjoy the >periodic updates, but it's not a blog. Yes it is, blog stands for "web log". It doesn't have to be updated daily just logged or posted. :-) It's the format not the number...