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  1. jazzi21

    Heavy bag / boxing/kickboxing & ST interval dvd series

    Hi Cathe! Would you consider producing a heavy bag, boxing/kickboxing workout & ST combination/interval DVD program series? Maybe even offer a heavy bag set up with the dvd's similar to the STS DVD series and the Fit Tower used in that series. I love boxing/kickboxing, using my heavy bag as...
  2. jazzi21

    Hard Strikes Heavy Bag Tabatas!!

    .. I have tall radiators propped a pillow cased stuffed with a regular pillow and other small pillows and sit on top of the radiator. I tied the bottom with a long piece of material and it worked fine. I now have a unit called BAS, or Body Action System that is similar to a heavy bag but has a...
  3. jazzi21


    Count me in too!... I so hope that she considers this... HIIT is great, and along with Tabata workouts... Wow... I would love it!
  4. jazzi21

    Tower and squats

    No, I am 5'2"... and I won't be lifting anything near the 350 pound limit; I think that is what the limit is. Thanks, I should get it by Tuesday and will try it out. I start Meso 3 week after next, I am doing my last desk for meso 2 tonight.
  5. jazzi21

    New Lo Impact Series from Cathe!!

    ... oh yeah!!!!!
  6. jazzi21

    Tower and squats

    I just ordered the tower to do with Meso 3... can I adjust the brackets on the tower so that I can use the barbell in a standing position?...
  7. jazzi21

    STS legs - splitting

    The leg exercises are my Achilles Heel, but they are necessary. I never thought of splitting it. I do get through the workouts, but mostly without weights. This is my first rotation, and on the 2nd week of legs, I used weights and tried to do the wall squats with the stability and actually...
  8. jazzi21

    a true wimp needs advice

    I didn't do my 1rm, maybe I should have, but I just start heavy and work my way down if needed, so far that has worked for me and I have trained to failure where I needed to... You can do it, I didn't think I could do this workout and I am on disk 24 today... it is doable. Don't try to...
  9. jazzi21


    The only supplements I take are multi-vitamins, one, 500mg vitamin C when I wake up, it is supposed to repress cortisol which stores fat (this hormone kicks in around 3 am) and whey and casein protein powders.
  10. jazzi21

    Im excited

    You are going to love STS... I will be doing disk 24, bicep/back tomorrow... I have never lifted as much weight as I am now with this program. Looking forward to the active rest next week. Good luck! ~ Dee
  11. jazzi21

    The STS bar/tracker on the page

    Hi, I wanted to know how to include the STS tracker so that it shows up when I post to the threads and I can also show my progress. I can't seem to find how to include. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, ~ Dee
  12. jazzi21

    Push Pull Tower

    Hi, I have a workout station at home and it has a squat assist in the back. It is configured the same way that the Push-Pull tower is. I have pegs where I can adjust the height for me, where the barbell would sit... the manual says that it is great for when a spotter is not available and you...
  13. jazzi21

    This Seems Pretty Heavy!:)

    I did the 1rm for biceps and it had me at 50% lifting 10lbs for biceps, but that was way too heavy... I used 7.5 instead and was struggling with the last 4, so I will be using my own judgment for this program. The main thing as Cathe mentioned is that you should be struggling with the last 2-3...
  14. jazzi21

    anyone did not like the results for STS?

    How did you get your STS banner?
  15. jazzi21

    fit tv

    I just found this out... I actually subscribed to Directv because they offered Fittv. I did tape most of the fitness shows that I liked, so I have them on dvr. They still have Gilad, Sharon Mann and a few others but no Cathe... what a bummer, no warning either... I have 1 more year with...
  16. jazzi21

    Why gaining weight!!

    RE: Gaining... what about your measurements... Hi, aside from checking on how the nutritional side of your program is, have you taken you measurements?... maybe you didn't a loss in scale weight, but maybe you are getting smaller... Just something to take into consideration... The scale...
  17. jazzi21

    STS - Push Ups

    Push-ups I can't do straight leg push-ups yet.... I do them on my knees and I even modify that. But I figure that any push-up variation, especially at this stage, i.e. beginner, is going to benefit me because I feel every bit of the modified push-ups that I do!... It's not a waste of time if...
  18. jazzi21

    Pull ups?

    Alternative to pull-ups I think there is a modification using the bands and pulling down from the tower.
  19. jazzi21

    Just entering the world of STS and I'm scared!

    1rm I think if we use the 1rm calculator it does the work for us... I just got mine last week and I some apprehension too!...
  20. jazzi21

    Clean Eating Menu Plan Question

    Hi, I carb/calorie cycle and on the days that I do my strength training , I definitely eat more protein and calories so that I can complete all of the exercises without feeling drained. Unless you are vegetarian, eating clean doesn't mean that you can't eat steak. However, you can always...