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  1. chefkate

    Veiny forearms

    I LOVE "veinyness"/vasuclarity. My shoulders and biceps get all veiny and it makes me HAPPY! Be proud! You're workin' hard!
  2. chefkate

    Anyone going to the Arnold Expo?

    I'm from Michigan and I was supposed to go all weekend but my things that are out of my control changed my plans so I had to stay home. Boo! My trainer is there today and I can't wait to hear all about it! Hope you have a FABULOUS time!!!!
  3. chefkate

    Barbell Position for Plie Squats?

    For plie I hold a large dumbbell between my legs. For traditional squats holding a barbell in front increases the work load for the quads and if you rest the bar on your shoulders you get more into your glutes. HTH!
  4. chefkate

    Is Picante sauce or salsa "clean food"?

    Don't forget about EGGS! YUM! Salsa is the only "salad dressing" I will eat!
  5. chefkate

    Finding time to workout?

    Unfortunately there is no easy answer. You just have to MAKE time. I used to think I wasn't a morning exerciser. But I just started doing it and now I crave that morning workout! I make sure to eat AS SOON AS I wake up. I measure out an ounce of prunes and 3/4 ounce of raw almonds at night...
  6. chefkate

    Thoughts on New Year's Workouts

    I've already been thinking about this too! I'll be doing Insanity Saturday morning! No better way to start a new year than with the craziest workouts ever! :D
  7. chefkate

    calories burned?

    She's never brought up my fats as an issue so I assume what I'm doing there is ok. My husband is VERY supportive, thankfully! He knows how happy it makes me to workout and I have an awesome, awesome trainer. She is so motivating and makes me feel like I *can* do this! DH isn't the cleanest...
  8. chefkate

    calories burned?

    Wendy, It has NOT been easy! I'm up to 2200 calories and to do it CLEANLY it is really hard! I am eating ALL THE TIME!:eek: Thankfully, I love food! And I mean LOVE! I am in a good place right now & it's relatively easy to eat clean - there's not too much unclean food that tempts me right now...
  9. chefkate

    calories burned?

    I count every single calorie of every bite I take & track it on livestrong. My trainer has my password and checks up on me - gulp! No room for cheats there, huh?! :p:eek: I also track every calorie I BURN with a bodybugg. Turns out I am a freaking calorie furnace! My lowest burns are around...
  10. chefkate

    12 Days of Fitness

    Stephanie! So how'd you do on your 5-mile run?!
  11. chefkate

    Gluten free diet?

    Hello there! I only have a few minutes but here goes.... I have gone on a gluten-free diet for belly issues as well. Without going into too much detail on an open forum about my bowels:p I will say that it was very helpful to me. I had my 2 oldest daughters on a GF diet for different reasons...
  12. chefkate

    Thanksgiving Poem for Cathe :)

    love it! :D:D
  13. chefkate

    I'm in Shape Magazine (+ Cathe mention)!!

    How incredibly awesome! Props to you!
  14. chefkate

    Happy Birthday, Bev! (auntiebev)

    Sweet Bev! Hope you have a wonderful day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  15. chefkate

    Anyone have the Dyson Vacuum cleaner?

    We have a regular Dyson and a great dane - it has done a fine job picking up his hair off the floor! Happy Vacuuming! :D
  16. chefkate

    Anybody there? Come shout out a quick HI

    Hi Cathe! As a gift to myself I'm working with a personal trainer, thinking about doing a figure competition. She regularly comments on how awesome my form is and I always tell her "It's because of Cathe!" Thank you for all of the awesome form tips in your workouts - you keep us all in line...
  17. chefkate

    recovering from shoulder surgery

    OWIEEEE! Good luck to you ladies in your healing! My doctor is doing full xrays on my shoulder soon & I'm hoping to get a bunch of exercises to prevent what you're going thru! My left shoulder is significantly weaker than my right and I'm scared of the diagnosis! :eek:
  18. chefkate

    Happy Birthday, Tricia! (syzygy314)

    Happy Birthday, Tricia! I hope your birthday is as fabulous as you are!
  19. chefkate

    *** Happy Birthday Jonezie! ***

    Happy Birthday Girl! Hope you have a freakin' fabulous day! I can't think of a more kind & deserving person! Have a great one - and hopefully it involves some cake & BlueBell ice cream in there somewhere!
  20. chefkate

    Freezing Protein Shakes

    Hey Jenn! I do this all the time! When I go out for ice cream with the fam I pull one out of the freezer and take it along with me. I put them in 2-cup plastic containers. It's not smooth & creamy - more like a slushy, but still good and I get to have a "treat" while the fam indulges. I don't...