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  1. HaveFun

    Powerstrike 4 - Great active rest week workout

    I must look into these Powerstrikes :D Thanks for the reminder.
  2. HaveFun

    Does anything hurt more...

    Just this morning our front door was not all the way closed and I was walking toward it to let our dogs in and my 65# lab was running in from outside at the same time and jumped at the door - it swung open and went BAM right on my right hand knuckle of my middle finger even breaking the skin...
  3. HaveFun

    sunny,70%, and light breeze

    Loving the weather here in S. Florida although come summertime and I'll be wishing you all could send some snow down here :cool:
  4. HaveFun

    Someone please tell me......

    You are not alone :D I'm up between 4-4:30am due to the same scenario with work, 2 children, 3 fur children, hubby, etc. Yep, everyone thinks I'm crazy to be up at that hour and to add that I'm working out at that time really makes them think I need to be committed :rolleyes:, but I feel great...
  5. HaveFun

    Anyone have the Dyson Vacuum cleaner?

    Another rave for the Dyson Animal. We've had ours for a couple of years now and it works great keeping our Lab, Chihuahua (although his hair doesn't count it's so minimal :p) and Cat hair under control. Definitely a keeper :D
  6. HaveFun

    Hearing Dog Help

    My friend has emailed the trainer so we can meet with her and hopefully get more information. That is a great point that many dogs probably do not even pass the program. This is so foreign to me, but I just feel so bad for my friend who has just been notified of this delay. Thanks again :)
  7. HaveFun

    Hearing Dog Help

    Nevermind...just found a trainer who just added service dog training on her website. Thanks so much :)
  8. HaveFun

    Hearing Dog Help

    I know this may be a way out there topic, but it's worth a shot. I have a close friend who is deaf and has been on a waiting list for a hearing service dog for a year and is now being told it may take up to 2 years for her to get one. Oh, and the cost will be a mere $9,000!! I thought she...
  9. HaveFun

    Favorite scary movies

    I don't even watch the news since I'm a complete scaredy-cat. Anything comedy and I'm all over it :)
  10. HaveFun

    Spunge Bob cartoon scared me!

    I guess this episode struck me as extra funny since I saw it about the time we were getting our new lab puppy to keep our 6 yo Chihuahua company. I imagine our Chihuahua was having the same thoughts as Gary when our lab puppy was playing with him - no worries though since they are great friends...
  11. HaveFun

    TGIF Everyone!

    For some reason I woke up feeling extra worked from doing KPC with weighted gloves yesterday so opted to sleep in, but planning on Low Max tomorrow morning. I pulled LM out the other day after not doing it in a long time and was so thrilled to get it done without a mistake so now I'm hooked...
  12. HaveFun

    Chain restaurants you like (or don't)...

    Love, love, love PF Changs and Cheesecake Factory :p We do not do any seafood (other than shrimp) at a restaurant since my DH is a charter/commercial fisherman. My weakness in a restaurant is anything Mexican and too bad we don't have any (that are good) here or that might be a good thing :p
  13. HaveFun

    What food fills you up the longest?

    Me, too!! Love avocado :)
  14. HaveFun

    Spunge Bob cartoon scared me!

    Is this the one where he got the pet to keep Gary company? I used to be so against our girls watching Spongebob until I actually sat down and watched an episode and caught myself LOL!! :p
  15. HaveFun

    *** Happy Birthday Jonezie! ***

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JONEZIE!!!! You are only 37, but wise way beyond your years. Enjoy your day!! PS...Thank you for introducing me to BlueBell ice cream - they sell it at our grocery store and of course I had to buy the Mint Chocolate Chip AND Dutch Chocolate :eek:
  16. HaveFun

    How would you feel if your husband.....

    On second thought...if the best communication you and your husband have is through your e-mails then maybe send an e-mail to yourself addressed to him. You can write out your feelings and hope he takes it to heart.
  17. HaveFun

    Favorite Halloween Treats

    Ditto!!!! :p
  18. HaveFun

    How would you feel if your husband.....

    {{{{HUGS}}}} I can offer no words of advice, but that I hope you and your husband can discuss these issues and work this out. I'm sure I would be put off if my husband was purposefully snooping through my e-mails and texts although he has full access to both. Honestly, there is nothing...
  19. HaveFun

    Anyone turn the heat on yet?

    I'm jealous since I would LOVE some cool weather. My daughters keep asking when is it going to snow here and I have to tell them it's not likely any time soon :p We're in the Florida Keys, btw.
  20. HaveFun

    More Dog Help?

    Please keep us posted on what the new vet says and my prayers that Evee gets to feeling back to her crazy self in no time. If she has lab in her, they do not slow down until they at least reach the double digits in people years!! :eek: