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  1. Jonezie

    Hi! Does anyone know where I can still buy a Fit Tower?

    Thanks, Jennifer. I think it is too, sadly. QVC said it was sold out.
  2. Jonezie

    Fit tower

    Lizbeth!!! I’ll come get from you! I’m in Fort Worth but have family in Austin! Do you still have it?
  3. Jonezie

    Hi! Does anyone know where I can still buy a Fit Tower?

    Hi, everyone! I’m looking for a Fit Tower in all the wrong places. I’ve sent an email to the support team but wanted to reach out here, as well. All the places I’ve looked online are either sold out or the link is no longer a working link. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. Jonezie

    Looking Flabbier After Losing Weight

    Thanks, FireLite!
  5. Jonezie

    Looking Flabbier After Losing Weight

    Elsie, I love the idea of massage...and you also reminded me of body scrubs. I'll start doing both. trainer has not set a goal for me as far as body fat percentage. But I've only lost 2% of my body fat so far. Does that make sense? Thanks for your kind words!
  6. Jonezie

    Looking Flabbier After Losing Weight

    Thanks, DesertAmbrosia! I read this article, as well.
  7. Jonezie

    Looking Flabbier After Losing Weight

    Gosh, it's been so long since I've been on the forum. Hi everyone!! I have a question and knew that you all would know the answer. I've started my clean eating and work out program. I'm doing three strength training days a week with Cathe (not in person, in my living room). And bicycling...
  8. Jonezie

    Happy Birthday, JeanneMarie!

    OMG! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your cake be delicious and calorie-free. Nothin' but love! :)Jonezie
  9. Jonezie

    FREAKED OUT About Braces

    Marlene, I didn't get an argumentative/challenging tone from JeanneMarie, but TRUST won't want to miss out on posting again. Wait until we talk about the death penalty. Or whose husband did what this week. Or whether to cut out (GULP) dairy. Or anything STS. Then we really get...
  10. Jonezie

    FREAKED OUT About Braces

    JeanneMarie and Marlene, I totally agree with, and very much appreciate, where you both are coming from. Marlene...I am a little bit of a control freak and have a hard time trusting anyone, from airline pilots to orthodontists, when it comes to my well being. I've GOT to learn to trust...
  11. Jonezie

    FREAKED OUT About Braces

    Thanks, Marlene! It's been very hard for me to trust! But you're right. And you, too, JeanneMarie! I'm never one to trust blindly. It's been a week, and I've already become my ortho's worst nightmare. Every time I come in, I bring a list of questions. At least 7 or 8. She is always...
  12. Jonezie

    FREAKED OUT About Braces

    I really love all these responses...thanks guys! Question...before I got the braces, I had only one lower front tooth that was slightly rotated. Now all four of my lower front teeth look a little crooked! Yikes! Is that normal? Will they straighten out? :)Jonezie
  13. Jonezie

    FREAKED OUT About Braces

    Thanks to ALL of you who responded! I can feel the love! And everyone nodding their head in unison as they totally get where I'm coming from. I actually coveted Mr. Potato Head today. I would have done anything to take off my lips and give them a break for a while. UGH! Nancy...I WILL do...
  14. Jonezie

    FREAKED OUT About Braces

    Hi everyone! Ok...I now have adult braces...the first I've ever had in my 37 years. It's Day 3 of a one year to 18 month sentence. And I've freaked out about a few things...but called some other people who have had them before and they've relieved some of my fears. But here's my...
  15. Jonezie


    Kariev, I am SO happy to hear about your Sunny Bear! I remember going into the vet after finding a lump on the dog love of my life, convinced it was cancer but overcome with relief to find out it was a cyst (He lived for 7 more years after that). I KNOW you must have hugged him A LOT...
  16. Jonezie

    New widow

    Hi Linda, First of all, BIG BIG HUGS to you. I'm not a widow. In fact, I've never been married. And I'm sure there are others on the forum who will be able to offer more support in this area than I. But I am an only child in a small, very close family who has experienced the loss of...
  17. Jonezie

    Chain restaurants you like (or don't)...

    (With longing sigh)...Olive Garden. Pasta fagioli soup...130 calories per serving. I'm going today! :)Jonezie
  18. Jonezie

    TGIF Everyone!

    Cathe...just wanted to say thanks for the sweetest birthday wishes! Can you add yourself (and the girls) singing Happy Birthday on a future DVD? Like a DVD special feature? Then we'll all have it to play on our special day? ;) We'd have to think of a name for your band. Iron Maidens is too...
  19. Jonezie

    Happy Birthday, Tricia! (syzygy314)

    Happy Birthday, Tricia!!! Sorry about my duplicate thread! :) Jonezie
  20. Jonezie

    And you, too, Tricia! (Syzygy314)

    Tricia, I stink at remembering birthdays (unlike ChefKate and Bayerngirl). But as yours is the day after mine, it wasn't too hard. As for today, I hope it's the most eventful and exciting day you can have without getting arrested. And I hope that, from the moment you wake up to the moment you...