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  1. bmccartney

    I have to cancel :(

    Thank you! You will have a blast. Everyone is so nice and full of energy. Plus Daytona is gorgeous this time of the year!
  2. bmccartney

    I have to cancel :(

    I had to have a inguinal hernia repair last week and can't lift anything for 6 weeks. I am so bummed!!! This would've been my 5th road trip and 2nd time in Daytona. I wish the cancellation policy wasn't so absolute :( I hope everyone has a wonderful time and I will be watching for all the...
  3. bmccartney

    Successful De-Bulk??

    I think it was 3-4 60 min sessions/week. I was running at that time. Currently what seems to work for me per week is: 1 total body strengthening with weights and body weight; 1 kick box; 1 barre; 1 power yoga; 1 Hiit; 1 bootcamp/circuit. I have a pull-up bar in a doorway and use it most...
  4. bmccartney

    Successful De-Bulk??

    When I was in college I took a personal training class and gained A LOT of mass with lifting heavy while my body fat percentage went down. When the class was over, I was anxious to return to my former size as all shirts were too tight in the shoulders/biceps and all pants were too tight in the...
  5. bmccartney

    Great Daytona Turn Out So Far

    I just signed up! I went to Daytona last time and it was awesome, I'm so excited!
  6. bmccartney

    shuttle bus, other info

    Rhondalyn, THANK YOU - You just helped ease some of my worries. I'm getting in to the airport at 10:30 AM on Friday. See you soon!!
  7. bmccartney

    shuttle bus, other info

    I can't find the info about where to go in the airport and which number to call for the shuttle bus. I thought there was something posted in the past about it - like a few years ago when I attended the Glassboro trip. It's been awhile since my last RT and I'm feeling super nervous!:o
  8. bmccartney

    Looking for a roomie

    Is there anyone who has already booked a room at the Courtyard Marriot who is looking for a roommate to share a room with? I waited too long to book and now they are full.:(
  9. bmccartney

    Who's In??

    I'm in!!!! Number 55. I think this will be my 3rd in Glassboro (2009, 2010) and I also went to Daytona in 2009. I can't wait!
  10. bmccartney

    Anyone else healthy but spouse is not?

    Yep, I'm in this situation too. I do the grocery shopping and cooking so at least I control what's coming into our house for the most part, but my husband often stops at the gas station on the way home from work and brings home donuts, beef jerky, and root beer. He won't eat my nutritious...
  11. bmccartney


    Have a wonderful birthday, Cathe!!!
  12. bmccartney

    Barre series

    Yes!!! I love Barre and what it does for my body!
  13. bmccartney

    Anyone else TTC?

    Wastewitch, I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage! As far as tests go, you can ask for hcg and progesterone levels after you get a positive pregnancy test. After 4 m/c's, the one that stuck was where I was taking progesterone vaginally (NOT orally, which didn't work for me) and baby...
  14. bmccartney

    HCG Ultra

    My co-worker did it for only 2 weeks and she was sick, miserable, and ended up with a big bald patch on her head that took months to grow back!
  15. bmccartney

    Whole 30

    I did a whole 30 but had been eating 95+% paleo for months before that. What I changed during the whole 30 was having only 1 piece of fruit (or none at all!) a day - prior to that I probably had more like 3-4 servings. Since cutting out the fruit my sweets cravings diminished drastically. I...
  16. bmccartney

    Anyone else TTC?

    Wastewitch, Congrats on nursing you LO at 15 months! My baby is 8 months and my goal is to make it a year with him, but he's already drinking more than what I'm pumping for him at daycare. Anyway, I was only able to nurse my first for 6 months before drying up. We wanted another baby at that...
  17. bmccartney

    Workouts vs. preconception help

    My only advice would be to make sure that you are ovulating properly. With me, the high intensity exercise caused my body fat to drop too low and I wouldn't ovulate at all. When we were trying to conceive it was very frustrating, because I loved the high intensity exercise and felt proud of my...
  18. bmccartney

    Anyone else TTC?

    Amber, how wonderful - what a relief! I know the fear never really goes away, even as the numbers climb, but each step in the right direction is a huge milestone! I could never sleep the night before each appt, and I CRIED when I saw that heartbeat at 6 weeks (I'm tearing up now just thinking...
  19. bmccartney

    Anyone else TTC?

    <I'm butting in here:o> Amber, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I took B6, baby aspirin, Prometrium, and the progesterone cream as well. The pregnancy that finally stuck I used the Prometrium (200mg?) vaginally 3x/day for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. The times I used it orally I still lost the...
  20. bmccartney

    I'm on day 4 of Paleo...

    Jenny, That's great to hear that you are feeling so well because I felt pretty darn awful for a good month after going paleo. I too was inspired by the paleo threads on here and then did a ton of research and decided to dive into it. It's been a good 6 weeks now and I'm FINALLY feeling great...