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    Help me find a new Book Series for my mom!

    Daniel Silva books, Clive Cussler books,
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    Botox/Juviderm or Mini Lift

    I have had a mini lift, the eyes done & I get botox & judivderm twice a year. I have it done by a reconstructive plastic surgeon who is an ent. He only works the neck up. I had the mini lift done over 10 years ago & I am still thrilled with the job he did. I maintain it by getting juvidern...
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    Other workouts like X-Train

    Check out Jari Love
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    Opinion on job interview

    You are in a unique situation. I am now retired but I got my last job at age 60. Go on the interview, you have nothing to lose & if anything it is an ego boost that you are still a good job commodity. It is good for your ego.
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    Suggestions for excellent sports bras?

    I use shefit. I saw this first on shark tank & was wowed by it. Big zipper on the front, all adjustments are using velcro. I dont know how to show you their website so google Karen
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    Suggestions for excellent sports bras?

    I use shefit I saw this on shark tank, it is awesome. Big zipper on the front. Everything is adjustable by velcro.
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    supper body circuits - can anyone post some

    I have a problem with hamstring I can only do modified aerobics & I can no longer do any step at all which sucks. I have all HITT dvd
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    supper body circuits - can anyone post some

    Upper body circuits, I see what I did wrong, duh
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    supper body circuits - can anyone post some

    HI, I need an upper body circuit. I have lower body circuits that someone posted but I cant find lower body circuits. Thanks so much in advance Karen
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    I cant stand listening to him or looking at him, even if his stuff were free I would not take it karen
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    Books, books and more books

    Jodi Piccoult also has young adult reading books, I have her big girl books, she is awesome
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    Books, books and more books

    These are some my my fav authors, JD Robb, Danielle Steele, Tess Gerritsen, Jonathan & Faye Kellerman, Nora Roberts, John Sandford, James Patterson, Karen Robards, Lisa Jackson, Preston & Childs, Mary Higgins Clark, Iris Johansen, Brad Thor, Brad Meltzer, SteveBerry- steve Martini, clive...
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    what stretch band and fire loops to buy?

    I got the ones on amazon & I also got the video from them as well. I like it, I have a torn hamstring so I am very restricted in what I can do, I really like the dvd that you can buy with it
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    Stretching workouts

    thank you very much
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    Stretching workouts

    Hi, does anyone recommend Cathe's stretching video? I have a torn hamstring and my movements are very limited thanks to anyone with a reply to me Karen
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    Are you Still Using Wen Post Scandal?

    I love wen & I would not change a thing. It is very easy to start a class action, to bad.
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    How old is TOO old?

    Do it, we are only here once