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    Need Reassurance About Vitamix Purchase

    This is so funny--we bought a Vitamix today at Costco! Years ago on this forum, I read about all the benefits of a Vitamix and wanted one, but I knew my hubby would think I was crazy for wanting such an expensive appliance. But we both are trying to eat much more healthily and were both sold on...
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    Dog Question

    What are some (if any) health problems that might occur down the line for a female dog who gave birth at a very young age? Our local rescue group has a cute spaniel/Corgi mix who is 1-2 years old and who has bonded with another dog she was rescued with who appears to be her offspring. I would...
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    New Dog--Need Advice

    I appreciate all the helpful tips about our dog. To update, we've had him now for 7 months, and he has gotten a lot better about approaching other dogs. We've even left him a couple of times at a nice kennel (out in the country, with plenty of room to roam), and he has done well with other...
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    Books about Girls' Body Image

    Thanks for the link on Amazon, RunninTeach! I have it bookmarked and will enjoy researching the books to find a good one. And thanks for the other replies, Ladies--I've written those book/dvd/podcast titles down so I can check them out! Have a great Thursday!
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    Books about Girls' Body Image

    Ladies, Thank you so much for your wise, helpful advice!! I'm going to check into the resources you suggested. I knew I would be able to rely on you Catheites for wonderful advice! Have a great day! Valerie
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    Books about Girls' Body Image

    My 10-year-old daughter has started being self-conscious about her weight and about her self-perceived "belly", i.e. a small pooch around the middle. She confided in me last night that she is worried she is fat because some of her friends weigh less than she does, and a couple of them don't have...
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    17 Day Diet

    Cathe's Breakfast Blast smoothie sounds good--I must have missed that! Would you mind sharing the recipe or sending me to the link for it? I searched the forums but couldn't find the recipe. Thanks in advance!!
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    Question about Phantom--the movie

    Thanks for all the info on the movie! I ended up watching it by myself, and I agree that some parts were intense for kids. I think my girls would have had nightmares from a couple of the scenes! But I really enjoyed it and may have to get the soundtrack. Thanks again for your help!
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    Question about Phantom--the movie

    My kids, ages 7 and 10, are big fans of The Phantom of the Opera music, but they've never seen the stage production. I was reading about the 2004 movie version of the musical directed by Joel Schumaker and starring Gerard Butler, and it got great reviews. I was thinking about renting the movie...
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    New Dog--Need Advice

    Wow! Thank you, everyone, for the good advice! I am going to use the methods you recommend. Midgetdogg--What is the Gentle Leader? I will get one at our local pet store this week. I'm assuming it's a type of collar? I will try pulling his leash to one side and the foot nudge. However...
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    New Dog--Need Advice

    We adopted a shelter dog about 6 weeks ago--an adorable cocker or King Charles spaniel mix--and our family of 5 is crazy about him! He is a great family dog (our first pet), and he is patient and playful with the kids. He also loves all people and is very friendly. However, the first week we...
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    Help for Dry Lips?

    Thanks for the recommendations, ladies! I'm looking forward to trying several of them--maybe all of them!! Valerie
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    2010 Get Ready for Summer Rotation

    Love the way this rotation looks!! I've never been too keen on following a rotation, but I've done the first three days of yours, and I love it! It has a great variety so that I don't think I'll get bored. Thank you!! Valerie
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    Help for Dry Lips?

    Does anyone have a tried-and-true recommendation for dry lips? I don't have luck with Chapstick or any lip balms that I've tried. I have even tried to exfoliate my lips (read about it in a magazine) with a wet washcloth, but I still have dry, tight lips. If you have had good results with a...
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    Step, Jump, Pump and Step Blast

    I love Step, Jump and Pump! Step Blast is one of my favorite step workouts, too. You can't go wrong with these workouts. Valerie
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    The Most Depressing Movie EVER?!?

    Sorry, Jonezie--I saw no redeeming qualities in that movie, either!! Depressing, dumb, and truly far-fetched, in my opinion. I kept watching it too, to see if it would make a turn for the better, but alas, it was a waste of time. And besides, it left me feeling totally uneasy and uptight for...
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    Nighttime eating for the 24th

    Hi! Weekly posts will be great--what day/night are you thinking about? Last night I did much better after dinner--only an apple after two small slices of pizza. We'll see what tonight brings. I'm going to be cooking, so I'll try hard not to taste and sample--especially the sweets!! I...
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    Nightime Eating for Nov 23

    Hello Ladies! Melissa, I'm sorry--I don't know where I got the notion that you were from Alabama! I must have read someone else's profile by mistake! Sorry about that! Last night I did better--after dinner, I had a handful of grapes. I think if I can get in the habit of either not snacking...
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    Night Time Eating for Nov 22nd

    Melissa--I see you're from Alabama. Where in Ala. are you? I'm in Memphis, and I grew up in Mississippi, so we are neighbors! Take care, and have a good-eats day!! Valerie
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    Night Time Eating for Nov 22nd

    Happy Monday! I blew it last night!! After dinner, I wasn't satisfied so I ate a peanut butter sandwich (pb is my weakness!), a Nutri-grain fruit bar, and some cheese and crackers. Ugh--my stomach felt terrible! But today's a new day. So far I've done okay, but the afternoon/evening...