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    STS 2.0 Update

    I can't wait!
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    Pyramid Pump in the Land of Smiles

    This morning I’m going to do Cardio Supersets but LiTe is calling me so I decide to bite the bullet and tear off the plastic wrap of Pyramid Pump seeing that only 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15 lbs dumbbells. It can’t hurt much! What to do what to do! Should I do premix with upper body first because I...
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    Received my LiTe!

    I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email informing me the LiTe DVDs have been shipped on Jan 10, 2019! I pre-ordered this series before I moved to Thailand. The package travels from USA to UK and then Thailand in only 6 days. But Thailand is 14 hours ahead so it’s less than 6 days...
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    Black Friday Fit Tower

    Ooops! I used it for squats! I haven't done that for years though. However, I'm curious. What would happen if it were used for squats?
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    The New LITE Series DVD Box

    Not sure if others have the same problem I have with the DVD cases. A lot of them are very hard to take the DVDs out (you press the middle and it should release the disc but a lot of them don't do that) or press the DVDs back in. Sometimes I'm so afraid I would break the DVDs. And not sure...
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    Not yet pre-ordered!!!

    Finally late at night on June 1st I've decided to order both DVD and Digital Download! Now I have to see how the international shipping works.
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    Not yet pre-ordered!!!

    I agree about premixes. Now that I start using them I like to have them. I'm not an on demand subscriber either :)
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    Not yet pre-ordered!!!

    I soon should be doing the same thing!
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    Not yet pre-ordered!!!

    I agree about some DVDs premixes are not a factor then downloads only is ok. I actually never used premises before until lately. They are quite good!
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    How many times can I download video download?

    Hello, I am thinking I would preorder both DVD and digital download. How many times can I download the digital version? What if my computer crashes or I need to go somewhere and want to download the workouts but my digital workouts are in a different computer? Thank you!
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    Not yet pre-ordered!!!

    Congrats to those who have pre-ordered! I’m ever so jealous and in agony because of the indecision! Because we’re moving overseas this summer and the new series will not be out until later in the year I'm thinking maybe I should try to move with the time and order digital downloads for the LITE...
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    Loving fit/split except for abs...

    Agreed with all the postings. I have wrist problem and I used dumbbells for planks and push ups. But I ended up hurting (deeply bruising) my palms instead because just the part of the palm that pushes down on the dumbbell takes all the body weight!
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Another thing I would like to mention is the instructions on the bottom of the screen. I would like to have the amount of weight, equipment used and what we are going to do (like Chest Flys, etc.). I'm working with HiiT series now and the instructions there are about weight only.
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    I don't like crawling on the floor either! Come to think of it I don't like walking lunges at all. I'd like to stay in place more. (Do I get the same benefit if I do alternate lunges instead of walking lunges?) I'd like Cedie and Lorraine back. Not too many (frantic) changing of equipment. No...
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    Lower back pain when do plyo legs

    Hi Cathe and all Cathletes! I've been working on STS and now I'm on Meso cycle 3. So 2 weeks ago I did Plyo Legs (STS disc 26) and felt pain in my lower back when I jump up on the box. I kept on working and after I finished workout I had lower back pain. I didn't believe it was from jumping...
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    Anyone heard of KUSHH! steps?

    It looks like this...
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    Anyone heard of KUSHH! steps?

    Hi Cathe and every one :) I'm looking to buy steps for my Cathe STS Plyo Legs (I've been using regular high step but since I'm moving to a larger house I thought I would get a club size step so I can do more) and found that there is something called KUSHH! by The Step. Should I get one of...
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    Cathe's Diet in 2017

    Osutxgirl! That's right! :) I hope Cathe sees one of our posts!
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    Cathe's Diet in 2017

    Hi Cathe, In 2010 you replied to a post about your typical day of diet. Now in 2017, 7 years later, as a faithful Cathlete since 2003, I'm curious to know if have you tweaked or changed anything to your typical day of diet? Thank you! I'm 54 :) Your reply to "Clean Eating" in 2010...