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    Senior Workouts

    I have the same situation, for this quarantine, I became quite lazy, so now I'm trying to get my form back. I went back to training three times a week, but I still eat sugar, and it upset me. How do you cope?
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    Like/review/verify/don't buy check in for 2016- 2024

    How difficult it is to force yourself to do something when it is already wintering outside. It is terrible. I usually have enough for 60 minutes of training, then I get tired and relaxed, I can't even do squats properly. How do you cope with it? I've taken more breaks, but I still get tired...
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    I followed all the advice like "sleep more, sleep less sugar, work out three times a week, massage", but it does not help much. Yes, I was able to control myself more. But still, it is very tiring to live like this all the time. Do not focus on the numbers on the scales, because our body is both...
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    Which Cathe Live should I buy?

    I also waited for this day, before that I read a lot of reviews, questions, this forum has almost everything. I have chosen two programs for myself, but I still have doubts. Which ones do you like the most?
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    Mom Jeans!

    And why are they called that? How do they differ? It sounds a little silly and naive. Maybe they just want to attack attention. Anyway, I saw grandma phones, it was so strange.
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    Sore fingers after weight lifting

    Maybe due to the fact that too much weight, and you hurt your fingers. It's better to consult with your doctor, but in the meantime, make a compress. A few months is a very long time, you don't have to endure so much pain.
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    Strong & Sensible

    Hello, everyone! Training lately is becoming more difficult for me, I can not always find the strength and time to train. Now I work at home for 8 hours, I rarely go for walks, but I try to go to the gym twice a week. I have strength exercises, cardio, stretching, but I feel that I am not...
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    Workouts- Variety vs Weight Increase

    I started by fortifying my back so as not to hurt myself. Then the amplitude, and only after starting to lift the weight. I record all my training, what weight I lift, what kind of simulators I use. It helps not to get lost. I use X-Train too, I like how my body feels after the training.
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    With music, everything becomes easier and more pleasant, especially training. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to concentrate and I couldn't listen to music, but now I feel better. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
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    I love step!!!

    I've seen so many cool videos on YouTube, but it's hard to remember and execute them all. I like Chloe's training, it's hard enough for beginners, I literally died the first few days. I will definitely see what you suggested!
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    Double Step Workouts

    This is a very cool video and a cool workout. Due to quarantine, I had to replace the usual walks first with a treadmill, and now we all sit at home without being able to go outside. Thank you for such a great workout.
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    Ever Notice.....

    At first, it seemed funny to me, but then I remembered that there are two burger cafes near my gym. It's interesting that my friends and I often go there because there are some delicious burgers.
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    Shoes for marathon

    The doctor said I will be ready for the next marathon. I liked this one.
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    Shoes for marathon

    Thank you so much! I have found one pair of perfect shoes, and it was OK until I fell. The shoes are still perfect and my leg is not.
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    Workout Clothes

    I am glad that I found this post. I was just looking for new clothes for home training. I used to think that a T-shirt and pants were enough. But I am so very uncomfortable. It's a pity, in that post only the brands that she uses without links.
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    A Wish for YouTube or a short download

    That's so cool that we can use it. It's still hard sometimes. Although this training is complex but very effective!
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    Perfect 30 workout chapters

    I like your willpower! I could hardly get such challenges, but they are cool. What was the hardest thing for you?
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    Shoes for marathon

    Hello everybody! I doubted whether to ask, but the closer the marathon is, the more I worry. My old sneakers are worn out, and all my friends say that only an expensive version will do. I found such reviews and the price is up to 100$, but I...
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    Perfect Flow Mobility Basics

    It's a good review! I have been looking for that. Sometimes it's hard for me, maybe because I ate before the training. I will try it!
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    Damage Control

    I had a good workout week too! I try to study 3 times a week, but because of the quarantine will soon close the halls, and have to think of something else. Maybe I can find here something for home workouts.