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    Nike Training Air Max Fusion

    I just bought these on Saturday and used them for the first time this morning with Cardio Leg Blast and I love them!!! I was looking for a pair of cross trainers usually I wear Asics especially for running but the Nike Air Max Fusion were on clearance so I thought I would give them a try...
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    women under fire for workout

    I wish I would of worked out during my pregnancies, I did workout 6 weeks after our first daughter was born 23 years ago, I was going back to work and I wanted to fit back into my work clothes. In regard to the women who was working out with the kettlebell while very pregnant, it is not like...
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    Barbell Suggestions?

    I also wanted a Troy Lite Barbell but like elsie3 says the shipping cost was expensive, so instead I bought a CAP Barbell from Dunham's. It comes with 100 lbs of weight, the price was $44.99 and with a 20% off coupon it came to around $36.00. I believe Cathe used a CAP Barbell with Lower...
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    30 Day Squat Challenge

    I saw it this morning on Facebook and I decided to do it so added this to my plate as well!! I used my 15lb bodybar and my bum is sore!! ...Cheryl
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    DVD Storage Cases

    I'm not sure what kind of case Cathe's DVDs came in, but I bought this one for P90X & Supreme 90 and I like them alot. They are sturdy and the DVDs are easy to remove. VERSApak Multiple Discs DVD Cases | U.S. Plastic Corp. ...Cheryl
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    good barbell recommenation

    I just bought this barbell from Dunham's. I paid $35 for it including my 20% off. I had to check 4 different Dunham's though because 1 store had it but couldn't sell the display even though they had 2 and the other 3 stores had it for $79.99 so there was a price increase, then I went back to...
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    What do you drink?

    I'm giving up the same things that you are as well along with beer and pizza. I did this a couple of years ago and lost over 7 lbs. I just getting over a bad cold and became addited to frozen cokes because they tasted so good! I too am a coke-aholic. For me I will have a smoothie for...
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    Lasr guilty pleasure of 2012???

    We are in Michigan and had a Pizza Papalis deep dish cheese pizza but with lite cheese (saved 1 or 2 calories!) oh my gosh it is THE best restaurant pizza I've ever had, beer and onion rings. I truly believe in going out with a bang!!!!!!! ...Cheryl
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    Merry Christmas Friends!!!

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!! ...Cheryl
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    Workout DVD regrets

    My only real major regret was buying Jillian's Body Revolution - what was I thinking???????? It's those darn infomercials they're so convincing!!!! I like Jillian's workouts for the most part, Shred It with Weights and No More Trouble Zones and her others but I should of known better with...
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    Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and ripped

    I'm looking forward to Killer Abs, this one looks like a good one! Cheryl
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    Your Ideal Day

    My ideal day is about 72 to 75 degrees with a nice breeze. I don't like summer at all temperatures above 78 is too hot for me, I'm in Westland MI we have had temperatures of over 90 for too many days in a row for me and before yesterday it didn't rain for close to 3 weeks. I do enjoy a good...
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    MET-Rx 180 with Frank Sepe

    I should also add another thing I like about this program is it's not a cut and paste - they do the warm up, the program and the cool down all wearing the same outfit, it maybe a little thing to some people but it's a plus for me. ...Cheryl
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    MET-Rx 180 with Frank Sepe

    I LOVE this program!!!!! Tomorrow I will finish my first week with it - the 1st 30 days are circuits consisting of 11 exercises for chest, back, shoulders, triceps, biceps, legs, hamstrings, calves and abs 3 x's through for 12 reps these are called BLOCKS, BLOCK 2 is called Combo 6, they are 2...
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    Jillian Michaels 90 day Body Revolution

    I have Body Revolution and I just can't click with it, I did 1 week and I truly regret buying it. I like Jillian as an instructor, I have most of her DVDs but there is something about this one I don't like. I'm not a fan of compound moves and know she loves them that alone should of been my...
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    MET-Rx 180 with Frank Sepe

    I ordered the MET-Rx workout Wednesday 06/20 and it was shipped on Thursday 06/21, hopefully I'll have it before July1st because that is when I want to start some type of rotation. I'm also looking at Beachbody's Beast, this one looks good to me as well but I have ordered WAAAY too many DVDs...
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    Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fast Fix

    Yes, Target this workout, I can't recall if I've seen it at Walmart. ...Cheryl
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    Weider X-Factor: ST

    @FabAbs - Did you finish CLX afterall? I was looking at that one too but that would be an ebay purchase! Sorry to hear about falling off the wagon. It happens to all of us! Nope, I had 3 weeks left and I couldn't do it, I did like the Push Phase alot - so I'm going to start Les Mills Body...
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    Weider X-Factor: ST

    I LOVED it!! X-Factor ST is the very first rotation of any kind that I finished - no substituting, no skipping days, no nothing - following it exactly as is. At first I didn't think I would be able to finish it because I figured it would get harder and harder and it did to a degree but...
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    Vote please?

    I voted as well, I'm always jealous of people with green thumbs!! Hope he wins. ...Cheryl