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    Can a woman fake having a "soft side?"

    I actually gave Laura a compliment in that post. I said for her to keep the relationship open and he would discover her inner you. That's not mean, insulting or rude. I said I was not a fan, why I was not a fan and gave advice. Laura's long history of posts speak for themselves. Remember...
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    Can a woman fake having a "soft side?"

    This is a prime example of why I'm not a fan of your posts. There was nothing in my post that insulted you. I only stated that you had a crunchy crust - and you said about the same thing in your post. There was no reason to fire back at me with such a vile response.
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    Can a woman fake having a "soft side?"

    No, you cannot fake a soft side. I'm not a fan of yours, I think your posts can be agressively mean. I think you have a very crunchy skin to protect yourself. You cannot just shake off this crust and allow yourself to be vunerable. It's not who you are. You can only try to keep the...
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    Pilates video recommendation

    Check out Stott pilates. I have used their reformer videos and they were excellent. STOTT PILATES | At Home Video Series Or balanced body might have some good titles: Mat | Videos/DVDs | Store | Balanced Body
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    Perimenopausal - Anyone?

    You are so right about the memory loss. I now have the memory of a goldfish. I used to be very smart and now I forget words in midsentence. I forget how to spell words, I stutter because I cannot call up a normal everyday word. I have to write myself notes, make lists. I just feel like I...
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    Perimenopausal - Anyone?

    I started perio at about age 45. My body fat changed to be more concentrated in my gut. I had wild mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats. I was quite off the charts mentally at times. It was a bit scary. At 52 I'm finally starting actual menopause. I can go months without periods and...
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    Need help explaining family dynamics

    I was not trying to vilify the OP. If the OP is applying for a job and her correspondence is flawed, then she most likely will not be considered for the job. If I received a resume with many blatant errors then I will throw the resume away. I understand that when you are writing a post you...
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    Need help explaining family dynamics

    Go ahead and make fun of my grammar. I had no idea that the OP was not fluent in English. My errors were minor compared to the mistakes in the original post. I was just saying that if she were to reply to the parents that she needed to "proofread" her response. If I speak English 100%...
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    Need help explaining family dynamics

    If you respond back to the parent please proof read and check your grammar and spelling. If I were a parent and you were to respond back to me with this many grammar errors I would not entrust my child with you. "that I will be loosing here" "I got a respond back" "she ask me" "who's...
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    Can I still do Cathe workouts after arthroscopic knee surgery?

    It depends on your age and what they did during surgery. I had a meniscus tear and a lot of arthritis cleaned up in my knee 3 yrs ago. Because of my age, my weight, and the procedure it took a full year for the knee to not hurt 24/7. I now play tennis but I'm sore afterwards. I still...
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    Any AKC breeders here ? I have a question

    I have a dog that was supposed to be pure breed. It turns out to be a mutt. The breeder emailed me a letter that she says she sent to AKC to 'Whom it may concern' saying to revoke the litters certification due to the accidental breeding. Will AKC just revoke the litter certification and...
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    I am having a good day

    Go you ! And many more. We all should enjoy today, we never know if we will be here tomorrow !
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    Feet going numb on elliptical

    Today I bought a cheap pair of the rocker type exercise shoes(the kinda funky looking ones) and tried them on the elliptical. They helped keep my feet from becoming numb. Kinda neat solution !
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    Feet going numb on elliptical

    I'll try this today. I tried birkenstock sandels with socks last night and it did help a lot. I was able to realize that I'm scrunching my toes and I was always on the ball of my foot. I tried to concentrate on heel-toe in my stride. I'm using my old tennis court shoes that are worn on the...
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    Feet going numb on elliptical

    Last night I took off the shoes and did the last 1/2 mile in my socks. My feet felt better but the foot petals have these raised ridges in them that was a bit uncomfortable. I think I'll try it with my birkenstock sandels tonight. Thanks everyone for your help.
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    I hate dressing rooms!!

    I HATE shopping for clothes. I'm fat and the mirrors just bring it all up close and in your face. I look at myself in those mirrors and say - I can't be THAT fat ! But it does make me remember that I need to keep trying to make myself healthier.
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    Feet going numb on elliptical

    I had inner ear surgery a few months ago and have not exercised in over 3 months. I'm trying to get the weight off that I've gained in the 3 months plus the many pounds that I still need to shed. I wanted to start with the elliptical and get going with that before I added weight training. I...
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    My DD may have scoliosis - anyone dealing with this?

    Find out how many degrees the scoliosis is. My daughter had 12 degrees and it was resolved thru chiropractic care.
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    Strained ankle - how long to heal?

    I rolled my ankle playing tennis last fall. Rolled it so bad that there was bruising from bleeding. I was playing tennis again in a week with a brace. But if I just do something off center on the ankle it starts hurting again. Ankles take a long time to heal. My husband sprained his ankle...
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    OA question

    I have bursitis in my hip and I have pain whenever it is going to rain so by my own experience I would say, Yes, for me the weather causes pain. I also found MSM helps me.