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    Hi guys, totally not fitness related. I’m just wondering who has had filler in the chin or jawline, and how has it worked out for you? I just saw an article wheee they have filler specifically for that area. I’m just not that familiar with filler. Thanks
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    Which watch?

    I have had Apple and FitBit, I prefer Apple.
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    Who's Boss?!

    Good for you!! Slow and steady
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    I don’t know if you already stated this but how long are the workouts? Also, will there be an ab and extended stretch as bonuses?
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    Poll: Tracking/recording your workouts/rotations ?

    I use workout manager and a notebook.
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    How many Spin Videos on On-Demand

    Thank you.
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    How many Spin Videos on On-Demand

    I really want to access more of Cathe’s Spin workouts. Are there quite a few on On-Demand? Thanks
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    To gray or not to gray.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with not caring what others think but most importantly how do you feel. The idea of the lighter color until your mostly gray sounds good, or never go gray. Whatever feels good to you.
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    About My New Workout Series

    i wonder when we’ll get an update on 2.0. I’m currently doing the original STS and love it!!
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    How Many Had COVID?

    I’ve always tried to think of others during this pandemic but hearing your stories are really such good reminders. I’ve always tried to remain thankful for the ability to be able to workout. It’s a blessing. I hope you all stay healthy and safe.
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    Menopause and Losing Shapely Bum

    Thank you so very much, I’m going to check it out!!
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    Menopause and Losing Shapely Bum

    Those exercises you mentioned sound like many Cathe has done in various videos. My rear has had a slow leak as well. Do the new videos with the bands focus on those exercises? I definitely need more emphasis put on that area during within my workout routine.
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    STS MESO 1

    Did you get any definition with MESO 1? I’m starting again and wondering if I should skip to MESO 2?
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    STS Endurance-Muscle changes?

    I know the 2nd part of STS is the hypertrophy which builds the muscle but did anyone have muscle sculpting with the endurance section? I’m probably going to start the series soon.
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    Another X-Train Series

    I would love another series like X-Train!!! That series has nice solid weight training with a nice mix of everything else!! Please Cathe.
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    Thyroid/Hormone/Older Weight Issues

    Thanks, Jennifer. I found that I needed to go to a functional medicine doctor to get my thyroid in the correct range. What my primary care doctor thought was hyperactive was not hyperactive, at least not for me. With the functional medicine doctor and looking at the reproductive hormones as...
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    Thyroid/Hormone/Older Weight Issues

    Thank you. That makes sense, I’m only losing a pound a week. Which is actually Huge for me. For years it was just a steady increase of weight. Maybe, I’ll do an X-train rotation.
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    Thyroid/Hormone/Older Weight Issues

    I’m working on getting my thyroid and hormone issues on track. Has anyone noticed that even when you do lose weight, because of how the fat deposits, you almost need to lose more weight? For the last several years I’ve just been following Cathe’s Monthly posted routines but I’m wondering if I...
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    April 2021 Rotation

    I wish just thinking about the old version, wishing there was an updated one. Thanks, I need a rotation like this.