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    STS20 code not working on new dip bars to take 20% off?

    Just fyi, the code provided in the Cathe email "STS20" is currently not working in my shopping cart to take 20% the new dip/pullup station piece of equipment. Hopefully this will get fixed?
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    Estimate on Bars for Sale

    I have December 22 written down. I think this is for the pullup/dip bars.
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    Post your STS 2.0 questions here!

    Not Cathe, but I think they are using the Turbo Tower for filming but they say under Optional Equipment for STS 2.0: Turbo Tower (or Fit Tower) The two are very similar and almost interchangeable from my past research. I got a great deal on the Turbo Tower (like a close out sale thing), and I...
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads

    Are the glute loops all the same size around (circumference) or are the different levels of resistance partly reliant on each loop being bigger or smaller in circumference? I've already preordered the the DVDs plus loops & bands and am not planning to change my preorder, but I've read reviews...
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    Peanut butter?

    I also eat MaraNatha no stir.
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    A request for one-screen menus

    Up button helps! SNM, Thank you for the up button suggestion/reminder:D. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy but for some reason I had forgotten this was possible. This reduces the number of clicks to get to the next menu page to approx 2 clicks, depending on if “main menu” or “previous...
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    A request for one-screen menus

    FWIW, it might help if the “next” button were at the top of each menu page rather than at the bottom. However, this could confuse people. OTOH, chances are (with 3+ screens of menus for many workouts), the likelihood of the chapter you want being on the first page are 1/3 at the most so chances...
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    Ask Cathe...about your article on bottled water?!

    I once stayed with someone in the middle of the so cal desert near some indian reservations (he did not live on a reservation though). I think his high school graduating class was like 30 people. Anyways, I remember the tap water at his house had visible sand-like, gritty particles and...
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    Is Diet Pop REALLY that bad for you????

    My only issue with diet pop is that it tends to make me drink less water throughout the day. I also choose diet root beer because I am not a fan of anything caffeinated. My body just functions better without caffeine. And I usually restrict my diet root beer consumption to 2-4 cans per year...
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    Searching for Song used on Tabatacise DVD

    i'm pretty sure it's a soundalike of be yourself by audioslave. (one of my favorites!):D I also replied in the newest & upcoming forum.
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    Not Cathe!

    I also love amy's floor and step aerobics for a cardio change of pace. I have hi-lo dome, kickbox surge, hi-low knockout & asc3. I still use cathe 95% of the time and 100% of the time for weights.
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    Searching for Song used on Tabatacise DVD

    i'm pretty sure it's a soundalike of be yourself by audioslave. (one of my favorites!):D
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    Horizontal Conditioning

    If you go online to totalfitnessdvds and then search for horizontal conditioning, you can find clips for vols 1-4, bootcamp & the getting started/stronger dvds. I found these clips very helpful.
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    Need weight suggestions

    I have 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15 & 20lb weights and like others I accumulated mine over time as needed. I normally try not to shop from walmart but they are the cheapest for weights, especially heavier ones. (Adjustable weights just never appealed to me.) I still get a lot of use out of my 12...
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    Ordering downloads and DVDs

    Glad to help :) The downloads are a great deal during this preorder.
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    When will first phase of presale finish?

    According to the latest presale announcement: Not sure if the prices will change after this or if just the free offer ends. I'm planning to preorder but hoping to do so when the daily deal is the bodyblast timesaver dvd. It was recently the daily deal but perhaps it'll come up again...
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    Ordering downloads and DVDs

    pics of my apple tv I took some pictures just now for anyone interested in what playing cathe downloads on appletv looks like. If I acquire more downloads, I’ll definitely create more groups/folders on itunes to make it easier to select workouts. FYI, that progress bar at the bottom of...
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    Ordering downloads and DVDs

    apple TV I use appletv, the coolest mini black box ever. It connects to your (newer) tv via one simple hdmi cable. You can then wirelessly sync itunes on your computer to your tv. The appletv has a thin silver remote which allows you to select your workouts/premixes, pause/play, skip forward...
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    I really liked the soundalike of audioslave's be yourself on tabatacise (even though it hurts my heart a wee bit to hear it altered from the original). I wouldn't mind more songs from that artist or genre. Now, I’m not sure how feasible this would be, but in the next dvds it would be...