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    Newbie on a mission

    I am bumping this, because I think it deserves a reply from someone knowledgeable (not me! :p ) Maybe littletower it would help if you could expand a bit on what workouts you have done. You mentioned 3 days/wk , and doing weight work. And most of all, I want to wish you great luck in your...
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    Eqiupment Questions (slide discs, step, etc)

    I have the Gold's Gyms discs now because I had to move out/in of my condo (Water damage) and I haven't yet found the box that has my Cathe discs and so I just ordered the Gold's Gym ones from amazon. (i ordered cathe's discs a long time ago then never used them! ha!) The gold gym ones work...
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    anyone do tracy anderson's workouts?

    Here's a thing in my mind. I think many of us do naturally gravitate to what fits us, and there can certainly be a component to choosing a trainer by their natural body type. I know I'll never have a ballerina build, and that's fine with me by this point in my life and I don't try to train my...
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    Ripped w/ HiiT... not hard enough ;(

    Winded? I think I went in for a nap after reading that post..........:eek:
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    Music for Bonus Butt Workout?

    Thanks, Catwoman! I'm doing all on demand now, my dvds are packed up in boxes but that would be a good idea. i was going to use a timer app too. :)
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    Music for Bonus Butt Workout?

    perfect :)
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    Music for Bonus Butt Workout?

    Hello! In April I am going to attempt the Nov 13 updated version of Rock Bottom rotation. I'm wondering what music people like to listen to when doing the BBW(bonus butt workout). I need a suggestion for the tempo, etc. And if I don't have music, I wont' do it, because I'll be too bored. :(...
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    Roku Users - Help Us Test Our New Roku OnDemand Channel

    I linked my roku yesterday. It worked flawlessly, and I had thought it would be harder to search for videos from what the email said, but it's easy. I just hope the 'others' get added soon as the one I wanted yesterday and will want today are not in a series!
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    Interested in CatheTV, but really confused about how to stream! (I read the tutorial)

    Well I got back from a week's vacation yesterday and just now added Cathe's channel to my Roku devce, so I'll give watching through Roku a go. If the search function isn't too cumbersome I'll use it as long as the videos I need are on there.
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    Interested in CatheTV, but really confused about how to stream! (I read the tutorial)

    No, I don't. I just connect my laptop w/ a hdmi cable, and use a browser to get to the ondemand videos. I also duplicate my display, instead of extended desktop, so I have the big tv screen in front of me and put the laptop to one side. It's cool having two places to look at the video, depending...
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    Brenda's posture on dvd's

    Well I have to thank you very much...because of this thread I know that I would be a candidate for the hump and do I EVER want to prevent it. (I have that same posture that Brenda has).
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    Interested in CatheTV, but really confused about how to stream! (I read the tutorial)

    To use the phone to stream to the TV, just buy a mhl to hdmi adapter. Mhl -->hdmi --> tv hdmi port. Just be aware that the phone will also need to be plugged into the power suppply. Here's a picture of one...
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    Just wondering how many people are involved in all the tasks related to Cathe's It? There seems so much to do, and a very disparate skill set needed! It can't be easy getting it all done! (you're appreciated is what I'm saying :))
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    Met values for Cathe Live workouts?

    Yes, I have been wishing for the same!
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    Workout blender question

    Hello, Believe it or not, I never used the workout blender. I haven't used Cathe's dvds for a few years, I used to just do whatever I was doing that day, and that was good enough. Now, though, all the options for working out have really expanded exponentially and I find myself wanting to use...
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    Roku Channel Update?

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    Feeling it differently in Xtrain All Out Low Impact?

    Thanks firemedic and tlc93! I had a hunch it was the discs, and your responses seem to indicate that too. Oh, that's such good news about the butt lift! hehe. It'll be a while for me to get up with weights with the discs, I'm still clutzy with them. But they were fun!
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    Feeling it differently in Xtrain All Out Low Impact?

    Hi Cathe, if you ever get to this! I tried xTrain All Out Low Impact yesterday for the fist time. I noticed something in the middle of the night when I woke up (not from soreness, just the usual waking up) I felt sore in a different way than usual, and it was both interesting and, I think...
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    Anyone out there that has a hard time finding a fitness buddy

    I think you have reached a level of wisdom that many people with 2 or more decades on you have yet to reach. :) Thank you for your kind words, too, and I wish all the best for you. I too have had problems finding female friends. I tend to think it's the female group mentality sometimes, but...