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  1. spicegirl

    Youngest and oldest Cathletes!

    51 here! Found Cathe on Fit TV about a year ago.....
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    Too cute!.......
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    Avon: Genics

    OK Ladies.....Here's the scoop on Avon's "Anew Genics". By the way, I also am an Avon Rep (8 years running).... First and foremost.....Keep in mind (as with all the Anew products) this IS NOT plastic surgery!!!! Yes, Avon Scientists have been working on this for 10 years and this...
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    I have not done Cathe in a long time and....

    " did!" For all to hear..... Well, I'm here to's day 2 and it's already getting easier. Just being in the right frame of mind makes all the difference. Good thing no one was around to see me do those "Disc Burbies".......I'm sure that wasn't pretty!!!:D:eek: I'm...
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    I have not done Cathe in a long time and....

    Oh.....the DOMS!!! first thing this morning.....DWL Feeling better now that I'm warming up a bit. I think I'll take the day off as not to hurt myself. I promise I'll be back at it tomorrow first thing in the AM. "Thanks" DebbieH.......for responding and for your encouragement!;)...
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    I have not done Cathe in a long time and....

    Ok...Done! I awoke feeling like "ok, this is it"....time to get moving. I opened my LIS DVD's and started with "After Burn". I have to admit I made it through, but probably at 50% (with 5 pound weights) or less in some spots. Boy, am I out of shape! Normally this would be very...
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    2011 World Series Champions

    Congratulations St. Louis!!!!
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    I have not done Cathe in a long time and....

    Ok Yoly.....I'm in! It's been far too long since I did my last Cathe workout.......8 months or so due to lower back issues. I've received my new DVDs and haven't even opened them up yet.....what the heck is wrong with me? So, tomorrow morning I'm committed to doing a workout. I hope...
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    Has Anyone Ever Intentionally Mispronounced Your Name????

    LOL.....Thanks Joan! I needed a good laugh. Wow.....this guys a Beauty!!!
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    outfits Have fun shopping!
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    New colors for my Christmas tree... ACK!

    Annual Leg Lamp Party? Do Tell......... Please post a picture of your tree once you get it all figure out! Can't wait!
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    Turning 30

    I love this!
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    Turning 30

    Happy Birthday Anderson!!! The 30's are good, the 40's are even better and turning 50! (I did a few months ago) isn't so bad either!!! So enjoy your 30's while they last...... Working out with Cathe will make you feel and look as young and you want to be! Hang in there....It's not so...
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    Thank-You Cathe!

    Hi Cathe..... Just wanted to give you a "Big Hug" and say "Thank-You" for "Intensity"!! Although I received my DVD's on Wednesday......It wasn't until this morning that I got to work-out with you and the girls! You ALL look so great! High-Five everyone.....
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    GOT MY DVDS!!!!!

    Hi Jan......I feel like I'm stalking the Mail Lady!!! Lol:eek::eek:
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    New member

    Welcome Jessica!
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    I need your votes!

    Here's one more VOTE!....Hope you win!
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    Congratulations on being inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame, Cathe!

    Couldn't have said it better!....(So proud to be a Cathlete!!!) Congratulations Cathe!.......So very happy for you!:D:D:D:D
  19. spicegirl

    GOT MY DVDS!!!!!

    No Shipping Notice, No DVD's......Boo Hoo Patiently waiting......:eek: ;)