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  1. lcsavik

    Calories burned: HRM vs. Workout Manager?

    I trust the hrm. Sometimes it's within a calorie or two of the workout manager. Other times there is quite the discrepancy. In those cases I wonder what's going on but I just put in my data and I'm fine with it.
  2. lcsavik

    Music is LOUD!

    I have the downloads and the sound is perfect on my iPad but some of the DVDs are weird. I am using a PS3. Maybe I should try the Xbox to see if the sound is better.
  3. lcsavik

    Music is LOUD!

    I've had sound issues too. The only way I could describe it is a high pitched fuzzy sound. I don't notice it once I get into the workout.
  4. lcsavik

    STS Wts and STS cardio

    Yes! Thank you!
  5. lcsavik

    STS Wts and STS cardio

    Can't seem to find the rotation the combines both STS and STS cardio. Any one have a link? Thanks!
  6. lcsavik

    Back Pain

    I had a severe lower back injury last month during the STS squat rack. I was unable to stand up straight, sit up, lay flat, do the paperwork part of using the toilet, and everything in between. I had to be driven to a chiropractor the next morning and he just worked the muscles with no back...
  7. lcsavik

    Announcing Cathe's Next DVD Series - Ripped with HiiT™

    I am thrilled to hear you are doing a HiiT series! Only one thing missing from the line up.... Spin.
  8. lcsavik

    What Workout Am I Remembering?

    Bootcamp from the 4DS set.
  9. lcsavik

    Cathe, which Series.....

    I did High Reps, Intensity, and Lower Body Blast this weekend and couldn't get over how beautiful Cathe looked. I would like to know what she did to look so trim in this unnamed series. She looks so good in High Reps! That is exactly the look I'm going for.
  10. lcsavik

    What After STS for Muscle Definition?

    Thanks ladies!
  11. lcsavik

    What After STS for Muscle Definition?

    Where can I find the Bodybuilding rotation?
  12. lcsavik

    Fighter Diet

    I haven't tried her butt DVDs. I'm glad to know that Cathe's are harder. I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I guess I'll never know her concept. I was hoping to know how to build muscle with a veggie based diet.
  13. lcsavik

    Fighter Diet

    Yeah! I feel like her stuff is a rip off and she posts peoples questions and comments on fb and makes fun of them. I'm not going to ask her so that she can tell me to buy a book that is only going to have just a few paragraphs and then menus and more pictures of her than there is content! She...
  14. lcsavik

    Fighter Diet

    Does anybody know the main concept of the Fighter Diet? I have the FDX2 and the food pyramid and the journal, but there isn't much explanation. Not much of anything to be honest. I'm not too whizzed with it for how much she charges. I am interested though because if the testimonies.
  15. lcsavik

    Two different rotations for January

    2 rotations? I only see one posted. Where is the 2nd one?
  16. lcsavik

    Great Glutes is great

    The calf work in the bonus barre section gave me killer doms. I had to take a rest day to let them recover. Now that I've done this workout 4 times I've noticed some nice trimming in my thut area. I think the exercises got more effective after I tried it a few times. My husband says "thank you...
  17. lcsavik

    Party Rockin Step 1 - Cathe is brilliant!

    I did this for the 2nd time and nailed it. My first time through was ok because Cathe cues so well in this workout. I am in love with this workout! I love the challenge, it keeps me in my toes! Thank you Cathe for such a fun step workout!
  18. lcsavik

    New good page

    I've been checking out fighter diet this past week. I liked the Fb page and Pauline posts lots of info. It's more geared towards competition. I have noticed a few not so nice posts by Pauline so beware if you are easily offended. Her attitude might inspire you or tick you off, so again beware.
  19. lcsavik

    Dec 2013 Timesaver Rotation

    Where would Pedal Power fit into this rotation?
  20. lcsavik

    New Video October Rotation

    Those who have completed the October rotation please share your results. Thanks!