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  1. llp

    Workout Manager Missing Icons for new Boss Bands/Loops

    Oh, I'm not sure. Mine were not appearing before, but, then started to. What if you completely log out of you computer? Then restart it? Or, before you do that, log out of (mine logs me out automatically after about an hour -- not sure why, so I have to log in all the time). If...
  2. llp

    These new workouts are so much fun!

    I've done Step Sync and the PHA3, and like them! Haven't had time to try IMAX4, but, looking forward to it! Step Sync is a lot of fun, and not too hard to learn('coz I'm used to Cathe's stuff). So glad to have another Step dvd from Cathe. :)
  3. llp

    Workout Manager Icons are Missing for Step Boss

    Great! It worked! That's what I did, and here are the steps I followed: In Chrome On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More . Click More tools Clear browsing data. At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time. Next to "Cookies and other site data"...
  4. llp

    Workout Manager Icons are Missing for Step Boss

    Hi to the Support Team, When I add a DVD workout to the WM, the Step Boss icons don't show up. They do continue to show up for the other workouts. I did not know if others have this issue, or if this is a known issue that will eventually get fixed. Thank you and let me know!
  5. llp

    Step Workouts

    Counting to the count of 8 really works!
  6. llp

    Help understanding X10 calorie count in Workout Manager

    Yep, that's right, Doreen. Diver, I can help calculate your warm-up calories, if you tell me what Segments 1 through 5 are for you. Then I think it'll make sense. :)
  7. llp

    Step in Cardio Party

    I previewed it, and it looks so fun! Going to do it tomorrow morning!
  8. llp

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    I'll google "corrupt cookies" and see if I can manually delete, and clear cache again.
  9. llp

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    Hi myputer, Glad I'm not the only one with the problem. Hope Cathe's team can get this resolved sometime, since it's been going on 2 months. I didn't address it before, hoping it would go away! Let's see if they have a new solution... :)
  10. llp

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    I'm always logged into the forums. I never have to re-log into the forums. I always need to log on to the WM ( or get to it via the forums). For years, I've not needed to continually log into the WM, up until the end of May. Since then, it has had this weird behavior.
  11. llp

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    No, I didn't log out, except for the time you told me to above, so that I could check the box. I am always logged in. I don't know how to delete cookies, so I didn't do that either.
  12. llp

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    I came back to the workout manager, and it has logged me out again, as usual, but, I *can* get back in if I go to the forums, then click on workout manager and it's logged in that way. So, this has the same exact behavior as I reported. Is there anything else you can suggest, so I don't have...
  13. llp

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    Thank you! I did it, so I will let you know by the end of the day if my workout manager stays logged in. Thx again! linda
  14. llp

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    Here is a screenshot of the header area of the forums. Can you point me to where the "keep me logged in" box is?
  15. llp

    Problem logging into Workout Manager

    Hi, I have been having this issue for awhile: I continually get logged out of the workout manager(if I am gone from my computer for a period of time). I did bookmark it (, and when I go there, I am logged out all of the time. When I go to the forums, then click on...
  16. llp

    Plantar Fasciitis and Cute Shoes- Is it possible?

    Wow, I didn't know this thread was so old, until Jodi mentioned it! I first got PF about 4 years ago, and got orthotics ($350!!!), that worked, and night leg braces that were too hot to wear(so they came off at night). Barefoot in the house was awful, and I don't wear shoes in the house, so, I...
  17. llp

    Workout Manager

    OK, thank you. It seems good now, with the refreshes. The key was "login through our forum and select the "Stay logged in box ". Going directly to the link you posted didn't work, but, clicking on the "Workout Manager" tab did. :) Once in the Workout Manager, I couldn't get back into this...
  18. llp

    Workout Manager

    I've also been having issues with the login for the Workout Manager. If I go away for just a few minutes(under 5 minutes), and refresh, I'm ALWAYS prompted for my username(email address only works) and password. I've been on the forum for over 10 years, and the problem started probably before...
  19. llp

    Cathe Announcement

    Hi Cathe, It's been more than a couple of weeks! What did you film for us on March 8? I am very curious! It's been 8 weeks! Thanks in advance for letting us in our your secret soon! ~linda