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    cardio dance- low impact?

    similar to the "cardio party" video in the low impact series. Whenever I don't really feel like getting going I pick that video. It has good music and a fun vibe. I don't think we would need a whole dance rountine- just great music matched to the moves and not a ton of jumping. Throw some...
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    low impact advanced cardio and kickbox under 50 mins

    low impact advanced cardio and kickbox. love that kickbox uses my upper body and core also- more of that.
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    metabolic weights with some heavy sets for people who hate lifting

    metabolic weights with some heavy sets for people who hate lifting I hate weight lifting. I find I will do the metabolic videos because there is so much movement still. I know I need to do it- just make it fun. Yes, I love cardio. The metabolic video from LITE series was pretty fun. Lots of...
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    cathe live and on demand not working for account

    Hello I just purchased a new 6 month membership to live and on demand and it says that my service is completed and will not give me access. How to fix this?
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    a few suggestions..

    Hello, I have been doing your videos during quarantine. So helpful! I have actually done your workouts since the early 90s'. Now that I am older and have back and knee issues I appreciate the low impact stuff. But, I have a hard time keeping my heart rate up for aerobic activities- I guess...