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  1. cats_meow_0911

    STS.... in reverse?

    Question (probably for Kikster?) When you pyramid back down, are you going to start the mesocycle at the beginning? I'm going to do a big ol' pyramid (I just started it--I'm in Meso 1 Week 3), and my rotation will look like this: M1-M2-M2-M3-M3-M2-M1 Yep, it's pretty much my next year...
  2. cats_meow_0911

    Need tips on how to get my cat to stop urinating on the floor...

    I'm a vet tech, and there are several reasons this may happen. First off, I would recommend taking her in for an exam and urinalyisis to rule out any medical conditions (like a urinary tract infection, idiopathic cystitis, renal problems, etc.). You may want to experiment with different...
  3. cats_meow_0911

    work schedule changing to 12 hours

    When I had an insane schedule working 12-14 hours, I would still try to get in 20-40 minutes of working out on most days. It usually energized me to do so. I also made a point to work out before work, because no way, no how would I come home and work out. I would also avoid trying to play...
  4. cats_meow_0911

    What is Your Favorite Exercise? And Least Favorite?

    Love: 5) Chest flies 4) Dead Row 3) Squats 2) Dead Lifts 1) Biceps Curls Hate: 5) Leg Press 4) Overhead Press 3) Burpees 2) Push-Ups 1) Static Lunges
  5. cats_meow_0911

    chalean xtreme

    The Burn and Push Circuits are between 30-40 minutes, and the Lean Circuits are 40-45 minutes. Ab Burner is about 10 minutes and Extreme Abs is 17 minutes. Burn Intervals is about 45 minutes and alternates between high-intensity aerobics (some plyometric) and light-weight muscle endurance (I...
  6. cats_meow_0911

    Meso 3 & Insanity/Build Muscle & Lose Fat

    Thanks for this! I have been wondering how to combine Chalean Extreme with Insanity, and this gives me a pretty good idea (just do Chalean Extreme on the STS days).
  7. cats_meow_0911

    Best Running Dog Breed?

    Yes, my dog is a great running buddy! I will take him on runs up to about 1 hour (that seems to be his limit right now). I would like to do a K9 5K race with him some day.
  8. cats_meow_0911

    Best Running Dog Breed?

    I would recommend a pit bull. They have been recommended before as being great running partners. They are actually wonderful family dogs, but of course, you would probably want to get a puppy because there is usually a reason that adults have to be rescued, and that may not be good with kids...
  9. cats_meow_0911

    where do people get off?!

    Wow, what an azzhat. Some people have no tact whatsoever.
  10. cats_meow_0911

    Happy Birthday Cathe!!

    I wish you a most happy (and healthy) birthday, Cathe!
  11. cats_meow_0911

    Running burns more calories than Cathe? Seriously?

    Were you wearing a heart rate monitor? Honestly, 200 calories sounds low for Body Max, even for a small person. 300 calories for about 30 minutes of running sounds about right. However, sometimes I burn a lot of calories when I don't necessarily feel like I'm exerting myself super hard...
  12. cats_meow_0911

    Stress Weight, does anyone else have this?

    I am in a similar situation, so what I am working on is how I respond to the stressors. I try to stop and assess my emotional state, and decide whether it really needs my attention or if it is something I can just let go. One of the ways I cope is to assure that I have down time every...
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    Must...resist...ordering...Insanity... Powerless...OH NOOOOOO! *sigh* I ordered it. Thank you all you enablers!
  14. cats_meow_0911

    ever take a few days off. . .

    I think it is very healthy that you listened to your body and gave it a break. Like you said, you came back stronger than before! We really do need at least 1 DOR each week.
  15. cats_meow_0911

    Love PUB, but not so much PLB

    I can't stand using the barbell and changing it so much. I wear a weighted vest and then just change the dumbells.
  16. cats_meow_0911

    to fellow vegans

    Katerchen, even IF the animals were actually raised in a humane manner, I have a few issues with meat/dairy/animal products: *DISCLAIMER* These are my views and in no way am I trying to tell a non-vegetarian how to live.:) 1) Raising animals for food increases our carbon footprint on the...
  17. cats_meow_0911

    to fellow vegans that underwear vegan?:) This is an interesting thread--good discussion. I have learned a few things, and I am a very strict vegetarian.
  18. cats_meow_0911

    Just to stir up a hornet's nest, what does everyone think about this?

    My problem with this argument is that you are not really letting "God" have control if medical treatment is sought. I mean no disrespect, but it is contradictory on one hand to take advantage of medicine and science to prolong life, but then to not have control over the end of life when that...
  19. cats_meow_0911

    Start over?

    I would start over with Mesocycle 2; I was in a similar situattion and that's what I did.