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  1. janie1234

    Working out in pants??

    ditto! I don't mind shorts either but I hate the pick factor when they ride up.
  2. janie1234

    Free Shipping on AOS Kettlebells

    Whoa cool! Thanks. I've been looking into getting some heavier ones but hate getting killed on the shipping costs. My UPS guy is going to hate me. The still give me a hard time about buying a punching bag.
  3. janie1234

    Birthday game ideas for an 8 yo boy

    Sorry no idea BUT I have to say kudos to you for taking on such a task. I don't even throw birthday parties for my kids let alone sleep overs because I don't have the patience for other peoples children.
  4. janie1234

    Jai Rocks!

    Honestly in the newest series, Cathe, Jai, Brenda, and Cedi all look better than ever. Seriously how the heck do you look better than you did 10 years ago? How on earth is that possible. It seems like they all drank some secret potion. They seem to be aging back wards like that Brad Pitt movie!
  5. janie1234

    Speaking of dogs (long rant)

    That sucks. Sorry you have to live next to these people. Do what you are doing, . . don't worry about them. Trust me Animal Control will eventually start telling them to mind their own buisness. When there are people out there abusing animals, . . or someone pet hording a person who is...
  6. janie1234

    New Dog--Need Advice

    I 100% agree with midgetdogg. Gentle Leader works. Great advice. The only thing I would be a little on the reserved side is the dog park. Esp if you are not sure how he will react. Err on the side of caution just because it is the smart thing to do. We all would love to believe that we...
  7. janie1234

    Need help with hemming workout pants!

    Hello! They might fray, . .depending on the type of knit and fabric. It really is quite easy to do even by hand. If you have a sewing maching, pin to your desired length then take a zig zag stitch all around. I also mostly wear capri length. Athleta has some great short petite workout pant...
  8. janie1234

    Happy Friday!!!

    Lianne she is absolutely PERFECT in every way!!!!! What a beautiful, . .beautiful, . .beautiful girl!! I'm so happy to see you back here. I hope you are getting some well deserved rest when you can. Is she sleeping through the night? I NEVER get sick of baby pics. She looks like a Gerber...
  9. janie1234

    I'm DOOMED with bad "dog"luck!

    Awe Afreet Greta, Afreet, and Kip are just too cute!! Thanks everyone! For all the advise and well wishes. From reading the other posts, . . . it is likely that this will not be my first or last time of medical worries for Mishka. I'm crossing my fingers but of course this morning I notice...
  10. janie1234

    I'm DOOMED with bad "dog"luck!

    Laura this just about made me happy cry. I just want to hug you!! :) 16 years?! WOW! I already feel such a great bond with her. I feel like a momma duck with my little puppy always by my side. I can't even tell you how it makes me feel when she just sits right next to me and puts her head on...
  11. janie1234

    I'm DOOMED with bad "dog"luck!

    Okay I have the best puppy in the whole wide world BUT I feel DOOMED with worst luck in the universe. Some of you may remember my doggie woes with my previous pup, . . and if you don't trust me it was one of the most painful things...
  12. janie1234

    pantyhose or no?

    AGREED!!! Pantyhose are only good for wearing on your face to freak someone out or to rob a bank.
  13. janie1234

    Solved the Plain Greek Yogurt problem!

    BRILLIANT!!! I'm going to do this today!!
  14. janie1234

    STS 1RM Testing

    Hi Mspina!! How are you? When I did STS, . . .I actually watched the discs first then guessed as to the weight that Cathe, and Jai were using. I wrote down the exercise and lbs in a notebook, . . set up my workout zone and did the workout. If I felt it was to easy or to hard I made notes in...
  15. janie1234

    If you have the Push Pull tower, . . .

    That is a good point, . . . about heavy bench presses. Hey at least you can say you are 5'. I'm barely 5'. :( When I went to the Dr.'s a few months ago they checked and the nurse said , . . . "not quite!"
  16. janie1234

    If you have the Push Pull tower, . . .

    thanks! i was hoping that being 4' 11" would have some advantages. :( I still want one!!
  17. janie1234

    If you have the Push Pull tower, . . .

    can you do a pull up with straight legs if you are a shortie like me? I'm barely 5 feet. Or do you have to do them with legs criss crossed like I've seen Cathe do them in STS?
  18. janie1234

    Completed my first Half Marathon!! :)

    Travis what can I say YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!! You are so inspirational!!! Haven't seen you around here for a while, . . .now I know why, . . you've been busy. Good for you. I am so proud!
  19. janie1234


    Hey Tricia!! Girl where have you been? I wear a helmet too. I don't think that it is overkill, . . .I fell back once and was glad I had it on. The only thing I don't wear are elbow pads. By the way Tricia, . . .I seriously doubt you look like an alien, . . me on the other hand I look...
  20. janie1234

    Need tips for simplifying my life

    I go through everything I own every 3 months or so and if it is something I don't need or something I didn't even know I have I donate it.